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ONE    OF    THEM 

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With  the  Compiler's  Compliments 


The  compilation  of  this  sketch  is  on  the  lines  adopted  by  Mr.  E.  D. 
Harris  in  1862  in  his  Vassalls  of  New  England  and  their  Descendants 
and,  when  found  to  be  correct,  that  work  has  been  extensively  copied  ; 
but  a  great  many  members  of  the  family  have  been,  for  the  first  time, 
introduced  into  their  proper  places,  from  information  received  from  the 
splendid  records  which  have  been  kept  in  the  Island  of  Jamaica  from  the 
conquest  to  the  present  time.  John  Vassall  [6],  the  son  of  William 
Vassall  [3],  was  known  to  have  gone  to  Jamaica,  yet  no  effort  was  made 
to  obtain  information  from  the  authentic  records  of  the  Island  ;  and  five 
of  his  sons  were  entirely  lost  sight  of,  as  stray  notes,  in  which  the  names 
of  two  or  three  members  of  the  family  are  referred  to,  cannot  be  styled 
references,  when  their  correct  places  were  arrived  at  by  conjecture  often 
erroneous.  The  Compiler  craves  indulgence  if  errors  are  discovered  in 
the  dates,  as  he  has  tried  his  best  to  avoid  them.  He  acknowledges, 
with  many  thanks,  the  valuable  assistance  he  has  received  from  the 
Vassall  Pedigree  prepared  by  the  late  Rev.  William  Vassall  (179), 
containing  information  of  the  early  Vassalls  ;  also  from  The  Visitation 
of  England  and  Wales,  edited  by  Mr.  Frederick  Arthur  Crisp  and 
privately  printed,  also  from  Mr.  Vere  L.  Oliver,  the  Editor  of  Caribbeana. 

The  Arms  of  the  French  ancestors  of  the  Vassalls  were  :  D'azur  a  la 
bande  de  gueules,  bord^e  d'argent,  chargee  de  trois  besans  d'or, 
accompagnee  de  2  etoiles  d'or  posees  Tune  en  chef  et  l'autre  en  pointe. 

Arms  granted  by  Queen  Elizabeth  :  Azur,  in  chief  a  sun,  in  base 
a  chalice,  or,  Crest  :  A  ship  with  masts  and  shrouds,  ppr.  Motto  : 
Scepe  pro  regey  semper  pro  republica. 

Honourable  augmentation  of  Arms  granted  to  the  widow  and 
descendants  of  Spencer  Thomas  Vassall,  Lieut. -Colonel  38th  Foot,  is 
given  in  the  reference  to  Col.  Vassell  [62]. 

It  is  evident  that  the  Vassalls  were  Huguenots,  and  to  avoid  the 
troubles  that  existed  in  France,  that  the  ancestor  was  sent  to  England  : 
no  record  can  be  found  of  naturalization,  but  the  omission  can  be 
accounted  for  by  the  birth  of  the  succeeding  Vassalls  in  England,  thus 
becoming  citizens  by  birth. 

In  a  sketch  such  as  this  it  is  impossible  to  trace  every  descendant,  as 
their  names  even,  are  not  known,  and  some  have  been  entirely  lost  sight 
of,  as  exemplified  by  the  tradition  that  at  the  time  of  the  successful 
Revolution  of  the  American  Colonies,  and  the  flight  of  the  Vassalls  from 
Boston,  a  girl  and  her  nurse  were  lost  and  never  heard  of,  but  in  the 
sixties  of  the  last  century  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Oliver  Johnson  (73)  received 
a  letter  from  a  woman  who  claimed  to  be  the  descendant  of  the  lost 
girl  and  relationship  ;  unfortunately  Mrs.  Johnson  did  not  reply  to  the 

John   Vassall  and  his  Descendants 

The  information  of  the  descendants  of  John  Vassall  (6),  which  was 
obtained  from  the  Record  Office  in  Jamaica,  was  supplied  to  the  Editor 
of  The  Visitation  of  England  and  Wales  by  the  Compiler  of  this  Sketch 
and  appears  in  the  Notes  to  Vol.  13  ;  but  the  surname  of  the  wife  of 
John  Vassall  (16)  was  not,  as  it  had  not  been  obtained  when  the 
information  was  supplied  ;  the  same  applies  to  Anna  Vassall  (18).  The 
Editor  made  a  mistake  when  he  stated  that  Mary  Vassall  (9)  was  born 
in  New  England  ;  she  was  born  in  England  and  taken  by  her  parents  to 
New  England  when  only  one  year  old,  as  appears  in  the  list  of  passengers 
in  the  Blessing,  vide  (1)  3  William  Vassall. 

1920.  C.   M.  C. 


JOHN  VASSALL,  the  first  of  the  name  of  whom  we  have  any  definite 
information,  was  the  son  of  John  Vassall,  who  was  sent  by  his  father 
from  Rinant  by  Cany  in  Normandy  into  England  on  account  of  the 
dissensions  then  prevailing  in  Normandy,  and  was  the  descendant  of  an  ancient 
French  family,  tracing  back,  it  is  claimed,  to  the  eleventh  century  of  the 
house  of  Du  Vassall,  Barons  de  Guerden,  in  Querci,  Perigord.  He  fitted  out, 
at  his  own  expense,  two  ships,  The  Samuel  and  The  Little  Toby,  which  he 
commanded,  and  with  which  he  served  against  the  Spanish  Armada  ;  for 
this  assistance  he  was  rewarded  by  a  grant  of  Arms  by  Queen  Elizabeth.  He 
was  of  Ratcliff,  Stepney,  and  of  Eastwood,  co.  Essex,  and  was  a  vestryman 
of  Stepney.  He  was  three  times  m.,  first  at  Stepney  on  September  25, 
1569,  to  Anna  Hewes,  who  evidently  d.  sine  prole.  He  then  m.  on  Sept.  4, 
1580,  at  Stepney,  Anna  Russell,  of  Ratcliff,  co.  Middlesex,  who  d.  and  was 
bur.  there  May  5,  1593,  having  had  the  following  children  :  Judith,  bapt. 
March  25,  1582,  m.  John  Freeborne,  of  Prettlewell,  co.  Essex,  yeoman, 
whose  will  dated  Jan.  27,  1617-18,  was  proved  by  his  widow  Feb.  17, 
1617-18  ;  she  was  living  April  29,  1625  ;  John,  bapt.  at  Stepney,  April  1, 
1584,  bur.  there  Oct.  3,  1585;  2  Samuel,  of  whom  hereafter;  John,  born 
March  24,  d.  Aug.  30,  1591  ;  3  William,  of  whom  hereafter.  On  the  death 
of  his  second  wife  John  Vassall  m.  Judith,  dau.  of  Stephen  Borough,  of 
Stepney,  and  of  Chatham,  co.  Kent,  by  Joan  Overye,  his  wife,  at  Stepney, 
March  27,  1594,  marriage  licence  dated  March  23  ;  she  d.  in  Jan.,  1638-9. 
She  had  m.  firstly  Thomas  Scott,  of  Colchester,  co.  Essex,  gent.,  her  husband 
Vassall  predeceased  her,  and  was  bur.  in  Stepney  Church  Sept.  13,  1625  ; 
his  will  was  proved  Sept.  13,  1625  (P.C.C.,  99  Clarke)  (see  Dictionary  of 
National  Biography,  vol.  lviii,  p.  155).  Children  of  third  marriage  were 
Stephen,  rector  of  Raleigh,  co.  Essex,  of  Pembroke  College,  Cambridge, 
matriculated    Easter,    1616,    B.A.    1619-20,    M.A.    1631,    d.    1643,    m.    first 

Mary  Bromley,  dau.  of  Bromley,  of  Orsett,  co.  Essex,  by  Jane  his  wife; 

she  d.  Jan.  20,  1632,  having  had  three  children  :  Stephen,  born  Sept.  8, 
1629,  d.  June  17,  1631  ;  Stephen,  d.  Feb.  27,  1635  ;  and  Mary,  born  Nov.  13, 
1627,  d.  May  24,  1641.  Stephen  Vassall  then  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  John  Grubbe, 
of  St.  Albans,  Herts,  who  was  born  Jan.  2,  161 4,  by  whom  he  had 
Stephen,  who  d.  in  1695,  and  Constance,  born  Oct.  28,  1634,  d.  Nov.  5, 
1636.  Stephen,  the  son  of  the  rector,  was  of  Rochford,  and  m.  first 
Mary,  dau.  of  William  Cripps,  of  Great  Stambridge,  in  June,  1666  ;  she 
d.  at  Rochford,  Feb.  12,  1679,  having  had  one  son,  Asser,  who  was  born 
in  1668  and  d.  young.  Stephen,  of  Rochford,  then  m.  Ann  Berriman, 
who  was  living  a  widow  in  1699,  and  by  her  had  one  son,  Asser,  who  m. 
Mary  Spencer,  of  Burnham,  and  d.  and  was  bur.  at  Barling,  March  23, 
1728,  having  had  six  sons  and  twelve  daughters,  viz.  Asser,  of  Eastwood, 
born  1698,  m.  Sept.  17,  1723,  d.  1762,  his  wife,  Judith,  dau.  of  John 
Shakespear,  of  Rawreth,  d.  1768,  having  had  the  following  children: 
Asser,  of  Eastwood,  who  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  Thomas  Mead,  who  d. 
Dec.  26,  1826,  aged  86  ;  Asser  predeceased  his  wife,  and  d.  Feb.  8,  1808, 
leaving  one  dau.  Mary,  born  1779,  m.  William  Weld  Wren,  of  South- 
church,  who  d.  July  20,  1849,  aged  72  years  ;  his  wife  predeceased  him, 
having  d.  Jan,  3,  1830,  evidently  sine  prole.  George  Asser,  the  second  son 
of  Asser  and  Judith,  was  of  Barling,  and  m.  Dec.  5,  1760,  Mary  Cause, 
d.  April  5,  1780,  bur.  at  Barling,  having  had  one  dau.,  Mary,  born  Jan.  9, 
1774.  Judith,  the  dau.  of  Asser  and  Judith,  m.  Robert  Hust,  of  Sutton  Hall, 
and  d.  Feb.  7, 1778.  The  other  children  of  Asser  Vassall,  of  Barling,  and  Mary, 
nie  Spencer:  George  Vassall,  of  Mucking  Hall,  born  May  11,  1700,  d.  1773, 
s.p.,  bur.  at  Barling  ;  Mary,  born  1699,  d.  Sept.  2,  1700  ;  Mary,  born  Feb.  21, 
1701,  d.  Nov.  2,  1703  ;  Elizabeth,  born  Feb.  7,  1703,  d.  Feb.  27,  1704  ;  Susanna, 
born  Jan.   17,   1704,  d.  May  25,   1705  ;    Elizabeth,  born  March  25,   1705,  d. 

6  John  Vassall  and  his  Descendants 

Jan.  ii,  1715  ;    Susanna,  born  Feb.  9,  1706;    Stephen,  born  Jan.  28,  1707, 

d.  April  13,  1 712  ;   Mary,  born  Jan.  1,  1708,  m. Trotter  ;  Susanna,  born 

Jan.  4,  1709,  m. Robjent ;   Elizabeth,  born  July  4,  1710  ;    Stephen,  born 

July  3,  171 1,  d.  Sept.  6,  1715  ;  Stephen,  born  Oct.  23,  1712  ;  Elizabeth,  born 
Nov.  4,  1713  ;  Elizabeth,  born  Jan.  21,  1715,  m.  Sept.  28,  1732,  Edward 
Netherwood,  at  Barling;  Sarah,  born  Jan.  18,  1716,  d.  May  8,  1717  ;  and 
Stephen,  born  Feb.  1,  1717,  d.  Oct.  8,  1717. 

Returning  to  the  children  of  John  and  Judith  Vassall  :  Thomas,  born 
April  7,  1602,  m.  at  St.  Nicholas  Aeons,  London,  June  27,  1625,  marriage 
licence  dated  London,  June  25,  to  Anne  Dickenson  ;^  he  was  mentioned  in 
his  father's  will,  April  29,  1625,  and  was  alive  Aug.  29,  1650.  Anne,  born 
Jan.  10,  1595,  bapt.  at  Stepney,  Jan.  10,  1595,  m.  Rev.  John  Jones,  rector 
of  St.  Nicholas  Aeons,  of  whose  estate  she  was  executrix  and  who  d.  at 
Highgate,  co.  Middlesex,  May  14,  bur.  in  St.  Nicholas  Aeons  May  15,  1636  ; 
will  dated  April  18,  1636,  proved  May  3,  1637,  in  the  Consistory  of  London, 
259  Allen  ;  she  d.  and  was  bur.  in  St.  Nicholas  Aeons  July  24,  1640  ;  will 
dated  May  9,  1640,  proved  July  27,  1640  (P.P.C.,  104  Coventory) .  Elizabeth, 
m.  at  St.  Nicholas  Aeons,  Jan.  20,  1625  ;  licence  dated  Jan.  10,  then  aged 
17  years  ;  to  Henry  Church,  of  Wapping,  co.  Middlesex,  mariner,  aged  about 
22,  Jan.  19,  1624-5,  living  May  9,  1640  ;  she  was  mentioned  in  the  will  of 
Peter  Andrewes,  her  brother-in-law,  of  Aug.  29,  1650.  Rachel,  m.  Peter 
Andrewes,  merchant,  of  London  ;  she  was  the  administratrix  of  her  husband, 
whose  will  was  dated  Aug.  29,  1650,  and  on  which  administration  was  granted 
Oct.  3,  1650  (P.P.C.,  104  Pembroke).  Mary,  m.  Edward  West,  of  Ratcliffe, 
mariner,  who  was  living  Nov.  9,  1638  ;  she  was  mentioned  in  the  will  of 
her  sister  Anne,  May  3,  1640. 

(1)  2  SAMUEL  VASSALL,  of  St.  George's,  Southwark,  co.  Surrey,  and  of 
Bedale,  co.  York,  citizen  and  cloth  worker,  bapt.  at  Stepney  June  5,  1586,  an 
incorporator  of  the  Massachusetts  Company  in  1628  and  a  patentee  of  lands 
in  Massachusetts.  He  was  M.P.  of  London  in  1639-41,  Commissioner  of 
the  Plantations  in  1642,  took  the  Covenant  in  1643,  in  1646  was  appointed 
a  Commissioner  for  the  conservation  of  peace  with  Scotland.  In  Sept., 
1628,  he  was  imprisoned  for  refusing  to  pay  the  tax  of  tonnage  and  poundage  ; 
he  was  excluded  from  the  Commons  Dec.  6,  1648;  d.  in  New  England. 
Administration  on  his  estate  was  granted  Sept.  24,  1667  (P.C.C.)  (see 
Dictionary  of  National  Biography,  vol.  lviii,  p.  157).  In  1766  his  great  grand- 
nephew,  Florentius  Vassall  (54),  erected  a  monument  in  his  memory  in 
King's  Chapel,  Boston,  Mass.,  on  which  is  inscribed  the  following  : — 

Sacred  to  the  Memory  of 

SAMUEL  VASSALL  Esq.  of  London  Merchant 

one  of  the  original  proprietors  of  the  lands 

of  this  Country 

a  steady  and  undaunted 

assertor  of  the  Liberties  of  ENGLAND 

In  1628 

he  was  the  first  who  boldly  refused  to  submit'  to  the  Tax 

of  Tonnage  and  Poundage 

an  unconstitutional  claim  of  the  Crown 

arbitrarily  imposed 

For  which   (to  the  ruin  of  his  family) 

his  goods  were  seized  and  his  person  imprisoned  by  the 

Star  Chamber  Court 

He  was  chosen  to  represent  the  City  of 


in  two  successive  Parliaments,  which  met  Apr.   13  &  Nov.  3 


The  Parliament  in  July  T641  voted  him 

,£10,445  i2.y.  id. 

for  his  Damages, 

and  resolved  that  he  should  be  further  considered 

[Second  panel] 

for  his  personal  Sufferings  ; 

But  the  rage  of  the  times  &  neglect  of 

proper  applications  since, 

have  left  to  his  family  only  the  honour  of  that 

Vote  and  Resolution. 

John  V assail  and  his  Descendants  j 

He  was  one  of  the  largest  Subscribers 

to  raise  money 

against  the  Rebels  in  IRELAND  : 

all  these  facts  may  be  seen  in  the  Journals 

of  the  House  of  Commons 

He  was  the  Son  of 

the  gallant  JOHN  VASSALL 

who  in  1588 

at  his  own  expense,  fitted  out  &  commanded  two  Ships  of  War 

with  which  he  joined  the  Royal  Navy 

to  oppose 


Failing  to  recover  the  amount  of  his  damages,  he  petitioned  Parliament 
Jan.  23,  1657,  showing  that  he  had  endured  imprisonment  for  about  sixteen 
years,  and  had  been  stripped  of  his  goods  ;  that,  despite  the  Vote  of  Parlia- 
ment, "he  had  not  received  one  penny,"  that  ^2,591  175.  6d.  had  been  lent 
to  the  Parliament  by  him  in  Ireland  "  in  their  great  straights ",  that 
^3,328  2s.  yd.  were  due  for  the  service  of  one  of  his  ships,  and,  besides  all  this, 
another  vessel,  the  Mayflower,1  had,  when  laden  and  manned,  been  taken 
and  made  use  of  against  the  enemy  "  to  the  overthrow  of  his  voyage  and  his 
great  loss  ".  His  name  headed  the  subscription  list  to  raise  money  against 
the  rebels  in  Ireland,  and  his  whole  life  was  indicative  of  the  energy  and 
liberality  which  characterized  so  many  of  his  family.  He  m.  Frances, 
the  dau.  of  Abraham  Cartwright,  of  St.  Andrew's  Undershaft,  London, 
citizen  and  draper,  by  Joan  his  wife,  dau.  of  William  Wade,  of  Bilderson, 
co.  Suffolk,  clothier  ;  she  is  mentioned  in  the  will  of  her  husband's  stepsister, 
Rachael  Vassall,   Aug.    29,    1650,    and  had  issue  :     Samuel,   d.   young  sine 

prole  ;    John,  born  1619,  m.  Mary  ,  and  on  his  death  sine  prole  :  she 

m.    John   Harvey,  of   Finningley   Hall2;    Abraham,    died   young;     Francis, 

living  in  1667,  m.  Alice  ,  and  had  issue  Samuel,  Francis,  Henry,  and 

Elizabeth,  all  living  in  1664  :  Henry,  d.  sine  prole  in  1667,  probably  in  Carolina, 
administration  on  his  estate  was  granted  to  his  brothers,  Francis  and  Samuel 
Vassall,  executors  of  deceased,  pending  a  suit  Oct.  3,  1667  ;  Samuel,  of 
St.  George's,  Southwark,  living  in  1667,  m.  April  24,  1660,  to  Margaret  Wray, 
of  St.  Andrew's  Undershaft,  had  one  son,  Samuel,  living  in  1664  ;  Frances, 
d.  young  sine  prole,  and  Mary,  of  St.  George's,  Southwark,  m.  first  Robert 
Arnold,  of  St.  Mary,  Aldermary,  in  Oct.,1661,  and  onjiis  death  she  m. secondly 
Charles  Cliff e,  who  was  living  in  1667,  and  by  whom  she  had  a  son  living  in 

(1)  3  WILLIAM  VASSALL,  of  Rayleigh,  Massachusetts,  Scituate,  and 
Barbados,  born  and  bapt.  at  Stepney,  Aug.  27,  1592,  m.  June  9,  1613,  Anne, 
the  dau.  of  George  King,  of  Cold  Norton,  co.  Essex  yeoman,  licence  dated 
June  9,  and  had  issue:  Anne,  born  Sept.  6,  andd.  Sept.  22, 161 4,  at  Cold  Norton  ; 
4  Judith  ;  5  Frances  ;  Samuel  and  Mary  (twins),  born  June  22,  1624  ;  Samuel, 
d.  at  Rayleigh  Nov.  10,  1624,  and  Mary,  d.  young  ;  William,  d.  young  ;  6  John; 
1  Anne  ;  8  Margaret  ;  and  9  Mary.  William  Vassall  was  the  first  of  his  name 
who  went  to  New  England  ;  he  was  an  assistant  in  the  Massachusetts  Bay 
Co.,  and  one  of  the  original  patentees  of  New  England  lands.  At  a  formal 
meeting  of  the  Governor  and  Company  held  in  July,  1629,  ne»  with  others, 
was  appointed  "to  go  over  ",  which  he  did,  but  returned  to  England,  after 
a  short  stay,  in  the  ship  Lyon.  On  July  17-20,  1635,  he  embarked  in  the 
Blessing,  Jo.  Lecester  master,  with  his  wife,  five  daughters,  and  one  son,  for 
New  England.  Upon  his  arrival  in  that  country  it  would  seem  that  he 
settled,  first  in  Roxbury,  for  the  church  registry  of  that  town  has  the  following 
entry,  made  by  the  Rev.  John  Eliot  in  his  account  of  the  church  members  : 
"  Mrs.  Anna  Vassaile — the  wife  of  Mr.  Willia  Vassaile — her  husband  five 
children  to  this  land,  Judith,  Frances,  John,  Margaret,  Mary  "  (this  is  an 
error,  as  there  were  six  children,  Judith,  Frances,  John,  Ann,  Margaret,  and 
Mary  ;    the  latter  was  1  year  old,  as  appears  in  the  list  of  the  passengers  of 

1  It  would  be  interesting  to  know  if  the  Mayflower  of  Samuel  Vassall  was  the  Mayflower 
that  earlier  had  taken  the  founders  of  New  Plymouth  to  that  place.  The  name  was  a  common 
one  for  ships,  however. 

-  Will  as  of  London  Merchant  dated  Feb.  29,  1664,  proved  March  30,  1665  (29  Hyde). 

8  John  Vassall  and  his  Descendants 

the  Blessing  on  that  voyage).  How  long  he  remained  at  Roxbury  is  not 
known.  In  Nov.  1636  he  was  connected  with  the  church  at  Scituate,  in 
Plymouth,  in  which  town  Deane  says  he  erected  a  house  in  1635  on  land 
laid  out  to  him  by  order  of  the  Court,  and  which  he  called  West  Newland. 
He  took  the  oath  of  fidelity  at  Scituate,  Feb.  1,  1638.  In  December,  1639,  a 
licence  was  granted  to  him  "  to  make  an  oyster  bed  in  North  River  "  before 
his  house.  In  1642  he  was  chosen  one  of  a  council  of  war,  aggressions  having 
been  threatened  by  the  Narragansetts,  and  in  1643  his  name  appeared  on 
the  militia  roll.  In  1644-5  he  was  prominently  concerned  in, the  division  of 
the  church  at  Scituate,  and  the  settlement  of  Mr.  Witherell,  over  the  dis- 
affected portion,  against  the  advice  and  protestations  of  the  churches  at 
Plymouth  and  Marshfield.  The  separation  of  the  churches  arose  partially 
from  the  views  held  by  its  pastor,  the  Rev.  Charles  Chauncy,  upon  the 
ordinance  of  baptism,  with  whom  Mr.  Vassall  had  early  disputed  on  doctrinal 
points.  (For  an  interesting  discussion  on  the  subject  see  Deane's  Scituate.) 
In  1646  he  sailed  for  England  in  the  Supply,  in  aid  of  a  petition  for  the 
redress  of  wrongs  in  the  Government,  and  never  returned,  but  in  1648  removed 
to  Barbados,  and  d.  in  1655,  aged  63  years.  His  will  is  dated  at  Barbados 
July  31,  1655,  and  he  describes  himself  as  "  now  resident  in  this  Island  ", 
and  it  was  proved  June  12,  1657  (246  Ruthen).  In  it  he  states:  ''My  son-in-law 
Nichs  Ware  and  his  wife.  Anna,  my  daur.  My  daughter  Margaret  Vassall 
and  my  daughter  Mary  Vassall.  My  son  Jno.  My  daurs.  Judith,  wife  of 
Resolved  White,  Frances  the  wife  of  James  Adams,  Anna  the  wife  of  Nichs 
Ware.  My  estate  and  effects  to  be  equally  divided  between  them.  My  son 
John  sole  Executor."  On  May  8,  1656,  Capt.  Joshua  Hubbard,  of  Higham, 
was  appointed  attorney  for  the  sale  of  the  Scituate  estate,  by  virtue  of  two 
writings,  one  signed  by  Resolved  White  and  James  Adams,  Feb.  18,  1656, 
and  the  other  by  Margaret  and  Mary  Vassall,  March  3,  1655-6.  The  estate 
was  conveyed  by  Joshua  Hubbard  to  John  Cushen  and  Mathyas  Briggs, 
for  the  sum  of  ^120,  and  consisted  of  about  120  acres,  with  house  and  barn. 
The  deed  was  signed  by  Joshua  Hubbard,  Resolved  White,  and  Judith,  his 
wife,  and  James  Adams,  July  18,  1657. 

(3)  4  JUDITH  VASSALL,  born  in  1619,  joined  the  church  at  Scituate 
May  14,  1637,  m.  Resolved  White  at  Scituate,  April  8,  1640,  and  d.  circa 
1670.  Children  were  :  William,  born  1642  ;  John,  born  1644  ;  Samuel,  born 
1646  ;  Resolved,  born  1648  ;  Anna,  born  1649  ;  Elizabeth,  born  1652  ;  Josiah, 
born  1654  ;    and  Susannah,  born  1656. 

Harris  states  that  Resolved  was  a  son  of  William  and  Susannah  White  and  elder  brother 
of  Peregrine  White.  He  removed  from  Scituate  to  Marshfield  in  1662,  where  he  remained  until 
1670.  Deane  says  that  none  of  his  children  settled  at  Scituate,  their  posterity  being  found  in 
Plymouth  and  Bristol  Counties,  and  some  removed  to  Barbados. 

(3)  5  FRANCES  VASSALL,  born  in  1623,  m.  James  Adams  (who  Harris 
says,  was  the  son  of  John  who  went  to  New  England  in  the  ship  Fortune 
in  1 62 1.  Farmer  states  that  he  d.  in  1651,  but  his  name  was  attached  to 
a  deed  as  late  as  1657)  ;  m.  at  Marshfield,  July  16,  1646.  Children  were  : 
William,  born  1647  '»  Anna,  born  1649  ;  Richard,  born  1651  ;  Mary,  born 
1653  ;    and  Margaret,  born  1654. 

(3)  6  JOHN  VASSALL,  born  in  1625,  was  Deputy  for  Clarendon,  co. 
S.  Carolina,  and  in  1643  his  name  was  on  the  Militia  roll  of  Scituate  ;  free- 
holder in  1647  ;  lieutenant  under  Cudworth  in  1652  ;  and  later  bore  the 
rank  of  captain.  Dec.  16,  1652,  he  sold  his  house  in  Boston  with  the  lands 
attached  to  Mark  Hands  "  Naylor  "  for  ^59.  Hands  states  that  in  1661  he 
sold  his  Scituate  estates  and  removed,  it  is  supposed,  to  the  West  Indies- 
(Jamaica),  but  later,  according  to  Savage,  "  was  engaged  in  the  settlement  at 
Cape  Fear,  N.C.,  and  in  1657  applied  for  relief  to  be  sent  to  himself  and 
followers."  From  the  State  papers  relating  to  Jamaica,  it  appears  that 
Sir  Thomas  Lynch,  the  then  Governor  of  that  Island,  wrote  March  10,  1672, 
"  from  Virginia  comes  one  John  Vassall,  a  sober  rational  man,"  and  in  the 
Minutes  of  Council,  July  2,  1672,  appears  :  "  Col.  John  Vassall  has  brought 
from  Virginia  several  conveyances  from  Mrs.  Anne  Toft  ( ? ) ,  of  Virginia,  relating 

John  Vussall  and  his  Descendants  9 

to  her  4,000  acres  of  land  in  St.  Elizabeth  parish  which  she  is  going  to  give 
up."  And  again,  "  Col.  Vassal  and  Mordecai  Royes  to  undertake  the  drawing 
of  a  most  exact  and  particular  map  of  the  whole  Island."  In  1673  he  was 
thus  engaged  as  Sir  Thomas  Lynch  in  forwarding  a  true  account  of  all  the 
families  in  the  Island,  excepted  St.  Elizabeth,  stating  that  it  was  occasioned 
by  Col.  Vassall's  absence,  about  the  survey  of  the  Island.  His  name  does 
not  appear  again  in  the  State  papers.  It  is  highly  probable  that  he  had 
visited  Jamaica  before  his  final  move  there  in  1672,  as  his  name  appears  in 
a  deed  recorded  in  the  Record  Office  of  the  Island  libro  10,  but  the  nature 
of  the  deed  is  unfortunately  wanting,  but  libro  11  is  the  record  of  a 
conveyance  purporting  to  be  by  Hender  Molesworth,  who  was  President 
of  the  Council  in  1674,  and  who  was  created  a  bart.  in  1689,  the  executor  of 
the  will  of  Sir  Thomas  Modyford  to  John  Vassall,  dated  Jan.  27,  1669,  of 
1,000  acres  of  land  near  the  mouth  of  the  Black  River  on  "  Luana  Bay  ",  in 
the  parish  of  St.  Elizabeth,  which  confirms  the  statement  of  Harris  that  he 
was  supposed  to  have  gone  to  the  West  Indies  after  he  sold  his  Scituate 
estates.  He  died  in  1688,  and  his  will  dated  Aug.  10,  1684,  was  proved  in 
Jamaica- July  6,  1688  ;  by  it  he  devised  "  my  temporal  estate,  my  children 
being  young  and  the  estate  in  debt  and  not  fitt  to  be  divided,  nor  they  to 
receive  it,  and  theire  mother  while  she  lives  willing  to  improve  itt  and  to 
give  them  the  best  education  shee  can,  I  doe  therefore  freely  give  and  bequeath 
unto  my  said  wife  and  executrix,  ^nn  Vassall,  my  whole  estate,  etc.,  etc." 
He  named  his  three  eldest  sons,  John,  William,  and  Lewis,  but  refers  to  his 
four  youngest  as  "my  four  youngest  sonnes",  though  he  directs  that  "^20 
sterling  per  annum  is  to  be  layed  out  at  Port  Royal  or  from  thence  shipped  to 
New  England  yearly  for  the  maintenance  of  my  sonn,  Samuel  Vassall,  at  the 
College  there".  Harris,  in  his  Vassals  of  New  England,  made  a  mistake  in 
stating  that  Anna  Lewis  was  the  wife  of  John  Vassall,  the  son  of  Samuel  Vassall, 

as  hereinbefore  mentioned,  the  latter  m.  Mary  — ,  and  on  her  husband's 

death  in  1664  sine  prole  she  m.  one,  John  Harvey.  Anna  Vassall's  name 
seems  to  have  been  indifferently  spelt — she  spelt  it  Anna,  but  her  husband 
Ann.  John  Vassall  had  seven  sons  at  the  time  of  his  death  :  10  John  ;  11 
William  ;  12  Lewis  ;  13  Samuel ;  14  Leonard  ;  15  Florentius.  No  record  can 
be  found  of  the  seventh,  but  it  is  clear  that  he  was  alive  at  his  father's  death, 
as  evidenced  by  his  inclusion  in  the  number  of  his  sons.  A  Lieut.  Vassall  was 
killed  at  the  repulse  of  the  French  at  Carlisle  Bay,  Jamaica,  in  1694,  wno  was 
Col.  Clayborn's  staff-captain,  and  as  Col.  Clayborn,  who  was  also  killed,  was 
the  Colonel  of  the  St.  Elizabeth  militia,  it  is  not  difficult  to  assume  that  he 
was  John  Vassall's  seventh  son,  especially  as  the  Vassall  estates  were  in 
St.  Elizabeth.  John  Vassall,  by  his  will,  advised  his  sons  as  to  the  selection 
of  their  horses,  etc.,  and  the  disposal  thereof,  to  get  the  "  advice  and  assistance 
of  some  of  their  uncles  that  know  them  to  be  theires  ".  Their  father  had  no 
brother,  and  there  were  clearly  no  other  Vassalls  in  Jamaica,  the  uncles  must 
therefore  have  been  maternal,  as  there  were  many  of  the  name  of  Lewis  in 
and  about  St.  Elizabeth  where  John  Vassall's  estates  were  and  evidently 
their  presence  and  interest  influenced  him  to  settle  amongst  them 
in  the  south-west  of  the  Island.  John  Vassall's  widow  survived  him 
many  years,  and  she  seems  to  have  earned  the  confidence  that  her 
husband  reposed  in  her,  and  the  right  to  the  affectionate  terms  in  which 
she  is  referred  to  by  her  sons.  A  Patent  of  Naturalization  was  granted 
to  her  on  July  20,  1685  ;  previous  to  that  date  all  patents  to  land  were  granted 
to  John  Vassall,  but  after  patents  were  made  to  her  of  480  acres  of  land  in 
St.  Elizabeth,  in  which  she  was  described  as  a  widow.  Anna  Vassall  d.  and 
was  bur.  on  Feb.  23,  1719-20,  six  months  before  her  son,  William.  In 
her  will,  dated  Feb.  20,  1719,  proved  April  2,  1720,  she  bequeathed  "  all  my 
things  in  my  sugn  box  (?),  according  to  memories  in  the  said  box,  to  my 
granddaughters  ".  She  also  gave  "  my  cousin,  Scott  in  England,  the  sum  of 
ten  pounds  yearly  on  the  Exchange  of  London".  Her  son,  William  11, 
was  her  residuary  legatee  and  devisee  in  tail  with  the  remainder  over  to  her 
grandson,  John  23,  the  son  of  her  son  Leonard  14  in  tail,  with  remainder  over 
to  her  grandson,  William  24,  the  son  of  her  son  Leonard  in  fee  simple. 

io  John  Vassall  and  his  Descendants 

(3)  7  ANN  VASSALL,  born  in  1629,  m.  previously  to  July,  1655,  to 
Nicholas  Ware,  of  Virginia,  and  settled  probably  in  Barbados. 

(3)  8  MARGARET  VASSALL,  born  in  1633,  bapt.  at  Rayleigh,  co.  Essex, 
m.  April  25,  1656,  at  St.  Michaels,  Barbados,  to  Joshua  Hubbard.  The 
conveyance  of  her  father's  estate  in  Scituate  was  signed  by  Joshua  Hubbard  on 
behalf  of  his  late  wife,  July  18,  1657.  In  the  settlement  of  the  estate  Comfort 
Starr,  physician,  in  1659,  the  name  of  Margaret  Vassall  occurs  as  a  debtor. 

Harris  has  the  following  footnote  in  his  sketch  : — There  seems  to  be  some  uncertainty  in 
regard  to  him  (Nicholas  Ware).  In  the  MS.  of  President  Styles,  it  is  stated  that  the 
Rev.  Joshua  Hobart  H.C.  1650,  son  of  Peter,  sailed  for  Barbados,  July  16,  1655  ; 
married  there  April  6,  1656,  Margaret  Vassall  ;  sailed  from  thence  to  London,  where  he 
arrived  July  5,  1656  ;  returned  to  New  England,  where  he  arrived  September  5,  1669  ;  and 
where  his  wife  died  "four  days  after".  He  married  second  Mary  Rainsford,  of  Boston,  and 
removed  to  Southold,  Nassau  Island,  where  he  died  in  winter  of  1716-27.  By  his  wife  Margaret 
he  had  three  (?)  children.  How  to  reconcile  this  statement  with  the  wording  of  the  deed  of  sale 
of  her  father's  Scituate  estate,  we  are  at  a  loss  to  know,  and  are  content  to  relinquish  the  matter 
to  some  more  persevering  enquirer.  Joshua  Hubbard,  the  husband  of  Margaret  Vassall,  was 
evidently  a  different  individual  from  the  captain  of  the  same  name  who  acted  attorney  for  the 
sale  of  William  Vassall's  estate. 

(3)  9  MARY  VASSALL,  born  in  England  in  1634,  m.  in  St.  Michael's, 
Barbados,  to  Benjamin  Caine  on  May  11,  1657. 

(6)  10  JOHN  VASSALL  m.  a  dau.  of  Sir  W.  Wilmott,  the  sister  of  William 
Wilmott,  and  by  her  had  three  children  :  16  John  ;  17  William  ;  and  18  Anna. 
He  died  in  1701,  before  any  of  his  children  had  arrived  at  their  majority. 
He  appointed  his  four  brothers  his  executors,  but  did  not  name  them  ;  their 
names,  however,  have  been  arrived  at  from  the  record  of  a  certificate  dated 
March  11,  1701,  and  recorded  libro  13,  folio  47,  of  the  records  of  deeds  in 
the  Record  Office  in  Jamaica,  in  which  William  Vassall,  Leonard  Vassall,  and 
Florentius  Vassall  "  are  willing  and  content  that  our  brother,  Samuel  Vassall 
act  as  sole  guardian  to  John  Vassall,  a  minor,  son  and  heir  to  our  brother, 
Jno.  Vassall,  late  of  the  parish  of  St.  Elizabeth,  Esqre.,  deed."  On  the  date 
that  William  Vassall  signed  this  appointment  of  Samuel  Vassall  as  sole 
guardian  of  the  minor,  John  Vassall,  he  executed  a  renunciation  of  his 
executorship  under  the  will  of  his  brother,  John  Vassall,  which  will  was  dated 
Dec.  15,  1700,  and  proved  in  Jamaica  April  5,  1701.  It  is  clear  that  on 
March  11,  1701,  four  of  the  seven  brothers  were  alive. 

(10)  16  JOHN  VASSALL  m.  Elizabeth,  the  dau.  of  Ordoardo  Lewis,  who 
was  Member  of  the  Assembly  of  the  parish  of  St.  Elizabeth,  Jan.  1 701-3,  and 
Westmorland  1707,  and  had  issue:  19  William,  20  John,  and  21  Elizabeth. 
He  died  in  1728,  and  by  his  will,  dated  March  26,  1728,  proved  in  Jamaica 
Nov.  29,  1728,  he  devised  a  moiety  of  his  estate  to  his  wife  and  the  other 
moiety  to  his  son,  William,  he  paying  the  legacies  bequeathed.  He  appointed 
his  wife  executrix  "  during  widowhood,  but  if  she  '  marrys  '  then  my  will  and 
meaning  is  that  my  brothers-in-law,  Lewis  Williams  and  Andrease  Lewis, 
shall  jointly  have  the  care  and  management  of  my  estate  with  my  wife,  etc." 
He  bequeathed  to  his  daughter  Elizabeth  £1,000,  and  a  negro  girl,  the  child 
of  her  nurse.  He  bequeathed  to  his  sister  Anna  18,  the  wife  of  Samuel 
Smith,  the  bond  which  her  husband  had  given  him  ;  he  bequeathed  to  his 
son  John  £2,000,  and  gave  him  a  remainder  over  in  all  his  estates  devised  to 
his  son  William  ;  and  he  gave  his  daughter  Elizabeth  the  ultimate  remainder 
in  his  estates  in  the  case  of  the  death  of  her  brothers  sine  prole.  His  dau. 
Elizabeth  m.  one  William  Foster,  of  Bedford,  England,  as  appears  by  a 
deed  dated  Sept.  1,  1765,  in  which  the  will  of  her  father  is  recited  and  her 
husband  and  herself  are  mentioned  as  of  Bedford.  John  Vassall,  the 
grandson  of  the  testator,  is  a  party  thereto  of  the  third  part. 

(10)  17  WILLIAM  VASSALL.  No  record  can  be  found  of  this  member  of 
the  family,  but  the  mention  of  him  in  his  father's  will,  and  also  that  of  his 
uncle,  11  William  Vassall,  who  bequeathed  to  him  the  sum  of  £100. 

(10)  18  ANNA  VASSALL.  The  name  of  this  member  of  the  family 
appears  in  her  father's  will.  She  m.  Feb.  26,  17 16,  William  Lewis,  who 
d.  Dec.  28,  1717,  intestate  and  sine  prole  ;  she  then  m.,  July  22,  1718,  Samuel 
Smith,  the  first  cousin  of  William  Lewis,  and  she  and  her  husband,  Smith, 

John  V assail  and  his  Descendants  n 

were  parties  to  an  appeal  to  the  Privy  Council.  Evidently  he  was  the  Samuel 
Smith  who  was  a  Member  of  the  House  of  Assembly  for  the  parish  of 
Clarendon  in  1722  and  who  was  unseated  as  member  for  Vere  in  1725.  Anna 
Vassall  was  referred  to  in  her  uncle  Samuel's  will  as  "  Anna,  the  dau.  of  my 
brother  Major  John  Vassall  ",  in  1713.  William  Vassall  in  1720  made  a 
bequest"  unto  my  niece  Anna  Smith  ".  Her  brother  John  in  1720  bequeathed 
to  her  the  bond  which  her  husband  Samuel  Smith  had  given  to  him,  and  he 
also  gave  her  an  annuity  of  ^100  current  money  of  Jamaica.  Her  uncle 
Leonard  also  mentions  her  as  having  bought  from  her  some  plate  which  had 
belonged  to  her  grandmother,  Anna  Vassall. 

(16)  19  WILLIAM  VASSALL,  born  1720,  m.  Valeria  Senior,  the  sister  of 
Christopher  Senior,  who  was  the  son  of  Bernard  Senior,  the  first  husband 
of  Margaret,  who  m.  secondly  in  1735  Hugh  White,  Member  of  Assembly 
for  Westmorland  Jam.  in  1770,  and  they  were  the  parents  of  Mary  White, 
the  wife  of  John  Vassall,  next  hereinafter  referred  to.  William  Vassall 
d.  and  was  bur.  on  June  28,  1745.  By  his  will,  dated  Aug.  8,  1744,  and 
proved  in  Jamaica  March  (?)  21,  1745,  he  devised  to  his  wife  the  dwelling- 
house  he  then  lived  in  at  Luana  in  St.  Elizabeth,  with  the  run  of  land 
belonging  thereto,  for  her  life  inter  alia,  and  he  devised  the  remainder  of  his 
estate  to  his  son  20a  John.  He  appointed  his  wife  executrix,  and  his  "  trusty 
and  beloved  friend  "  Hugh  White  guardian  of  his  children  (?)  and  executor 
of  his  will,  and  in  case  he  should  leave  the  island  he  appointed  his  brother-in- 
law  and  "  good  friend  Christopher  Senior  "  guardian  and  trustee,  and  in  case 
of  his  death  or  leaving  the  island  he  appointed  William  Foster  guardian 
and  trustee  (vide  16  John  Vassall  for  William  Foster).  On  March  20,  1745, 
he  made  a  codicil  to  his  will,  in  which  he  stated  that  his  wife  had  been 
delivered  of  a  child  (Elizabeth)  which  had  d.  (bur.  March  5,  1744),  and 
directed  that  in  case  all  (?)  his  children  should  die,  then  half  of  his  estate 
should  vest  in  his  wife  and  the  other  half  in  his  brother  20  John,  with 
remainder  over  to  his#wife  in  fee  simple.  In  1751  a  Private  Act  was  passed 
by  the  Legislature  of  the  island  vesting  certain  tracts  of  land  in  the  parish 
of  St.  Elizabeth,  part  of  the  estate  of  William  Vassall,  in  certain  Trustees, 
therein  named,  including  20  John  Vassall  and  Christopher  Senior,  the  paternal 
and  maternal  uncles  of  the  infant,  to  sell  for  the  benefit  of  the  eldest  son 
and  heir-at-law,  John  Vassall,  a  minor.  The  children  of  William  and  Valeria 
Vassall  were  :    20a  John  and  Elizabeth,  a  child  mentioned  above. 

(16)  20  JOHN  VASSALL  m.  Feb.  9,  1758,  Mary  White,  referred  to  in  the 
reference  to  William  Vassall  immediately  preceding  ;  she  d.  and  was  bur. 
Aug.  24,  1758,  sine  prole.  John  Vassall,  in  his  will,  dated  Oct.  17,  1769, 
proved  in  Jamaica  Oct.  6,  1770,  referred  to  his  "  trusty  friend  32  Lewis 
Vassall",  and  appointed  him  one  of  the  executors  of  his  will,  by  which  he 
devised  all  his  estate  to  his  nephew  20a  John  Vassall.  He  d.  and  was  bur. 
on  Jan.  24,  1770,  apparently  not  having  married  again.  In  his  will  he  refers 
to  a  free  mulatto  woman  named  Rose,  and  her  three  children,  Elizabeth, 
Leonard,  and  Mary,  evidently  his  progeny  by  the  free  mulatto  woman, 
as  there  is  on  record  a  will,  dated  Jan.  1796,  of  one,  Elizabeth  Vassall,  and 
she  refers  to  land  devised  to  her  by  her  late  father,  John  Vassall,  in  the  Luana 
Mountains  adjoining  Giddy  Hall  Penn,  called  "  Purgatory". 

(19)  20a  JOHN  VASSALL  m.  May  16,  1776,  Elizabeth  Brooks,  and  had 
one  dau.,  Valeria,  who  was  born  Aug.  12,  1778,  and  d.  and  was  bur.  Jan.  26, 
x779-  Jonn  Vassall  d.  in  1779  ;  he  was  the  last  male  descendant  of  10  John 
Vassall.  He  devised  to  his  wife  all  that  part  of  Luana  called  Pond  Penn, 
with  the  household  furniture  and  effects  and  certain  slaves  and  their  increase 
for  her  life  ;  he  bequeathed  to  his  near  relation,  Edward  Dennis,  of 
St.  Elizabeth,  ^1,000;  he  bequeathed  to  his  aunt,  Margaret  Stone,  of 
Westmorland,  widow  (she  was  the  widow  of  Theodore  Stone,  who  was  the 
first  of  the  name  to  come  to  Jamaica),  to  his  aunt,  Bonella  Bowen,  and  to 
Margaret  Wallace,  of  St.  Elizabeth,  to  Hugh  White,  to  Jane  Senior  and 
Margaret  Rowe,  the  daus.  of  Christopher  Senior,  ^50  each  ;  to  Anne  Williams, 
^100  ;    to  his  mother-in-law,  Deborah  Brooks,  an  annuity  of  ^100  ;    to  his 

12  John  V assail  and  his  Descendants 

dearly  beloved  wife,  Elizabeth  Vassall,  his  good  friends  and  relations,  Hugh 
White,  of  Westmorland,  and  Peter  Campbell,  of  Hanover,  all  those  four 
parcels  of  land  lying  to  the  north-east  of  Y.S.  (Wye  Esse)  Estate,  in  trust 
for  sale,  for  the  benefit  of  his  estate,  and  in  trust  for  his  dau.  Valeria  in  fee  ; 
and  in  case  of  her  death  in  trust  for  32  Lewis  Vassall  with  remainder  over  in 
tail  for  33  Florentius  Vassall.  His  wife  and  his  friends  Hugh  White  and 
Peter  Campbell  were  appointed  guardians  of  the  persons  and  estate  of 
Valeria  his  dau.,  and  Lewis  and  Florentius  Vassall  for  the  purposes  of  his 
will,  which  was  dated  Nov.  20,  1778,  and  proved  Aug.  9,  1779. 

(6)  11  WILLIAM  VASSALL  m.  Sarah  Monicat  Paine,  the  dau.  of  Thomas 
Paine,  who  on  June  15,  1673,  patented  "  Cavaretta  "  in  St.  Elizabeth  (now 
Westmorland).  William  Vassall  d.  and  was  bur.  Aug.  6-7,  1720,  sine  prole. 
His  will  is  a  lengthy  one,  and  by  it  inter  alia  he  gave  a  legacy  to  his  cousin 
John  Crossley,  the  son  of  Col.  John  Crossley,  also  to  his  cousin  William 
Campbell,  the  son  of  Col.  John  Campbell,  who  had  been  Custos  of  St.  Elizabeth, 
and  who  d.  Jan.  29,  1740,  and  his  body  was  interred  in  a  private  burial 
ground  (at  Hodges)  in  St.  Elizabeth  ;  he  was  descended  from  the  ancient 
family  of  Auchenbrook,  went  as  a  captain  to  Darien,  and  on  his  return  m. 
the  dau.  of  Col.  Clayborne,  who  was  killed  at  Carlisle  Bay,  on  the  occasion 
of  the  invasion  of  Jamaica  by  the  French,  and  by  her  had  several  children. 
William  Vassall  also  gave  a  legacy  to  his  cousin  and  god-son,  John  Williams, 
the  son  of  his  cousin  Rowland  Williams  ;  also  to  his  god-son  William  Ricketts, 
the  son  of  William  Ricketts  or  Ricards,  who  had  been  a  captain  in  the  army 
of  conquest,  and  who  settled  in  Westmorland,  than  called  St.  Elizabeth, 
where  he  patented  8,600  acres  of  land  between  1868  and  1699.  William 
Vassell  devised  and  bequeathed  the  rest  and  residue  of  his  estate  to  his 
"  loving  wife  "  for  her  life,  with  remainder  over  in  tail,  to  his  nephew,  16  John 
Vassall,  the  son  of  his  brother,  John  Vassall,  with  remainder  over  in  fee  to 
his  nephew,  24  William  Vassall,  the  son  of  his  brother  Leonard.  William 
was  M.A.  for  the  parish  of  St.  Elizabeth  1703,  Westmorland  1705,  St.  Mary 
1707,  St.  Ann  1709-13,  and  St.  David's  1718-19.  His  widow  m.  Henry 
Stout,  of  Westmorland,  who  was  M.A.  St.  Elizabeth  1722,  Westmorland 
1724,  and  Member  of  the  Council  in  1726.  John  Vassall,  the  residuary  legatee 
and  devisee,  brought  a  suit  in  Chancery  Vassall  v.  Stout,  which  was  heard 
in  the  Jamaica  Court.  William  Vassall's  will  was  dated  Aug.  4,  1720,  and 
proved  in  Jamaica  on  the  10th  of  the  same  month. 

(6)  12  LEWIS  VASSALL.  The  only  record  of  this  member  of  the  family, 
other  than  the  mention  in  his  father's  will,  is  the  record  of  a  lease  by  him 
for  nine  years  of  "Carawina"  and  wharf  and  stock,  etc.,  near  "  Carbarreta", 
by  Bonella  Jennings,  widow,  on  Sept.  16,  1690.  It  is  evident  that  he  had 
no  real  estate  nor  did  he  leave  a  will. 

(6)  13  SAMUEL  VASSALL  was  at  Harvard  College  at  his  father's  death, 
as  appears  by  the  direction  for  the  remittance  of  money  to  him  every  year. 
He  was  Member  of  Assembly  for  Kingston  in  1707-11  and  for  Vere  in  171 1  ; 
and  he  was  Speaker  pro  tern,  in  171 1.  He  describes  himself  in  his  will  as  of 
St.  Katherine  ;  the  will  was  dated  July  11,  171 1,  and  proved  by  his  widow, 
the  executrix,  June  9,  1714.  The  register  of  marriages  was  very  imperfectly 
kept,  and  the  only  record  of  his  m.  is  "  1710-11,  Mar.  15,  Samuel  Vassall, 
Esqre.,  and  Elizabeth  Young,  Vere  ".  Nothing  more,  but  from  the  will  of 
his  widow,  dated  Aug.  19,  1726,  it  appears  that  she  had  been  a  widow  at 
her  marriage  to  Samuel  Vassall,  and  that  she  evidently  already  had  had  two 
husbands,"  as  she  gave  a  legacy  to  her  brother,  John  Yearmouth,  and  she 
referred  to  her  former  husband,  "  Mr.  John  Mosely,"  and  in  the  record  of  her 
marriage  to  Samuel  Vassall  she  is  named  Young.  She  devised  her  Penn, 
near  Passage  Fort,  to  Richard  Mill  ;  this  was  the  Richard  Mill  who  had 
m.  the  widow  of  15  Florentius  Vassall  and  who  gave  a  deputation  to 
54  Florentius  Vassall  on  May  25,  1730,  to  act  as  Receiver-General  of  Jamaica. 
Samuel  Vassall  made  his  nieces  18  Anna  and  55  Bathsua  his  residuary  devisees 
and  legatees,  in  the  case  of  the  failure  of  heirs  of  the  body  of  his  brother 
14  Leonard,  to  whom  he  had  devised  the  rest  and  residue  of  his  estate  in  tail. 

John  V assail  and  his  Descendants  13 

He  left  a  legacy  to  "  my  dear  kind  mother  ",  and  a  mourning  ring  to  his  brother 
Leonard.     He  died  apparently  sine  prole.1 

(6)  14  LEONARD  VASSALL,  born  June,  1678  ;  was  twice  m.,  first  to 
Ruth  Gale,  who  was  born  in  Jamaica,  Sept.  30,  1685.  At  this  period  it  is 
almost  impossible  to  accurately  state  whose  dau.  she  was,  as  the  records  of 
births  and  deaths  for  the  parish  of  St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica,  were  not  kept  before 
the  year  1707,  but  it  is  most  probable  that  she  was  the  dau.  of  Col.  Jonathan 
Gale,  the  Custos  of  St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica,  and  Member  of  Assembly  for 
that  parish  1 709-11,  and  for  Westmorland  (which  had  been  separated  from 
St.  Elizabeth  in  1703)  in  172 1-2  and  1725,  and  who  d.  in  1727.  Children 
were  :  Samuel,  born  Nov.  5,  d.  Mar.  1703-4  ;  Lewis,  born  May  29,  1703, 
d.  Sept.  3,  1703  ;  Mary,  born  Nov.  12,  1704,  d.  Aug.  11,  1708  ;  Anna,  born 
Jan.  20,  1706-7,  d.  young  ;  Boar  do,  born  July  9,  1708,  d.  young  ;  21  Lewis, 
born  Aug.  10,  1709;  a  son  born  Aug.  2,  1711,  d.  young;  22  Ruth,  born 
Aug.  17,  1712  ;  23  John,  born  Sept.  7,  1713  ;  24  William,  born  Nov.  23,  1715  ; 
25  Elizabeth,  born  July  16,  1717  ;  a  dau.  born  and  d.  Jan.  1718-19  ;  26  Sarah, 
born  Sept.  19,  1720,  d.  an  infant ;  27  Henry,  born  Dec.  25,  1721  ;  28  Mary, 
born  June  25,  1723  ;  29  Susanna,  born  Nov.  20,  1725-6  ;  a  son,  still-born, 
Oct.  15,  1729.  His  wife  Ruth  d.  in  Boston,  and  was  bur.  Mar.  14,  1733  ; 
he  then  m.  at  Christ  Church,  Boston,  April  16,  1734,  Phcebe  Cross,  who  was 
the  dau.  of  Samuel  Penhallow,  of  Portsmouth,  New  Hampshire,  born  Jan.  14, 

1694-5.     She  had  m.  Captain  Gross,  of  Charlestown,  Mass.,  secondly 

the  Hon.  Thomas  Greaves,  of  Charlestown,  and  fourthly  Francis  Borland, 
of  Boston,  and  d.  April  3,  1775,  at  the  age  of  80  years;  by  her  Leonard 
Vassall  had  one  dau.,  30  Anna.  He  died  in  Boston  June  20,  1737,  and  was 
bur.  June  23.  He  removed  to  Boston  before  July  24,  1723,  on  which  day  his 
dau.  Mary  was  baptized  at  King's  Chapel.  He  was  early  connected  with 
Christ  Church,  and  was  elected  Warden  April  3,  1727,  where  he  continued 
to  worship,  at  intervals  at  least,  for  the  remainder  of  his  life.  In  1730-3  he 
was  instrumental  in  founding  Trinity  Church,  Boston.  The  original  building 
was  erected  on  land  conveyed  by  him  in  1730  to  John  Barnes,  John  Gibbin, 
and  William  Speakman  for  the*  sum  of  ^514  7s.  2d.,  which  land  with  the 
tenements  he  had  purchased  of  William  Speakman,  baker,  April  25,  1728, 
for  ^450.  The  lot,  now  coverecj  by  the  present  church,  was  bounded  86  feet 
on  Seven  Starr  Lane  (Summer  Street)  and  169  feet  on  Bishop's  Lane  (Hawley 
Street),  and  is  nearly  opposite  the  estate  which  he  had  purchased  in  April, 
1727,  of  Simon  Stoddard,  and  where  he  resided  until  his  death.  His  estates 
in  Braintree  were  large  and  valuable,  consisting  of  2J  acres  of  orchard, 
purchased  of  Benj.  Viesey,  yeoman,  Mar.  1730,  for  ^100  ;  24  acres  of  upland 
and  meadow,  and  2  acres  salt  marsh,  purchased  of  Edmund  Wilson,  yeoman, 
same  date,  for  ^468  ;  three  lots  of  15,  11,  and  5  acres  respectively,  purchased 
of  Thomas  Crosbey,  innholder,  same  date,  for  ^725  ;  one-half  of  56  acres 
farm  land,  with  one-fourth  of  house  and  barn,  together  with  one-half  of 
17  acres  of  woodland  and  swamp,  purchased  of  Obed  Hussey,  mariner,  of 
Nantucket,  Oct.  1733,  for  £725  (this  last  property  was  conveyed  by  deed 
of  gift  to  his  son-in-law,  Benj.  Stedman,  June  6,  1734,  and  re-conveyed  to 
Obed  Hussey,  for  the  original  sum  of  ^525  on  July  3,  1735)  ;  5  acres  of  wood- 
land, purchased  of  Benj.  Owen,  cordwainer,  May  13,  1734  ;  8  acres  purchased 
of  Mahatabel  Fisher,  of  Dedham,  May  28,  1736,  for  ^200  bills  of  credit  ; 
7  acres  of  woodland,  purchased  of  Ebenezer  Field,  housewright,  for  ^33  25s.  ; 
and  10  acres  of  woodland,  purchased  of  William  Field,  housewright,  May,  1737, 
for  ^100.  His  will,  entered  upon  Suffolk  Probate,  is  dated  June  10,  1737  ; 
we  have  space  here  but  for  a  few  brief  extracts.  To  his  dau.  Ruth  he  gave 
55.,  in  addition  to  the  marriage  portion  already  given  her.  To  his  daughters 
Elizabeth  and  Mary  respectively  he  gave  ^1,000,  to  be  paid  out  of  the  rents 
and  profits  of  his  "  Plantation  and  Sugarworks  in  Luana,  in  the  parish  of 
St.  Elizabeth  in  Jamaica  ".     To  his  dau.  Susanna  he  gave  a  like  amount, 

1  It  appears  from  the  foregoing  which  has  been  obtained  from  the  Record  Office  of  Jamaica 
that  four  of  the  five  eldest  sons  of  John  and  Anna  Vassall  died  without  issue,  and  the  issue  of  the 
fifth  John  terminated  on  the  death  of  his  great  great  grand-daughter  Valeria  in  1779  (vide  19/20*2). 

14  John  V assail  and  his  Descendants 

together  with  certain  plate  he  had  purchased  from  Samuel  Smith,  and  wife 
18  Anna  (his  niece,  the  dau.  of  his  eldest  brother  John),  "  so  that  she  might 
have  an  equal  share  with  her  sisters  in  their  grandmother's  plate."  After 
the  statement  of  certain  conditions  relating  to  the  foregoing  bequests  the 
will  proceeds  :  "  Whereas  the  Land  and  Soil  of  my  before  mentioned 
Plantation  and  Sugarworks  at  Luana  is  entailed  upon  my  son  Lewis,  after 
my  Decease,  but  the  Negroes,  Cattle,  Utensils,  and  Stock  thereon,  and  all 
appurces  thereunto  belonging,  as  likewise  my  Land,  Negroes,  Cattle,  and 
appurces  at  New  Savanna,  as  also  sixty  acres  of  land  in  Luana  near  the 
Middle  Quarter  Road,  and  joyning  the  Estate  formerly  of  Col.  Cames,  were 
purchased  by  me.  ...  I  give  and  bequeath  the  use  of  all  my  Negroes,  Cattle, 
Utensils,  and  Stock  wch  shall  be  on  the  said  plantations  .  .  .  unto  my  sd  son 
Lewis."  "  Item  whereas  there  was  a  certain  agreement  between  my  Hond. 
mother  Anna  Vassall  deced.  and  myself  that  so  much  of  her  estate  that  she 
should  be  pleased  to  give  unto  Me  at  her  decease  should  instead  thereof  be 
given  by  her  unto  my  beloved  son  John  ;  and  whereas  I  have  by  one  certain 
Deed,  by  me  duly  executed,  made  a  further  provision  for  my  s<*  son  and  his 
Heirs,  I  do  therefore,  in  consideration  thereof,  hereby  only  give  and  devise 
unto  my  said  son  John  the  sum  of  five  shillings."  "  Item,  I  give  and 
bequeath  unto  my  beloved  son  William  and  his  Heirs  forever,  all  my  Right, 
Estate,  Title,  and  Interest  which  I  now  have  in  a  certain  Sugar  Plantation, 
Works,  and  Buildings  thereon,  together  with  the  Stoc}t,  Negroes,  and  other 
Implements  wch  shall  be  thereon  at  the  time  of  my  Decease,  and  wch  I  lately 
possessed  in  partnership  with  Dugal  Campbell,  Gentn  and  is  situate  on  Green 
Island  River,  near  Orange  Bay,  in  the  Parish  of  Hannover,  at  the  West 
End  of  Jamaica,  and  Joyning  the  Plantation  I  have  given  by  Deed  unto  my 
Son  John  and  his  Heirs  as  aforesaid  ;  I  also  give  unto  my  said  son  William 
and  his  Heirs  forever  the  one-half  of  three  hundred  acres  of  mountain  Land 
situate  in  the  said  parish  of  Hannover  and  Joyning  to  the  estate  of  my  said 
son  John,  the  other  half  whereof  I  have  already  given  my  said  Son  William 
by  a  Deed  of  Gift,  which  said  several  Devises  are  upon  this  Special  Proviso 
and  Condition.  .  .  .  that  he  go  before  two  Magistrates  either  during  my 
Life  or  immediately  after  my  Decease,  and  before  them  solemnly  make  oath 
that  for  the  future  he  will  not  play  any  Game  whatsoever  to  the  value  of 
Twenty  Shillings  at  any  one  time."  To  his  wife  Phcebe  he  gave  the  use  of 
his  house  estates  at  Braintree,  so  long  as  she  continued  his  widow,  "  and  a 
profess'd  member  of  the  Episcopal  Church  of  England  "  and  no  longer  ; 
and  this  in  addition  to  ^3,000  given  "unto  her  forever".  The  estate  on 
Summer  Street,  Boston,  was  sold  by  the  executors,  Dec.  8,  1737,  to  Thomas 
Hubbard,  for  £600  ;  it  was  bounded  68  feet  on  the  street,  south-east  268  feet 
on  land  late  of  Hollingshead,  "  now  of  Church  of  Christ,"  south-west  67  feet 
on  Dyer,  and  north-west  268  feet  on  Sewald,  Plantins,  and  Moss.  Will 
dated  June  10,  1737  ;    proved  in  Jamaica,  Sept.  15,  1737. 

(14)  21  LEWIS  VASSALL,  born  in  Jamaica  Aug.  10,  1709,  H.C.  1728, 
m.  Dorothy  Macqueen,  of  Boston,  Sept.  6,  1739  ;  he  d.  at  Braintree,  Mass., 
Sept.  15,  1743  ;  she  d.  Aug.  10,  1746,  aged  28  years  9  months.  They  were 
both  bur.  in  the  Episcopal  graveyard  at  Braintree,  where  stones  to  their 
memory  were  standing  in  1862.  He  early  settled  at  Braintree,  and  purchased 
Aug.  17,  1742,  of  Thomas  Hubbard,  2 \  acres  there,  with  house  and  barn, 
the  quit-claim  being  signed  July  27,  1749,  when  the  estate  was  conveyed  to 
James  Virchild,  of  the  Island  of  St.  Chiristophers.  Feb.  26,  1742,  he 
purchased,  of  Benjamin  Stedman,  for  ^3,000  old  tenour,  10  acres  with  house 
and  barn,  together  with  two  separate  lots  of  43  acres,  all  of  which  was  secured 
by  mortgage;  the  quit-claim  was  signed  July  27,  1749,  when  the  property 
was  included  in  that  purchased  by  James  Virchild,  for  .£4,400  old  tenour. 
He  was  churchwarden  at  the  time  of  his  death,  having  been  elected  on 
Easter  Monday,  1743.  His  will,  registered  at  the  Suffolk  Probate,  was 
made  Sept.  4,  1743.  No  exemplification  appears  to  have  been  registered  in 
Jamaica,  which  shows  that  his  only  estate  in  that  island  was  the  entailed  one, 
of  which  his  father  had  been  tenant  or  settler,  vide  extract  of  his  father'swill — 

John  V assail  and  his  Descendants  15 

To  his  dau.  Anna  he  bequeathed  ^2,000,  to  his  wife  ^300  yearly,  and 
the  residue  of  his  estate  to  his  son  Lewis  ;  Richard  Bill  and  Jacob 
Holyoake,  of  Boston,  and  his  cousin  John  Gale,  of  Jamaica,  were  appointed 
executors.  Children  were  :  31  Anna,  born  July  23,  1740  ;•  32  Lewis,  born 
Sept.  16,  1 741  ;  and  Elizabeth,  born  Nov.  11,  1742,  bapt.  at  Bridgewater 
Nov.  23,  1742,  and  d.  young. 

(21)  31  ANNA  VASSALL,  born  at  Braintree,  Mass.,  July  13,  1740,  bapt. 
Aug.  1,  1742  ;  Richard  Bill,  of  Boston,  was  appointed  guardian,  Nov.  20, 
1 75 1  ;  and  27  Henry  Vassall,  her  uncle,  Oct.,  1757.  She  perhaps  left  the 
country  with  her  brother,  who  went  to  Jamaica,  but  no  record  of  her  can 
be  found  there.  • 

(21)  32  LEWIS  VASSALL,  born  at  Braintree,  Sept.  16,  1741,  bapt.  Aug.  1, 
1742,  H.C.  1760.  He  left  New  England  soon  after,  and  went  to  Jamaica, 
where  his  estates  were  situated,  and  m.  Eleanor  Dove.  He  d.  and  was  bur. 
on  Aug.  8,  1777.  Children  were  :  33  Florentius,  34  Lewis,  35  George  Gale, 
and  36  Leonard.  He  was  bur.  in  the  family  burial  ground  at  Ruggles  Pen, 
but  his  tomb  and  those  of  his  sons  cannot  be  found,  as  their  graves  were 
evidently  never  entombed.  He  was  the  "  trusty  friend  "  referred  to  by 
20  John  Vassall  in  his  will,  and  to  him  was  devised  the  remainder  in  John 
Vassall's  estate  which,  of  course,  vested  on  the  death  of  John  Vassall' s  dau. 
Valeria,  in  his  son  Florentius  in  1779.  Will  dated  Aug.  4,  1777,  and  proved 
in  Jamaica  June  10,  1778. 

(32)  33  FLORENTIUS  VASSALL,  born  1768,  m.  April  14,  1794,  to 
Elizabeth  Farquharson,  who  was  born  on  June  12,  1778.  He  d.  and  was 
bur.  in  the  Garden  at  Tophill,  in  the  parish  of  St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica, 
Sept.  30,  1794.  His  widow  m.  on  Oct.  24,  1796,  John  Salmon,  of  the  parish 
of  St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica,  and  they  were  the  parents  of  John  Salmon,  who 
was  born  on  Dec.  9,  1797,  and  was  the  last  President  of  the  Legislative 
Council  of  Jamaica,  before  the  change  in  the  constitution  of  that  island  in 
1866  ;   he  was  also  Custos  of  St.  Elizabeth  up  to  the  time  of  his  death. 

(32)  34  LEWIS  VASSALL,  born  on  Nov.  7,  1769,  and  bapt.  on  the  12th 
of  the  same  month.  There  is  no  further  record  of  him,  except  that  administra- 
tion on  his  estate  was  granted  to  his  brother,  George  Gale  Vassall,  on  May  1, 

(32)  35  GEORGE  GALE  VASSALL,  born  on  Sept.  1,  1771,  and  d.  and  was 
bur.  in  the  Garden  at  Tophill  on  July  18,  1797,  There  is  no  further  record 
of  him,  but  administration  was  granted  on  his  estate  to  Robert  Vassall  on 
Dec.  23,  1797  (?  to  64  Robert  Oliver  Vassall.) 

(32)  36  LEONARD  VASSALL,  born  on  April  19,  1773,  and  d.  and  was 
bur.  in  the  Garden  at  Tophill  on  May  21,  1793.  There  is  no  other  record 
of  him,  and  apparently  left  no  estate,  as  there  is  no  probate  or  Administration 
on  record.  It  is  certainly  inexplicable  that  these  four  brothers  should  have 
all  died  so  young. 

(14)  22  RUTH  VASSALL,  born  Aug.  17,  1712,  in  Jamaica,  m.  Benjamin 
Stedman,  of  Milton,  Mass.,  a  physician,  June  5,  1734  ;  he  d.  previous  to 
Nov.  26,  1 75 1  ;  she  d.  a  widow  at  Braintree,  Nov.  10,  1770,  and  was  bur. 
Nov.  14.  Elisha  Niles  was  appointed  administrator  of  his  estate  Nov.,  1751 ; 
the  inventories  returned  Mar.  16  and  Oct.  26,  1753,  appraised  his  property 
at  ^329  13s.  yd.,  division  in  thirds  made  Mar.  29,  1754.  Her  name  occurs, 
in  the  list  of  communicants  of  Christ  Church  (Episcopal),  Braintree,  in  1764, 
where  all  her  children  were  baptized.  Children  were  :  Leonard,  born  Mar.  25, 
1758,  was  assigned  the  real  estate  of  his  father  in  Milton  by  Judge  of  Probate  ; 
Jan.  14,  1760,  appointed  Wm.  Vassall  attorney  for  the  conveyance  of  the  same  ; 
he  died  abroad  prior  to  June  27,  1761,  styled  "  painter  and  stainer,  formerly 
of  Boston,  late  of  Jamaica  "  :  John,  born  July  21,  1736  ;  Oct.  2,  1753,  was 
"  out  of  the  Province  "  ;  was  alive  July  29,  1757,  and  d.  previous  to  May  19, 
1758;  Ruth,  born  Mar.  21,  1737  ;  m.  Jonathan  Mills  at  Braintree,  May  7, 
1754,  and  May  19,  1758,  was  the  wife  of  Benjamin  Cleverly,  jun.,  of  Boston  ; 
Benjamin,  born  Oct.  18,  1739  ;  June  26,  1761,  was  appointed  administrator 
of  his  brother  Leonard's  estate,  then  styled  "  mariner  "  of  Boston  ;    Sarah, 

16  John  Vassall  and  his  Descendants 

bapt.  Aug.  15,  1742  ;  d.  before  October  2,  1753  ;  Mary,  bapt.  Oct.  13,  1745  ; 
d.  before  Oct.  2,  1753. 

(14)  23  JOHN  VASSALL  (Colonel),  born  in  Jamaica,  Sept.  7,  1713,  H.C. 
1732,  was  twice  m  ;  first  to  Elizabeth,  daughter  of  Lieut. -Gov.  Spencer 
Phips,  at  Boston,  Oct.  10,  1734,  by  whom  he  had  three  children  ;  she  died 
Sept.  22,  1739,  aged  23,  and  was  bur.  at  Cambridge,  Sept.  25  ;  secondly  to 
Lucy,  only  dau.  of  Jonathan  Barran,  of  Chelmsford,  by  whom  he  had  one 
dau.  ;   he  died  at  Cambridge,  Nov.  27,  1747,  and  was  bur.  Dec.  2. 

The  following  appears  in  a  footnote  in  Harris'  V assails  of  New  England  : — 

Probably  in  the  tomb  which  he  erected  in  the  graveyard  there.  The  monument  over  it  is 
a  massive  free  stone  slab  resting  upon  five  columns  ;  it  bears  no  inscription,  only  the  heraldic 
emblems  of  the  family — the  Vase  and  Sun — and  forms  one  of  the  most  conspicuous  features  in  the 
cemetery.  It  passed  with  the  estate  into  the  hands  of  Andrew  Craigie,  Esq.,  and  is  now  owned 
by  the  heirs.  An  examination  was  made  June  24,  1862.  Twenty-five  interments  have  been  made 
in  the  vault,  and  in  almost  every  case  the  coffin  was  found  to  be  entire.  Those  which,  from  their 
position  at  the  farthest  end  of  the  vault,  were  supposed  to  contain  the  remains  of  Col.  Vassall  and 
his  first  wife,  were  in  fine  preservation.  Upon  these  two  were  placed  three  small  coffins,  one 
marked  "T.  A.  B.,  1767",  and  another  "  E.  V.";  the  third  was  in  ruins.  Besides  these  the 
tomb  is  known  to  contain  the  remains  of  John  Foster,  died  Nov.  1,  1836,  aged  52  ;  Andrew 
Foster,  M.D.,  died  May  17,  1831,  aged  50  ;  Thomas  Foster,  M.D.,died  February,  i83i,aged46  ; 
James  and  George  Foster,  died  1817  ;  Elizabeth  C.  Haven,  died  Feb.  10,  1826  ;  Mrs.  Lydia  By. 
Haven,  died  1836,  and  Andrew  Craigie. 

His  widow  survived  him,  m.  Benjamin  Ellery,  Nov.  22,  1749,  d.  Oct.  19,  1752. 
On  Nov.  ii,  1734,  he  with  his  wife  conveyed  to  Ephraim  Hutchinson  one- 
third  of  an  estate  near  Milk  Street,  Boston,  bounded  north  on  Winslow  and 
Phips,  south  on  Palmer,  east  on  Daniel  Oliver.  July  26,  1736,  he  purchased 
of  Mercy  Frizell,  widow  of  Boston,  for  ^1,000,  7  acres  in  Cambridge,  with  house, 
barn,  etc.,  bounded  north-east  on  Samuel  Bull  and  Watertown  Road  (Brattle 
Street)  north-west  on  Patten,  south-east  on  Bull  and  "  highway  to  brick 
wharf"  (Ash  Street).  In  this  deed  he  is  described  of  "Watertown". 
Rev.  L.  R.  Paige  says  that  he  erected  the  house  now  standing  upon  the 
estate  and  occupied  by  Samuel  Batchelder,  esq.  This  property  he  sold, 
Dec.  30,  1 74 1,  to  his  brother  Henry  for  ^9,050  old  tenour,  with  all  the  furniture, 
a  "  chariot  ",  "  four-wheel  chaise,"  and  four  horses,  together  with  30  acres 
now  in  Brighton,  bounded  north  on  Charles  River  and  east  on  "  King's 
highway,  leading  from  Cambridge  to  Boston  ",  which  he  purchased  Nov.  12, 
1736,  of  John  Hovey,  clerk  of  York.  Nov.  22,  1736,  he  bought  of  Joshua 
Gamage,  yeoman,  for  ^120,  three-fourths  of  an  acre,  in  Cambridge,  with  house 
and  barn,  bounded  south  "  on  the  common  ",  west  on  Rev.  Thomas  Foxcroft. 
July  13,  1737,  he  purchased  of  Rebecca  Patten,  widow,  for  ^100,  ij  acres 
adjoining  his  estate  on  the  Watertown  road,  a  part  of  which  he  gave  his 
brother  Henry,  Dec.  5,  1746.  Aug.  15,  1741,  he  purchased  of  Moses  Penniman, 
of  Braintree,  cordwainer,  for  ^1,000,  lands  in  Peterborough,  and  200  acres  in 
Townsend  and  Lunenburg,  which  last  he  sold  in  March,  1742,  to  John  Thomas, 
of  Braintree,  and  in  Nov.  1742  he  purchased  of  him  other  lands  in  Peterborough 
for  £55°-  Nov.  27,  1741,  he  bought  of  Ebenezer  Wyeth,  the  "  Samuel  Bull 
estate  "  in  Cambridge,  for  ^260,  consisting  of  half  an  acre,  with  house, 
adjacent  to  his  brother  Henry's  estate,  and  which  he  sold  to  him  March  31, 
1747,  for  ^700  old  tenour.  Jan.  17,  1748,  he  purchased  of  Amos  Marrett 
6J  acres  on  the  north  side  of  Watertown  Road  in  Cambridge,  and  Oct.  8, 
1746,  50  acres  on  the  opposite  side  of  the  road,  a  portion  of  it  being  in  Water- 
town.  On  this  estate  he  erected  a  house,  and  there  he  lived  until  his  death. 
His  will,  registered  at  Middlesex,  was  made  Nov.  26,  1747.  To  his  wife  he 
gave  ^200  per  annum  for  her  life  ;  to  each  of  his  daughters,  Ruth,  Elizabeth, 
and  Lucy,  2i,ooo;  to  his  sister,  Elizabeth  Miller,  ^20  per  annum.  The  residue 
of  his  estate  he  left  to  his  son  John,  providing  for  the  payment  of  the  above 
sums  out  of  the  rents  of  his  Jamaica  estates.  In  a  codicil  dated  Nov.  27  he 
left  his  brothers-in-law,  Ruggles  and  Prescott,  ^100  each.  Relinquishment  of 
her  third  of  his  estate  by  his  widow  was  signed  on  Nov.  13,  1749-  In  the 
inventory  his  north-eastern  property  was  appraised  at  ^8,050  5s.  old  tenour. 
It  included  6  acres  with  "  dwelling-house,  wood-house,  and  little  house 
thereon  ",  and  50  acres  opposite,  lying  in  Cambridge,  and  valued  at  ^3,300  ; 

John  Vassall  and  his  Descendants  17 

a  "  landaret  ",  so-called,  ^400  ;  six  horses,  ^411  ;  and  two  negro  men,  "  Sicros 
and  Sezer  "  ^500.  Mention  is  also  made  of  lands  in  Peterborough  and  in 
Hampshire  county,  of  value  unknown  to  the  appraisers.  Col.  Vassall  was 
representative  from  Cambridge  to  the  legislature  in  1740  and  1747,  and 
details  of  two  petty  lawsuits  in  which  he  was  involved  at'  the  time  are  on 
record.  Children  were  :  37  Ruth,  38  John,  39  Elizabeth,  and  by  his  second 
wife  40  Lucy.     Will  dated  Nov.  6,  1747  ;    probate  granted  Jan.  20,  1748. 

(14)  24  WILLIAM  VASSALL,  born  in  Jamaica  Nov.  23,  1715,  H.C.  1733, 
was  twice  m.,  first  to  Ann  Davis,  by  whom  he  had  eleven  children  ;  she  d. 
Jan.  26,  and  was  bur.  on  the  28th,  1760,  aged  40  years.  Secondly  to  Margaret 
Hubbard  ;  she  died  at  Battersea  Rise,  Surrey,  England,  Feb.  6,  1794,  and 
bur.  at  Battersea.  He  also  d.  at  Battersea  Rise,  May  8,  1800,  aged  85  ; 
he  was  temporarily  a  resident  in  Jamaica  in  1747-8,  and  afterwards  resided 
at  Cambridge,  Mass.,  for  a  short  time,  occupying  the  house  afterwards  owned 
by  the  widow  of  Dr.  Benjamin  Waterhouse  ;  he  was  afterwards  the  possessor 
of  a  magnificent  estate  near  Bristol,  R.I.  Although  styled  of  "  Boston  "  he 
was  not,  we  believe,  owner  of  any  real  estate  there  until  1758,  when  by  a 
deed,  dated  Sept.  11,  he  purchased  for  ^1,250  the  Cooper  estate  on  Pemberton 
Hill ;  it  comprised  within  its  limits  the  tract  known  as  "  Valley  Achor  ", 
and  had  a  frontage  on  Tremont  Street  of  163  feet.  At  the  date  of  the  purchase 
he  was  occupying  the  dwelling-house  upon  the  estate.  March  16,  1774, 
he  purchased  of  Joseph  Ruggles  for  ^300,  a  house  and  land  in  Boston,  on 
Queen  Street,  near  the  site  of  "  Scollay's  Buildings  ".  The  Cooper  estate, 
where  he  lived  until  the  Revolution,  he  conveyed  through  Dr.  James  Lloyd 
to  Leonard  Vassall  Borland,1  for  the  sum  of  ^4,000,  the  deed  signed  March  23, 
1787,  who  sold  it  April  17,  1790,  to  Patrick  Jeffery,  then  the  occupant  of 
the  premises.  The  Queen  Street  property  was  conveyed  through  Lloyd  to 
Jeffery  Oct.  16,   1791,  for  ^160. 

William  Vassall  was  one   of  the  most  prominent  of  his  name  in  New 
England.     He  was  High  Sheriff  for  Middlesex,  says  the  historian  of  Quincy 
(Whitney,  p.  61),  and  was  appointed  mandamus  counsellor  in  1774.     He  was 
for  many  years  connected  with  King's  Chapel,  Boston,  and  in  1785  protested 
by  proxy  against  the  liturgy  and  the  unauthorized  ordination  of   James 
Freeman.     The  elder  Adams  speaks  of  him  in  his  writings  in  the  warmest 
praise,  and  mentions  as  his  only  fault  his  excessive  garrulity.     This  failing 
seems  to  have  led  him  into  trouble  on  one  occasion.     The  details  of  the  case 
of  Fletcher  v.   Vassall  for  slander  and  defamation  of  character  were  printed 
at  the  time  and  circulated  to  some  extent.     A  prominent  man  among  the 
loyalists  in  Boston,  he  was  early  singled  out  as  an  enemy  to  the  popular 
cause,  and  was  obliged  to  flee  with  his  family  to  England.     He  was  banished 
by  the  Legislature  in    1778,  and   never  returned.     His   Bristol   estate  was 
confiscated  by  the  Government,  and  the  confiscation,  says  Lorenzo  Sabine 
in  the  Loyalist,  gave  rise  to  a  singular  suit ;    as  the  Federal  Constitution  was 
adopted  a  State  could  be  sued,  and  at  his  instance,  Massachusetts,  in  the 
person  of  Hancock,  her  Chief  Magistrate,  was  summoned  to  the  Bar  of  the 
Supreme  Court  of  the  United  States.     In  March,  1787,  he  described  himself 
of  "Battersea  Rise  ",  and  in  Oct.  1791  "of  Clapham  Corner".     Notwith- 
standing his  early  predilection  to  gaming  as  implied  in  his  father's  will, 
he  wrought  out  for  himself  an  honourable  and  unblemished  reputation,  and 
church   and   society  lost  in   him    an    eager,    zealous   advocate,    an   upright 
Christian,   and  a  generous  loving  friend.     Children  were  :    41  Sarah,  born 
June  17,  1739;    a  son  still-born,  Feb.  3,  1741  ;    42  William,  born  June  12, 
1743,  d.  June    15,   1743;    William,  born   March  3,   1744    d.  Nov.  6,   1744; 
William,  born  March  2,  1747,  d.  March  15,  1747  ;    Fanny,  born  Aug.  2,  1748, 
d.  Feb.  24,  1 75 1  ;   43  Liter etia  Frances  and  43#  Fanny  (twins),  born  Sept.  24, 
1 75 1,  bapt.  Sept.  28,  1 75 1  ;   44  William,  born  Jan.  31,  1753  ;   45  Henry,  born 
March  23,  1755  ;    47  Catherine,  born  Aug.  4,  1757,  bapt.  Aug.  12,  1757,  and 
d.  unmarried  in  England  ;  and  by  his  second  wife  48  Margaret,  b.  March  31, 
1761,  d.  unmarried  in  England  Dec.  17,  1819,  bur.  at  Battersea;  Anne,  twin 

1  Son  of  Anna  Borland  nee  Vassall  (30). 

1 8  John  V assail  and  his  Descendants 

with  Charlotte,  born  April  14,  1762,  d.  unmarried  in  England  Dec.  20,  1849  ; 
50  Charlotte,  twin  with  Anne,  born  April  14,  1762,  mentioned  in  her  father's 
will,  d.  unmarried  in  England  ;  51  Leonard,  born  March  28,  1764  ;  52  Nathaniel 
born  June  18,  1768,  bapt.  June  20,  1768.  William  Vassall's  uncle  William  gave 
him  a  remainder  in  fee  in  his  estates.  Will  dated  May  2,  1794,  with  codicil 
dated  Feb.  22,  1799,  and  proved  Nov.  3,  1800. 

(14)  25  ELIZABETH  VASSALL,  born  in  Jamaica  July  16,  1717,  m.  John 
Miller,  of  Milton,  Mass.,  Aug.  21,  1738  ;  he  was,  perhaps,  bur.  at  Milton, 
Aug.  17,  1765,  aged  47  ;  she  d.  a  widow  Feb.  11,  1772.  They,  in  common 
with  most  of  her  family,  were  Episcopalians,  and  were  connected  with  Christ 
Church,  Quincy,  by  the  rector  of  which,  the  Rev.  Dr.  Miller,  all  their  children 
were  bapt.  Children  were  :  Lewis,  b.  July  31,  1739  ;  Rebecca,  born  April  12, 
1741,  m.  Giles  Church  of  Bridgewater,  Nov.  3,  1766;  John,  bapt.  May  23 
1742  ;  Leonard,  born  Dec.  10,  1743,  and  m.  Celia  Wadsworth,  of  Killingly, 
Conn.  (?)  ;  Henry,  born  Jan.  25,  1745  ;  Susanna,  bapt.  June  5,  1748  ;  Elizabeth 
and  Mary,  twins,  born  June  5  and  6,  1750  ;  Penelope,  bapt.  between  July  12 
and  Aug.  28,  1752. 

(14)  27  HENRY  VASSALL  (Colonel),  born  in  Jamaica  Dec.  25,  1721, 
m.  Jan.  28,  1742,  Penelope,  dau.  of  Isaac  Royall,  of  Antigua,  who  was  born  in 
1672,  and  d.  in  Charlestown,  Mass.,  June  7,  1739  ;  having  m.  Elizabeth 
Eliot,  dau.  of  Asaph  Eliot,  of  Boston,  the  widow  of  John  Brown,  of  Antigua, 
by  whom  she  had  a  dau.  Ann,  who  m.  Robert  Oliver,  of  that  Island,  and 
later  of  Dorchester,  Mass.,  and  was  the  mother  of  Thomas  and  Elizabeth 
Oliver.  Elizabeth  became  the  wife  of  38  John  Vassall  and  Thomas  Oliver 
became  the  husband  of  John's  sister  39  Elizabeth.  John  and  Elizabeth  Vassall 
were  the  nephew  and  niece  of  Henry  Vassall,  who  d.  in  Cambridge,  March  17, 
1769,  and  was  bur.  in  his  vault  beneath  Christ  Church  in  that  city;  she 
d.  in  Boston,  Nov.  19,  1800,  aged  76.     Harris  in  a  footnote  mentions  : — 

The  tomb  of  Henry  Vassall  is  the  only  one  beneath  the  church.  It  is  a  small  brick- 
arched  structure  sunk  below  the  level  of  the  celler  floor,  the  entrance  to  which  is  by  a  flight  of 
stone  steps  at  the  west  end.  Their  position  is  marked  by  a  flat  stone  erected,  bearing  the  name 
of  "  Henry  Vassell  ".  The  last  interment  took  place  Oct.  15,  1861,  the  one  hundredth  anniversary 
of  the  dedication  of  the  church,  and  was  of  the  body  of  Darby,  an  old  coloured  servant  whose 
father,  Anthony,  had  been  Col.  John  Vassall's  coachman.  "  Tony,"  as  he  was  familiarly  called, 
lived  to  a  great  age.  He  was  brought  from  Jamaica  when  a  boy  by  some  member  of  the  family, 
and  remained  in  their  service  until  the  Revolution.  Darby,  one  of  several  children,  married 
Lucy  Holland  April  4,  1802,  and  died  Oct.  12,  1861,  at  the  age  of  92  years.  At  the  time  of  his 
burial  the  vault  contained  nine  coffins.  The  upper  one  of  the  row  of  three  on  the  north  side 
contained  as  indicated  by  the  plate,  the  remains  of  Catharine  Graves  Russell,  died  Sep.  5,  1847. 
The  one  below  is  somewhat  decayed,  contained  the  remains  of  a  woman,  supposed  to  be  the  wife 
of  Col.  Vassall,  died  in  1800.  The  lower  coffin  held  the  remains  of  a  man,  doubtless  Col.  Vassall, 
its  appearance  and  position  seeming  to  indicate  its  priority  in  the  vault.  On  the  south  side  were 
the  remains  of  four  young  children  and  two  adults.  Of  the  four,  all  were  considerably  broken 
and  decayed.  Scarcely  any  remains  were  perceivable  — merely  a  few  detached  bones.  The 
largest  might  have  been  that  of  a  child  two  years  old,  and  in  the  best  preservation.  The  one 
that  seemed  to  be  the  oldest  was  marked  with  nail  heads  "  E.  R.  BORN  &  DIED  JAN.  27, 
1770"  (and  we  notice  here  that  two  small  coffins  found  in  the  tomb  of  John  Vassall  were  marked 
in  the  same  manner,  "T.  A.  B.  1767,"  and  "E  V.  "an  infant  daughter  of  John  Vassall,  who  died 
1768,  all  within  a  short  interval,  and  the  only  ones  of  advanced  age  retaining  any  semblance  to 
inscriptions.)  In  this  coffin  were  noticed  a  number  of  cherry  stones,  the  kernels  eaten  out  by 
some  mouse  which  had  carried  them  thither,  secure  of  a  safe  retreat.  The  upper  of  the  two  large 
coffins  on  which  the  small  ones  rested  contained  the  bones  of  a  man  over  forty-five  years  of  age. 
The  lower  limbs  were  covered  with  hay,  seeming  to  indicate  transportation.  No  clue  was 
obtained  to  the  person  of  the  occupant.  The  remains  in  the  lower  coffin  were  supposed  to  be 
those  of  Mrs  Russell,  the  wife  of  Dr.  Charles  Russell,  died  in  1802. 

Dec.  30,  1 74 1,  he  purchased  of  his  brother  John  the  estate  of  7  acres, 
with  house,  etc.,  on  the  Watertown  Road  in  Cambridge,  together  with 
30  acres  of  pasture  land  on  the  south  bank  of  Charles  River,  for  his  bond 
to  the  amount  of  ^9,050.  In  this  deed  he  is  described  "  Planter  .  .  .  late 
of  Jamaica,  but  now  of  Boston  ".  March  31,  1747,  he  bought  of  his  brother 
for  ^700  old  tenour,  the  Samuel  Bull  estate,  adjoining  his  own  and  forming 
together  with  that  and  one  acre  upon  the  westerly  side  given  him  by  his 
brother,  the  noble  grounds  afterwards  owned  by  Samuel  Batchelder,  esq., 
on  the  corner  of  Brattle  and  Ash  Streets.  Dec.  11,  1748,  he  mortgaged  to 
James  Pitts,  merchant,  of  Boston,  for  ^779  12s.  6d.,  all  the  above  estates. 
Dec.   17,   1748,  he  signed  an  indenture  with  Isaac  Royal,  of  Charlestown, 

John  Vassall  and  his  Descendants  19 

relating  to  the  joint  possession  of  certain  negroes,  cattle,  etc.,  which  they 
had  placed  upon  plantations  in  Popeshead,  Antigua.  How  long  he  retained 
this  last-named  property  we  have  no  means  of  knowing,  though  it  would  seem 
probable  that  it  remained  in  the  family  after  his  death.  Oct.  21,  1765,  he 
sold  to  Ebenezer  Bradish,  glazier,  for  £506,  the  Brighton  property  of  30  acres, 
later  owned  by  Mr.  Emery  Willard.  Sept.  30,  1767,  he  mortgaged  his  Cam- 
bridge estate  to  Michael  Trollet  for  £225  ;  the  deed  was  purchased  by  his 
widow,  Nov.  10,  1770,  for  £266  13s.  \d.  Feb.  20,  1769,  he  gave  a  second 
mortgage  on  his  estate  to  Dr.  Russell,  his  son-in-law,  for  £964  js.  /{d.,  the  bond 
bearing  date  Dec.  io,  1764.  The  estate,  we  believe,  eventually  passed  into 
the  hands  of  Mrs.  Russell.  He  d.  intestate,  and  his  widow  and  Dr.  Russell 
were  appointed  administrators.  She  was  possessed  in  her  own  right  of 
considerable  property  by  the  will  of  her  mother,  dated  April  4,  1747.  After 
her  husband's  death  she  went  with  her  daughter  to  Antigua,  but  returned 
after  the  decease  of  Dr.  Russell.  By  a  deed  of  gift,  signed  July  15,  1782,  she 
received  from  her  cousin,  Joseph  Royall,  of  London,  a  refugee,  his  real 
estate  of.  30  acres  in  Dorchester  and  Milton.  Portions  of  this  she  sold  at 
various  times  to  Ezra  and  Stephen  Badlam  and  Desire  Tolman.  Administral 
tion  on  her  estate  was  granted  Oct.  26,  1807,  to  her  grandchildren. 

Col.  Vassall  was  one  of  the  earliest  benefactors  of  Christ  Church,  and  his 
name  headed  the  petition  to  the  London  Society  for  Propagating  the  Gospel 
in  Foreign  Parts,  for  aid  in  its  erection.  He  was  chosen  on  the  building  com- 
mittee in  Boston  Sept.  29,  1759,  and  was  until  his  death  a  faithful  adherant 
to  its  communion.  A  deed  upon  record  in  Middlesex,  dated  Nov.  20,  1761, 
deserves  notice  in  this  connexion.  It  is  a  conveyance  of  his  pew  in  the 
"  meeting  house  "  at  Cambridge,  to  the  President  and  Overseers  of  the 
College  for  the  sum  of  £20,  seeming  to  indicate  that  prior  to  the  erection  of 
the  church  he  attended  the  only  place  of  worship  in  the  neighbourhood,  though 
he  ever  preserved  his  alliance  to  the  mother  church.  Children  were  :  53 
Elizabeth  and  Penelope  who  died  at  the  age  of  two  years.  A  very  highly 
interesting  account  of  Colonel  Henry  Vassall  (1721-69),  his  wife  Penelope 
Royall,  his  house  at  Cambridge,  and  his  slaves  Tony  and  Darby,  has  been 
written  by  Mr.  Samuel  Batchelder,  of  Boston,  and  published  at  Cambridge 
in  191 7  for  private  distribution,  and  contains  engravings  of  Henry  Vassall  and 
his  wife  and  their  dau.  Penelope,  from  portraits  which  passed  to  Elizabeth 
Vassall,  who  m.  Dr.  Charles  Russell,  then  to  their  child  Rebecca,  who  in 
1783,  m.  David  Pearce,  and  from  their  dau.  Elizabeth  Vassall  Pearce,  who 
m.  Mr.  Prentiss,  they  were  transmitted  to  his  granddaughter,  Elizabeth  Vassall 
Prentice,  who  m.  Oliver  H.  McCowen.  In  1914  Mrs.  McCowen  being  about 
to  remove  from  Baltimore  to  Burmah,  offered  them  to  the  Cambridge 
Historical  Society,  and  they  were  purchased  by  the  President,  Richard  H. 
Dana,  and  are  now  hung  in  the  Treasure  room  of  the  Harvard  Library. 

(14)  28  MARY  VASSALL,  born  June  25,  1723,  bapt.  in  Boston  July  24, 
1723,  m.  Jonathan  Prescott,  of  Boston,  March  10,  1747.  It  is  probable  that 
they  were  not  residents  of  Boston,  though  attendants  at  King's  chapel  in  that 
city.  Children  were  :  Jonathan,  bapt.  March  20,  1748  ;  William,  bapt. 
June  17,  1750,  bur.  Nov.  4,  1751,  aged  17  months  ;  William,  bapt.  Nov.  24, 
1 75 1 ,  bur.  Feb.  3,  1752,  aged  2  months.    Harris  added  the  following  footnote: — 

The  foregoing  (referring  to  above)  is  all  the  information  we  have  been  able  to  gather  con- 
cerning this  branch.  There  is  a  possibility  that  by  early  removing  from  Boston  they  escaped, 
if  they  indeed  were  living  at  the  time,  the  fate  of  so  many  of  their  family  at  the  period  of  the 
Revolution,  and  their  descendants  may  even  now  be  in  our  midst. 

(14)  29  SUSANNA  VASSALL,  born  Nov.  20,  1725,  m.  Captain  George 
Ruggles  of  Jamaica,  the  banns  having  been  published  in  Boston  Dec.  24, 
1742.  Soon  after  his  marriage  he  purchased  an  estate  in  Cambridge,  which  he 
occupied  until  June  17,  1772,  when  Gilbert  Harrison  and  John  Bernard,  of 
London  conveyed  the  property  to  John  Vassall.  Thomas  Oliver,  and  John 
Foxcroft,  of  Cambridge,  for  £1,350,  it  having  been  attached  in  Boston  Aug., 
1 77 1.  At  that  time  it  consisted  of  45  acres,  with  house  thereon,  bounded 
west  on  Thatcher,  north  on  road  to  Fresh  Pond,  east  on  Joseph  Lee,  south 

20  John  Vassall  and  his  Descendants 

on  road  to  Watertown,  and  south-west  on  a  private  road  to  Thatcher's  estate  ; 
7  acres  of  meadow  bounded  west  on  "  a  way  to  Fresh  Pond  ",  north-west  on 
"  Fresh  Pond  brook  ",  north  and  north-west  on  Abraham  Watson,  and  south 
on  William  Brattle  ;  3  acres  of  Saltmarsh,  bounded  south-east  on  Charles 
River,  south-west  on  Thomas  Oliver,  north-west  on  Thatcher  and  the  highway, 
and  north-east  on  Seth  Hastings  ;  and  1 J  acres  of  orchard  bounded  north- 
east on  a  private  way,  east  on  Watertown  Road,  and  south  and  west  on  Oliver. 
It  was  reconveyed  to  him  by  the  purchasers,  Sept.  10,  1774,  for  ^100,  and 
Oct.  31  he  sold  it  to  Thomas  Fayerweather  for  ^2,000.  The  mansion  and 
adjoining  grounds  were  purchased  afterwards  by  the  late  William  Wells, 
and  is  still  owned  and  occupied  by  his  family.  At  the  time  of  the  Revolution, 
Ruggles  disappeared,  and  is  supposed  to  have  followed  the  army  to  Halifax. 
Children  were  :  George,  bur.  Oct.  27,  1747,  aged  17  months  ;  Susanna,  bapt. 
an  infant,  July  26,  1747,  m.  Ezekiel  Lewis,  merchant  of  Boston,  and  resident 
with  his  father-in-law  at  Cambridge  ;   he  died  in  or  before  1779. 

(14)  30  ANNA  VASSALL,  born  April  29,  1735,  was  twice  m.  ;  first  to  John, 
son  of  Francis  and  Jane  Borland,  of  Boston,  Feb.  20,  1749-50,  by  whom  she 
had  twelve  children  ;  he  died  June  5,  1775,  aged  46,  and  was  bur.  June  7, 
in  the  family  tomb  in  the  Granary  grounds,  Boston,  and  secondly  to  William 
Knight,  of  Portsmouth,  N.H.,  April  27,  1784.  She  died  a  widow  at  Boston, 
June  20,  1823,  and  was  bur.  June  21  in  the  Borland  tomb  in  the  Granary 
grounds.  The  property  inherited  from  her  father  was  invested  in  real  estate 
in  Boston.  Her  husband,  John  Borland,  owned  and  occupied  the  beautiful 
mansion-house  erected  in  Cambridge  by  the  Rev.  East  Apthorp,  D.D.,  the 
first  rector  of  Christ  Church,  and  which  passed  into  the  hands  of  his  son-in- 
law,  Jonathan  Simpson.  It  was  afterwards  occupied  by  Dr.  S.  Plympton  and 
Mrs.  E.  B.  Manning,  and  with  the  exception  of  a  third  storey  subsequently 
added,  retains  much  of  its  original  appearance.  His  death  was  caused  by 
injuries  received  by  a  mis-step  in  descending  stairs,  after  his  removal  to  Boston. 
Children  were  :  Phoebe,  born  Oct.  27,  1751,  m.  George  Spooner,  of  Boston, 
and  had  issue  :  John  Lindall,  born  Aug.  18,  1753,  H.C.  1772,  espoused  the 
royal  cause  in  the  Revolution,  entered  the  army  and  died  in  England,  Nov.  16, 
1825,  bearing  the  rank  of  Lieut. -Col.  ;  Francis,  born  April  11,  1756,  H.C. 
1774,  m.  Hannah,  dau.  of  Col.  Jerathmel  Bowers,  of  Swansey,  in  1783, 
practised  as  physician  at  Portsmouth,  N.H.,  a  few  years,  removed  to  Somerset, 
Mass.,  and  d.  1826,  leaving  male  issue  ;  Jane,  born  Oct.  26,  1757,  m.  Jonathan 
Simpson,  and  had  issue  ;  Leonard  Vassall,  born  July  1,  1759,  m.  Sarah, 
dau.  of  Dr.  James  Lloyd  Feb.  8,  1785,  d.  on  board  ship  John  Jay,  from 
Batavia,  June  1801,  and  had  issue — his  widow  d.  at  Boston,  March  27,  1736, 
aged  73  ;  James,  born  May  26,  1761,  entered  H.C.  but  did  not  graduate, 
and  d.  unmarried  soon  after  1783  ;  William,  bapt.  March  23,  1764,  d.  young  ; 
Samuel,  born  Dec.  22,  1765,  H.C,  1786,  m.  at  Demarara,  d.  at  Hudson,  N.Y., 
and  had  issue  :  Anna,  d.  young  ;  Elizabeth  Poole,  d.  young;  Thomas  Alley me, 
born  March  1,  1767,  d.  Sept.  29,  1767,  and  was  buried  in  the  Vassall  tomb 
at  Cambridge  ;  Sarah,  d.  young.  Anna  (Vassall)  Borland's  son  Leonard 
Vassall  Borland,  b.  July  1,  1735,  m.  Feb.  8,  1785,  Sarah  Lloyd,  had  a  dau., 
Augusta  Elizabeth,  on  Nov.  12,  1795,  m.  July  14,  1819,  William  Parkinson 
Green,  and  d.  at  Norwich,  Conn.,  June  21,  1861,  leaving  a  dau.,  Anna  Lloyd 
Greene,  born  Jan.  5,  1829,  m.  May  8,  1851,  John  Jeffries,  and  had  a  son, 
William  Augustus  Jeffries,  who  was  born  Feb.  13,  1856,  and  numerous  other 
descendants  alive  in  1920. 

(6)  15  FLORENTIUS  VASSALL,  m.  Anne  Herring,  and  by  her  had  issue 
54  Florentius,  55  Bath  sua,  and  §ft  Anna  Maria.  Anne  Herring  was  the  dau. 
of  Julines  and  Anne  Herring,  Julines  Herring  was  Member  of  Assembly  for 
the  parish  of  St.  Elizabeth,  Jam.,  in  1686,  and  was  the  partner  of  Col.  Rich- 
Scott,  in  Wye  Esse  (Y.S.)  sugar  estate  or  Scott's  Plantation  in  St.  Elizabeth, 
he  was  Member  of  Assembly  for  St.  Elizabeth  in  1677-79-88,  and  on  Herring's 
death  Scott  married  his  widow.  Julines  Herring  devised  a  moiety  of  his 
moiety  of  Y.S.  to  his  widow,  Anne  Herring,  for  life,  and  the  other  moiety  to 
his  son,  Nathaniel,  who  was  Member  of  the  Assembly  for  St.  Elizabeth  in 

John  V assail  and  his  Descendants  21 

171 1,  in  tail  with  remainder  over  in  tail  to  his  three  daughters,  Bathsua,  the 
wife  of  Peter  Beckford,  jun.,  the  Speaker  of  Assembly,  Anne,  the  wife  of 
Florientius  Vassall,  and  after  his  death  the  wife  of  Richard  Mill,  and  Julines, 
the  wife  of  Francis  Moore.  Florentius  Vassall  by  his  will,  which  was  dated 
Nov.  18,  1710,  and  proved  in  Jamaica  Feb.  12,  1711,  made  bequests  to  his 
brothers,  William,  Samuel,  and  Leonard  ;  he  also  gave  to  his  brother-in-law, 
Nathaniel  Herring,  and  his  cousin,  William  Williams,  a  gold  ring  each,  and  to 
his  god-son,  John  Williams,  son  of  Rowland  Williams  ;  he  appointed  his 
brother-in-law,  Peter  Beckford,  Speaker  of  the  House  of  Assembly  in  Jamaica, 
1707-13  and  again  in  1716,  son  of  the  Rt.  Hon.  Col.  Peter  Beckford,  and 
his  wife,  the  executor  and  executrix  of  his  will  and  the  guardians  of  his 
children,  and  specifically  directed  that  his  daughter,  Anna  Maria  (56)  was  to 
be  maintained  "  and  generously  educated  at  the  joint  and  equal  charge  of 
my  son  Florentius  and  my  wife  until  she  arrives  at  the  age  of  eighteen  years,  or 
day  of  marriage  ' ' .  Peter  and  Bathsua  Beckford  were  the  parents  of  Elizabeth, 
Countess  of  Effingham  and  William  Beckford,  of  Fonthill,  and  Lord  Mayor  and 
M.P.  of  the  city  of  London  in  1770,  Florentius  Vassall  died  in  1710-11,  and  on 
his  death  his  widow  m.  the  Hon.  Richard  Mill,  then  Chief  Justice  of  Jamaica 
and  Receiver-General. 

(15)  54  FLORENTIUS  VASSALL  was  born  in  Jamaica  in  1709,  and  m. 
Sept.  16,  1729,  Mary,  dau.  of  Col.  John  Foster  (who  was  Member  of  Assembly 
for  St.  Elizabeth  1722-31,  and  died  in  1731),  who  was  born  in  171 3.  He  was 
a  resident  of  Jamaica  for  some  time,  as  he  was  deputed  by  Richard  Mill,  his 
stepfather,  on  May  25,  1730,  to  act  as  Receiver-General  of  Jamaica.  On  the 
death  of  his  first  wife  in  London  he  m.  Elizabeth,  who  died  Nov.  21,  i77(?  5), 
and  was  bur.  at  St.  Marylebone,  London.1  He  died  in  1776,  and  was  also 
bur.  at  St.  Marylebone,  London.  Though  never  a  resident  in  New  England, 
he  was  the  owner  of  a  large  tract  of  land  on  the  banks  of  Kennebeg  Me.  His 
will,  recorded  in  Canterbury  Court,  in  England,  is  dated  Sept.  20,  1777  ; 
he  styles  himself  therein  as  ''late  of  Jamaica,  now  of  Wimpole  Street,  parish 
of  St.  Marylebone,  co.  Middlesex,  Great  Britain  ".  His  remains  he  ordered 
to  be  placed  in  the  vault  he  had  lately  caused  to  be  made  in  the  churchyard 
in  that  parish,  wherein  his  late  wife  had  been  bur.  His  several  plantations 
in  the  parish  of  Westmoreland,  Jamaica,  known  as  Friendship,  Greenwich, 
and  Sweet  River,  and  also  his  New  England  lands  he  left  in  trust  to  the  use  of 
his  son,  Richard,  devising  them  in  tail  to  his  issue  ;  life  annuities  were  to  be 
paid  his  dau.  Elizabeth,  the  widow  of  the  Hon.  Maj.-Gen.  John  Barrington, 
to  Hester  Deere,  his  wife's  sister,  to  his  dau.,  Anna  Maria  Russell,  and 
her  husband,  William  Henry  Russell,  and  Phoenix  Felton,  a  youth,  then 
on  the  foundation  of  Westminster  School.  His  lands  in  St.  Elizabeth,  Jam., 
he  gave  to  his  brother-in-law,  John  Foster  Barham,  and  the  sons  of  his  late 
brothers-in-law,  William  and  Samuel  Foster.  In  default  of  issue  a  portion  of 
his  property  was  entailed  upon  his  nephew,  Rose  Herring  May,  and  issue,  and, 
in  default  thereof  to  the  use  of  the  minister  and  wardens  of  the  parish  of 
Westmoreland,  Jam.,  for  the  establishment  of  a  charity  school  upon  his 
estates  there.  And  finally  he  ordered  that  every  person  who  should  come  into 
possession  of  his  estates  should  take  the  surname  Vassall.  Will  dated  Sept.  20, 
1777,  and  administration  granted  Sept.  17,  1778.  (379  Hay)  The  bulk  of  his 
property  eventually  passed  into  the  hands  of  his  granddaughter,  Elizabeth 
Vassall  (Holland),  except  the  Maine  lands,  which  after  a  protracted  lawsuit 
finally  decided  in  1851,  were  lost  to  the  heirs  and  reverted  to  the  settlers. 
Children  were  :  Florentius  and  57  Richard  (twins)  born  in  Jamaica  April  18, 
1732  ;  Florentius  d.  and  was  bur.  the  29  May  following  ;  58  Elizabeth,  and 
59  Anna  Maria.  He  erected  the  monument  to  the  memory  of  his  great 
grand-uncle,  Samuel  Vassall,  in  King's  Chapel  Boston.2 

1  A  search  in  the  Church  Records  will  disclose  the  surname  of  his  second  wife  ?  Deere. 

2  At  the  end  of  the  second  panel  it  is  stated : 

"This  Monument  was  erected  hy  his  great  grand  son 

Florentius  Vassall,  Esq., 
of  the  Island  of  Jamaica,  now  residing  in  ENGLAND 
May,  1766," 

22  John  Vassall  and  his  Descendants 

(15)  55  BATHSUA  VASSALL  m.  the  Rev.  William  May  (second  wife), 
and  d.  and  was  bur.  on  July  22,  1748,  in  the  Spanish  Town  church.  She  had 
six  sons  and  two  daughters  by  her  husband,  of  whom  only  one  son,  Rose 
Herring  May,  survived  ;  he  was  born  Feb.  16,  1736-7,  and  was  a  member  of 
Council  and  Custos  of  the  parishes  of  Clarendon  and  Vere;  he  d.  Aug.  1,  1791, 
and  was  bur.  in  Spanish  Town.  William  May's  first  wife  was  Smart,  the 
widow  of  Thomas  Peters,  who  was  member  of  Council  for  Clarendon  and  dau. 
of  Edward  Pennant,  Custos  of  Clarendon  and  Vere,  who  d.  on  June  11,  1736. 
Smart  May  was  killed  by  the  falling  of  a  house  in  the  twenty-third  year  of 
her  age,  in  the  great  storm  of  Aug.  28,  1722. 

(15)  58  ANNA  MARIA  VASSALL.  No  record  can  be  found  of  this 
daughter  of  Florentius  Vassall  other  than  the  reference  to  her  in  her  father's 
will,  and  by  it  she  was  bequeathed  ^500. 

(54)  57  RICHARD  VASSALL,  born  April  13,  1732,  d.  in  Golden  Square, 
London,  Feb.  28,  1795,  his  widow  survived  him  and  m.  Sir  Gilbert  Affleck, 
Bart.,  of  Dulham  Hall,  Suffolk,  at  St.  George's,  Hanover  Square,  London, 
July  18,  1796,  and  d.  in  1835.  Richard  Vassall  administered  on  his  father's 
estate  Sept.  14,  1778.  His  will  with  a  codicil  was  dated  June  8  and  30,  1793, 
and  proved  March  19,  1795.  He  had  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  Thomas  Clark,  of 
New  York  ;  marriage  licence  dated  New  York,  March  29,  1770  ;  she  was  the 
executrix  of  her  husband  and  d.  Feb.  1835,  at  South  Street,  Park  Lane, 
London,  aged  86  years.  She  had  issue  by  Richard  Vassall,  one  dau.  60 

(54)  58  ELIZABETH  VASSALL,  m.  Maj.-Gen.  the  Hon.  John  Shute 
Barrington,  third  son  of  John,  Viscount  Barrington,  and  had  issue  :  William, 
Richard,  and  George  ;  the  latter  was  born  July  16,  1761,  and  was  the  Rt.  Hon. 
and  Rev.  George  Barrington  fifth  Viscount  Barrington  of  Newcastle,  co. 
Dublin,  M.A.,  Prebendary  of  Ardeglass,  co.  Down,  and  Baron  Barrington  of 
Newcastle,  co.  Dublin,  Prebendary  of  Durham,  and  Rector  of  Sedgefield  in 
that  bishopric.  He  m.  Caroline,  second  dau.  of  the  second  Earl  of  Albemarle, 
and  by  her  had  issue.     He  died  at  Rome  March  5,  1829,  aged  68. 

(54)  59  ANNA  MARIA  VASSALL,  bapt.  at  St.  George  the  Martyr, 
London,  Oct.  18,  1755  ;  m.  William  Henry  Russell.  The  only  mention  of  her 
or  her  husband  is  found  in  her  father's  will. 

(23)  37  RUTH  VASSALL,  born  at  Cambridge,  Mass.,  July  14,  1737, 
m.  Edward  Davis  May  20,  1756,  d.  at  Boston  Jan.  28,  1774,  and  was  bur. 
in  William  Vassall's  tomb  under  King's  Chapel,  but  her  remains  were  after- 
wards removed  to  the  Davis  tomb  in  the  chapel  grounds  ;  he  d.  April  16, 
181 1,  and  was  bur.  April  20.    Harris  gives  the  following  in  a  footnote  : — 

Edward  Davis  was  the  third  son  of  Dr.  William  Davis  (who  was  the  only  son  of  Major 
Benjamin  Davis)  by  his  wife  Hannah,  the  eldest  daughter  of  Col.  Edward  Winslow,  all  of 
Boston.  He  was  born  Aug.  21,  1730,  married,  secondly,  Mahitabel  Prentiss,  by  whom  he  had  six 
children  ;  the  eldest,  Spencer,  was  born  Dec.  18,  1775,  the  youngest  daughter,  Caroline  Augusta, 
married  Mr.  Titus  Wells,  of  Boston,  who  afterwards  married  Henrietta,  daughter  of  Jonathan 
Simpson  and  grand  daughter  of  30  Anna  Vassall. 

After  her  father's  death  she  was  boarded  with  one  Mrs.  Sarah  Gerrish,  of 
Cambridge,  until  1752,  an  item  in  the  account  of  her  guardian,  Hon.  Spencer 
Phips,  is  the  amount  of  £g  paid  Dec.  8,  1751,  to  Sarah  Gerrish,  jun.,  "  for 
instructing  the  said  Ruth  to  play  the  spinnet."  By  a  deed  of  gift  signed 
Oct.  29,  1765,  her  brother  John  conveyed  to  her  through  Thomas  Oliver 
as  her  trustee  a  brick  house  on  King  Street  (State  Street),  purchased  of 
Joshua  Winslow  and  others,  Nov.  27,  1759.  It  was  bounded  north  26  feet 
on  King's  Street,  east  120  feet  on  Lemuel  Gowan,  south  27  feet  on  an  alley 
leading  into  Leverett's  Lane    (Congress  Street),  west   120  feet    on  Francis 

but  is  entirely  wrong,  as  appears  from  the  foregoing  authentic  records  of  Samuel  Vassall  and 
his  son  John;  and  one  is  inclined  to  believe  that  the  statement  is  not  an  error,  but  a  wilful 
misstatement  by  Florentius  Vassall  to  mislead  the  readers  into  the  belief  that  he  was  the 
descendant  of  one  who  had  also  suffered  at  the  hands  of  the  Government  of  the  day  ;  it  must  be 
borne  in  mind  that  the  New  England  Colonies  were  then  almost  in  revolt  against  the  Mother 
Country.  It  will  be  observed  that  there  are  none  of  the  usual  eulogistic  terms  of  the  virtues, 
etc.,  of  the  deceased,  even  the  dates  of  his  birth,  marriage,  and  death  are  lost  sight  of  in  the 
mercenary  atmosphere. 

John  V assail  and  his  Descendants  23 

Holmes.    At  her  death  the  property  was  to  revert  to  her  husband  and  then 

to  their  joint  heirs.     At  his  death  the  court  adjudged  the  property  to  John, 

the  only  surviving  son,  by  whom  it  was    conveyed  to  the  Tremont  Bank 

Corporation.     The  estate  of  Edward  Davis,  at  his  death,  was  appraised  at 

$15,777*25.     Children  were:    Edward,   born  Feb.   26/1757,   d.    at  Boston, 

Oct.  1,  1757;    Elizabeth,  born  Oct.  11,  1758,  d.  unmarried  in  Augusta,  Me., 

1 81 7-1 8;  she  was  the  "  Miss  Davis"  mentioned  in  Curwen's  letters  as  being 

in  England  with  Col.  John  Vassall  ;  Hannah,  born  Dec.  15,  1759,  d.  unmarried 

at  Boston,  May  11,  1841  ;   Ruth,  born  Jan.  24,  1761,  d.  Nov.  15,  1772  ;   a  dau. 

unbaptized  and  d.  four  hours  after  birth,  April  26,    1762;    Edward,  born 

July  26,  1763,  d.  March  25,  1764  ;   Lucy,  born  Oct.  9,  1765,  m.  Oct.  11,  1792, 

William  Hayden,  d.  at  Lincoln  April  17, 1830;  of  her  eight  children  three  were 

living  in  1862,  Mr.  William  Hayden,  of  Boston,  Miss  Charlotte  F.  Hayden, 

and  Frederic  A.  Hayden  ;    Charlotte,  born  Nov.  6,  1766,  m.   Oct.  29,  1793, 

Joseph  Fossick,  of  Boston,  d.  at  Boston,  May  9,  1799  ;  issue,  one  son,  Joseph, 

d.  abroad  unmarried  ;    Frances,  born  Nov.  6,  1766,  m.  May  21,  1793,  Samuel 

Prince,  of  Boston,  d.  Dec.  22,  1799,  he  d.  Jan.  21,  1820,  leaving  male  issue  ; 

John,  born  June  14,  1768,  he  contested  several  cases  in  the  State  of  Maine 

concerning  the  lands  of  Florentius  Vassall — 54 — there,  upon  the  ground  of 

heirship  thereto,  but  was  defeated  in  all,  and  d.  at  Washington  city,  D.C., 

leaving  male  issue,  having  been  m.  in  Augusta,  Me.,  to  Ann  Page  ;    Edward, 

born  June  29,  1769,  d.  unmarried  of  yellow  fever  at  Boston,  Sept.  20,  1798  ; 

William,  born  July  21,  1770,  d.  Sept.  13,  1771  ;   a  son  stillborn  Feb.  11,  1773. 

(23)  38  JOHN  VASSALL,  born  at  Cambridge,  Mass.,  June  12,  1738,  H.C. 

1757,   m.   Elizabeth,   sister  of  Lieut. -Gov.   Thomas   Oliver,   Jan.    12,    1761, 

he  d.  Sept.  24,  1797,  at  Clifton,  England  ;  she  d.  at  Clifton,  in  her  63rd  year, 

March  31,  1807,  and  was  bur.  in  St.  Paul's,  Bristol,  April  7,  1807,  M.I.     At 

his    father's    death    Hon.    Spencer    Phips    was    appointed    guardian.      In 

his    account    several    curious    items    occur,    viz.    "  To    John    Morse    for    a 

wigg    and    shaving    said    Miner's    head    two    quarters,    £11  ";    "To    John 

Warland  for  a  perriwigg,  ^19."     He  boarded  with  his  guardian  until  May  5, 

1752,  "  when  he  went  to  live  in  Boston   ',  but  seems  to  have  been  with  him 

again  from  Aug.  8,  1753,  to  July  22,  1754.    After  his  graduation  at  Harvard's, 

he   is   supposed    to   have   lived    at   Cambridge   until    July    28,    1759,    when 

he  purchased  of  Edward  Marritt,  taylor,  for  ^200,  1 J  acres  bounded  east  on 

his  own    estate,   south    on  Watertown  road,   west  on   Jonathan   Hastings, 

and  north  on  John  Hunt ;    also  6  acres  bounded  south  on  the  same  road, 

west  on  the  "  town  way  ",  north  and  east  on  Jacob  Hill,  and  east  on  Hastings  ; 

also  1  acre  opposite,  bounded  south  on  Charles  River,  west  on  his  own  marsh, 

north  and  east  on  Henry  Vassall.    On  the  estate  originally  inherited  from  his 

father  and   by  these  purchases  greatly  enlarged,   he  erected   the  splendid 

mansion,  which  he  occupied  until  driven  from  it  by  the  *rage  of  the  time. 

Nov.  27,  1759,  he  purchased  from  Joshua,  John,  and  Isaac  Winslow,  Hannah 

Davis,   Richard  Clarke,  and  wife,   Elizabeth,  for  ^100  an  estate  on  King's 

Street,  Boston,  with  the  brick  house  thereon,  which  in  1765  he  gave  to  his 

sister,  Ruth.     April  11,   1760,  he  purchased  of   Benjamin    Faneil,  jun.,  for 

j£*»333  65.  Sd.  an  estate  in  Boston  with  brick  house  and  barn,  bounded  west 

39  ft.   6  in.   on  Marlborough   (Wastington)   Street,   east  66  feet  on   Bishop's 

Lane  (Hawley  Street),  north  295  feet  on  Brightman,  south  on  Walker.    This 

estate  he  sold  March  30,  1763,  to  John  Spooner  for  ^1,200.     Oct.  2,  1762,  he 

sold  in  company  with  Thomas  and  (39)  Elizabeth  and  Edward  and  (37)  Ruth 

Davis   to    Richard    Lechmere   of   Cambridge   for   ^726    13s.  /\d.,  4    acres    on 

Cambridge  "  neck  ",  bounded  south-east  on  the  "  great  cove  "  with  "  a  large 

house  thereon,  being  the  share  of  the  estate  of  Lieut. -Gov.  Phips,  set  off  to 

their  mother,  Elizabeth  Vassall".     Nov.  30,  1763,  he  purchased  of  Thomas 

Oliver  for  ^1,000  his  undivided  share  in  his  father's  estate,  consisting  mainly 

of  lands  in  the  western  part  of  the  State.     Dec.  20,   1768,  he  purchased  of 

John  Hunt  and  his  wife,  Ruth,  of  Water-town,  for  ^26  135.  4^.,  a  small  piece 

of  land  in  Cambridge   (being  part  of  a  lot  called   "the  pickle")   bounded 

north-west  on  Jonathan  Wyeth,  and  adjoining  his  own  estate.     April  4,  1771, 

24  John  V assail  and  his  Descendants 

he  purchased  of  Ezekiel  Lewis,  of  Cambridge,  for  £350,  3J  acres  with  barn  in 
DDrchester,  bounded  south  and  west  on  a  high  road,  north  on  Ebenezer  and 
Lemuel  Clap,  east  on  Zebediah  Williams  ;  also  a  half  acre  lot  there,  bounded 
east  on  Jeffries,  and  north,  west,  and  south  on  high  roads.  Sept.  19,  1771, 
he  bought  of  Charles  Ward  Apthorp,  of  New  York,  for  ^400,  47  acres  on  Fresh 
Pond,  in  Watertown.  Jan.  1 ,  1 772,  he  purchased  of  Abraham  Frost,  yeoman  of 
Charlestown,  for  £133  65.  Sd.,  12  acres  of  woodland  in  Cambridge,  at  a  place 
called  "  the  rocks  ",  bounded  south-west  on  Rev.  Nathaniel  Appleton,  north- 
east on  Winship  and  Withington,  north-west  on  Carter,  south-east  on  Cooper, 
Swan,  Hill,  and  Prentice.  March  10,  1772,  he  purchased  of  Margaret 
Fessenden,  "  seamstriss,"  of  Cambridge,  for  £y  45.,  a  triangular  lot  bounded 
48  feet  south-west  on  highways,  70  feet  north-east  on  James  Munroe,  50  feet 
north-west  on  Abraham  Hasey,  with  "  well  privilege  ".  April  15,  1772,  he 
purchased  of  Jonathan  Hill  three-fourths  of  an  acre,  with  house  and  barn  there- 
on, bounded  south  and  west  on  his  own  land,  north  on  Prentice,  east  on  town 
road  leading  to  brick-kilns.  Oct.  13,  1772,  he  bought  of  widow  Mary  Ann 
Jones  for  £1,800  the  estate  in  Boston,  with  mansion-house,  barns,  and  stables 
attached,  bounded  east  140  feet  on  Tremont  Street,  321  feet  south  on  Jeffries, 
120  feet  west  on  Allen,  William  Vassall,  and  Sherburne,  and  378  feet  north 
on  Vassall  and  land  of  the  "  old  brick  church  ".  Here  he  lived  during  the 
winter  months,  until  forced  to  abandon  the  country.  The  estate  was  con- 
fiscated by  the  government,  and  sold  to  Isaiah  Sloane,  merchant,  of  Boston, 
for  .£2,400,  Dec.  15,  1783.  April  6,  1774,  he  purchased  of  Jonathan  Hastings, 
for  £266  135.  \d.,  about  4  acres,  bounded  south-west  on  Watertown  Road, 
and  by  his  own  land  on  other  sides.  May  9,  1774,  he  purchased  of  Jonathan 
Wyeth,  other  lands  adjoining  his  own  homesteads.  May  7,  1774,  he  purchased 
of  Thomas  Goddard,  of  Cambridge,  blacksmith,  for  ^155  35.  ioi.,  9  acres  in 
the  "  West  field  ",  bounded  north-east  on  the  "  proprietor's  way  ",  north- 
west on  Jonathan  Hill,  south-west  on  Rev.  Thomas  Prentice,  south-east  on 
Sewell  and  Wyeth.  It  was  in  the  summer  of  this  year  that  he  was  compelled 
to  remove  with  his  family  to  Boston  for  protection,  and  in  that  city  he  con- 
tinued to  dwell  upon  the  estate  adjoining  that  of  his  uncle.  William  Vassall, 
on  Pemberton  Hill,  until  1776,  when  he  accompanied  the  British  Army  to 
Halifax,  and  from  thence  sailed  for  England.  He  was  exiled  by  the  Act  of 
1 778.  Though  his  family  was  large,  and  the  losses  he  had  suffered  in  America 
were  considerable,  his  high  spirit  would  not  allow  him  to  accept  of  any 
remuneration  for  his  sacrifices,  to  which  his  adherence  to  Great  Britain  had 
compelled  him  to  submit  ;  and  he  contented  himself  with  receiving  back 
those  advances  which  he  had  actually  made  for  the  services  of  the  Govern- 
ment. On  being  pressed  by  Lord  George  Germain,  then  his  Majesty's 
Secretary  of  State  for  the  Colonial  Department,  to  bring  forward  his  claims, 
he  replied,  "  It  shall  never  be  said  that  I  emigrated  from  my  own  country  to 
become  a  charge  on  this."  Sabine  says  of  him  that  arriving  in  London  "  he 
was  passenger  in  one  of  the  six  vessels  that  arrived  in  London  from  Halifax 
prior  to  June  10  laden  with  loyalists  and  their  families  ".  In  July  of  that  year 
he  designed  to  take  a  house  "  at  the  Court  end  of  the  Metropolis  and  enjoy 
the  comforts  of  a  splendid  fortune  ".  In  1780  he  seems  to  have  lived  at 
Bristol  ;  other  refugees  from  Massachusetts  were  at  Birmingham,  but  he 
disliked  the  place,  and  said  it  was  a  "  dirty,  ill-built  hole  ".  Later  he 
resided  alternately  at  Chatley  Lodge,  in  the  county  of  Wilts  and  the  city 
of  Bath.  He  died  at  Clifton  almost  instantaneously  after  eating  a  hearty 
dinner,  Sept.  14,  1797  (M.I.  St.  Paul's,  Bristol).  An  obituary  published 
in  the  Gentleman' s  Maqizine  said  of  him  :  "  He  had  a  very  considerable 
fortune  in  America,  where  he  lived  in  princely  style.  Some  time  after  the 
disturbances  took  place,  having  taken  a  very  active  part  and  spared  no 
expense  to  support  the  royal  cause,  he  left  his  possessions  there  to  the 
ravagers,  and  having  fortunately  very  large  possessions  in  Jamaica,  he  came 
with  his  family  to  England.  He  carried  his  loyalty  so  far  as  not  to  use  the 
family  motto,  Scepe  pro  rege,  semper  pro  republican  By  an  Act  of  the  General 
Court  of  1780  his  real  estate  in  Dorchester,  in  two  pieces,  was  sold  by  the 

John  Vassall  and  his  Descendants  25 

Government  to  John  Williams,  of  Boston,  for  ^325,  on  June  12,  1781.  The 
sale  of  most  of  his  remaining  property  followed  in  quick  succession.  June  28 
his  splendid  estate  in  Cambridge  of  47  acres,  bounded  south-west  on  Water- 
town  Road,  east  on  Deacon  Aaron  Hill,  and  Wyeth,  north-east  on  Prentice 
and  Wyeth  and  on  the  highway,  north  on  Prentice,  and  west  on  "  the  town 
way  ",  together  with  40  acres  on  the  opposite  side  of  the  Watertown  Road, 
bounded  west  on  Sewell  and  Joseph  Lee,  south  on  Lee  and  the  Charles  River, 
east  on  heirs  of  Henry  Vassall,  and  also  the  "  westfield  "  lot,  bought  in  1774, 
together  with  20  acres  on  "  Fresh  pond  ",  were  sold  by  the  Commonwealth 
to  Nathaniel  Tracey,  of  Newburyport,  for  the  sum  of  ^4,264.  A  portion  of 
this  property,  including  the  mansion  house  (occupied  by  Washington  as  his 
headquarters  during  the  Revolution),  and  lands  immediately  adjoining, 
became  soon  after  the  property  of  Andrew  Craigie,  and  was  the  residence  of 
Henry  W.  Longfellow,  remained  in  appearance  very  much  as  when  deserted 
by  its  original  occupant.  June  4,  1782,  20  acres  on  Fresh  pond  were  sold  to 
John  Richardson  for  ^165.  A  small  portion  of  his  Boston  property  escaped 
the  notice  of  the  authorities,  and  was  conveyed  by  him  to  Edward  Brinley, 
of  Boston,  through  his  brother-in-law,  Edward  Davis,  April  8,  1794.  It 
consisted  of  land  and  wharf  situated  "  near  the  draw  bridge  ",  bounded  north- 
west on  an  alley  to  "  Wentworth's  wharf  ",  and  wharf  near  the  above, 
bounded  south-west  on  "  Mill  creek  ",  and  a  smaller  piece  of  about  13  feet 
square,  all  of  which  was  sold  for  ^18.  Children  were  :  61  John,  born  May  7, 
1762  ;  62  Spencer  Thomas,  born  April  7,  1764  ;  63  Thomas  Oliver,  born 
April  12,  1766;  Elizabeth,  bapt.  at  Cambridge,  Mass.,  July  5,  1767,  d. 
Jan.  5,  1768,  bur.  in  the  family  vault  in  Christ  Church,  Cambridge,  Mass.  ; 
64  Robert  Oliver,  born  May  28,  1769  ;  65  Elizabeth,  born  May  5,  1771  ;  66 
Leonard,  born  1773,  d.  at  Boston,  Nov.  7,  1775  ;  67  Mary,  born  in  London, 
March  27,  1777.  His  will  dated  March  5,  1794,  with  codicil  dated  29,  1797, 
proved  Jan.  5,  1798  (P.P.C.,  67  Walpole). 

(23)  39  ELIZABETH  VASSALL,  born  at  Cambridge,  Mass.,  Sept.  12, 
1739,  m.  Thomas  Oliver,  of  Cambridge,  June  11,  1760,  and  d.  in  England 
in  1807. 

He  was  the  son  of  Col.  Robert  Oliver,  of  Dorchester,  Mass.,  and  of  Antigua,  was  born  about 
1733,  jmarried  secondly  in  1781  Harriet  only  child  and  heiress  of  Byam,  Freeman  of  Antigua. 
She  died  July  16,  1808,  at  Bristol,  Eng. 

He  d.  Nov.  29,  1815,  aged  82.  Lieut. -Gov.  Phips  was  appointed  Elizabeth 
Vassall's  guardian  Sept.  16,  1747,  and  Edward  Davis,  Sept.  11,  1759.  Thomas 
Oliver  was  the  last  royal  lieutenant  governor  of  the  Council  appointed  in  1774. 
Sept.  2  of  the  same  year  he  was  compelled  by  a  mob  of  4,000  persons  to 
resign  his  office,  and  he  almost  immediately  vacated  his  beautiful  estate  in 
Cambridge  (afterwards  occupied  by  Gov.  Gerry,  and  afterwards  by  the 
Rev.  Charles  Lowell,  D.D.)  and  removed  to  Boston.  Here  he  resided  until 
1776,  when  at  the  evacuation  he  accompanied  the  Royal  Army  to  Halifax, 
and  from  there  to  England.  He  was  exiled  by  the  Act  of  1778,  and  his  estate 
confiscated.  The  farm-house  in  connexion  with  his  Cambridge  mansion  is 
standing  distant  a  few  hundred  rods  from  the  present  estate  in  a  south- 
east direction  upon  the  slope  of  a  hill  overlooking  the  Charles  River.  Lieut. - 
Gov.  Oliver  was  a  quiet  reserved  man,  but  little  known  in  public  life,  though 
ever  distinguished  for  his  amiable  and  gentlemanly  graces.  Before  retiring 
to  Bristol  he  was  an  active  and  very  successful  sugar  planter  in  Antigua, 
where  he  owned  several  estates.  He  d.  Nov.  29,  bur.  at  St..  Paul's,  Bristol, 
England,  Dec.  5,  1815,  M.I.  Will  proved  Jan.  29,  1816  (P.P.C.,  39  Wynne). 
The  following  baptisms  of  children  are  found  in  the  records  of  Christ  Church, 
Cambridge,  Mass.  :  Anna,  bapt.  March  4,  1764  ;  Elizabeth,  bapt.  Aug.  17, 
1766  ;   Penelope,  bapt.  Oct.  2,  1768. 

(23)  40  LUCY  VASSALL,  born  at  Cambridge,  Mass.,  Nov.  15,  1747,  bapt. 
Dec.  27,  1747,  m.  John  Lavicount  of  Antigua,  June  16,  1768.  They  dis- 
appeared from  the  country  at  the  time  of  the  revolution.  She  was  the  only 
individual  of  the  name  of  Vassall  who  was  bapt.  in  New  England  by  other 
than  a  minister  of  the  Established  Church.     Her  mother  was,  we  believe, 

26  John  Vassall  and  his  Descendants 

a  dissenter,  and  this  may  account  for  the  following  entry  found  in  the  Books 
of  the  First  Parish  (Congregational)  of  Cambridge  :  Bapt.  by  the  Rev.  N. 
Appleton.  "  Dec.  28,  1747,  Lucy,  of  Mrs.  Lucy  Vassall,  widow  of  ye  late 
Col.  John  Vassall,  ye  child  abed  twelve  days  old  at  ye  father's  death."  She 
returned,  however,  to  the  faith  of  her  forefathers;  the  rector  of  Portsmouth 
(N.H.)  Church,  Rev.  Arthur  Browne  performed  her  marriage  ceremony. 
The  bapt.  of  one  child  is  recorded  in  the  records  of  Cambridge  Christ  Church  : 
John,  bapt.  June  11,  1769.  Her  husband  was  living  in  1797.  She  was  buried 
at  St.  Phillips',  Antigua,  Aug.  21,  1797.  Will  dated  June  12,  1797.  Proved 
in  Antigua,  Sept.  28,  1797. 

(38)  61  JOHN  VASSALL,  born  at  Cambridge,  Mass.,  May  7,  1762,  bapt. 
May  23,  1762,  m.  Elizabeth,  youngest  dau.  of  James  Athill,  of  Antigua, 
June  13,  1799,  d.  Oct.  7,  1800,  bur.  at  Lyndhurst,  England.  Issue  one 
child,  61a  John,  who  d.  sine  prole  March  23,  1827,  bur.  at  Lyndhurst,  England. 

(38)  62  SPENCER  THOMAS  VASSALL,  born  at  Cambridge,  Mass., 
April  7,  bapt.  May  27,  1764,  m.  June  30,  1795,  Catherine  Brandith  Back- 
house, dau.  of  David  Evans,  D.D.,  Rector  of  West  Tilbury,  co.  Essex. 
England,  d.  on  the  morning  of  Feb.  7,  1807,  of  wounds  received  on  Feb.  3 
at  the  taking  of  Monte  Video,  Uruguay  ;  his  wife  survived  and  m.  secondly 
on  July  11,  1816,  Thomas  Chetman  Strode,  of  Somerset,  and  d.  July  22, 
1842.  Spencer  Thomas  Vassall  was  early  destined  for  the  profession  of 
arms,  and  after  receiving  a  suitable  education,  first  at  a  foreign  academy 
and  then  at  a  military  establishment  in  England,  he  commenced  his  career 
as  an  Ensign  in  the  59th  Regiment  (now  the  2nd  Battalion  of  the  Lancashire 
(East)  Regt.)  of  Foot  at  the  early  age  of  12  years.  He  soon  after  embarked 
for  Gibraltar,  where  he  served  during  the  memorable  siege  laid  to  that  fortress 
from  June  21,  1779,  to  Feb.  2,  1783.  He  was  then  a  lieutenant  in  the  59th. 
On  his  return  from  Gibraltar  he  eagerly  grasped  every  occasion  of  increasing 
by  active  service  the  scientific  and  practical  knowledge  which  he  had  already 
acquired  in  the  military  art  ;  he  was  never  idle,  and  the  greater  part  of  his 
time  was  spent  abroad,  either  with  his  regiment  or  on  the  staff  ;  thus  he 
filled  at  various  times  the  situations  of  adjutant,  aide-de-camp,  brigade- 
major,  deputy  quartermaster-general,  deputy  adjutant-general,  and  once 
that  of  adjutant-general.  But  though  he  discharged  those  duties  with  zeal 
and  ability,  and  received  the  thanks  of  all  the  commanding  officers  to  whom 
he  was  attached,  he  was  unfortunate  in  not  obtaining  promotion  com- 
mensurate to  his  merit  or  services,  and  in  the  progress  of  regimental  rank 
he  found  himself  under  the  necessity  of  purchasing  every  step  from  his  first 
commission  as  ensign  to  that  of  lieutenant-colonel,  which  latter  he  did  not 
procure  until  the  year  1800.  Yet  it  was  his  fate  to  serve  in  almost  every 
part  of  the  globe,  and,  besides  the  siege  of  Gibraltar  and  in  the  American 
contest,  to  accompany  every  expedition  which  sailed  from  England,  except 
that  of  Egypt  ;  he  was  twice  with  the  army  in  Flanders,  once  in  the  East 
Indies,  several  times  on  the  coast  of  France,  and  once  in  Spain.  He  was 
the  first  man  that  landed  on  the  isle  de  Dieu  and  planted  the  British  flag 
there.  He  formed  part  of  both  expeditions  to  Holland,  in  the  last  of  which 
he  was  ordered  by  the  Duke  of  York  to  attend  Gen.  Don  to  the  enemy's 
camp  with  a  flag  of  truce.  On  that  occasion,  when  Brun,  the  French  Com- 
mander-in-Chief, in  frantic  rage,  pretended  to  suspect  the  motive  of  the 
mission,  declared  to  Gen.  Don  that  he  should  treat  him  as  a  spy,  he  turned 
to  Major  Vassall  and  said  with  a  contemptuous  smile  :  "  Pour  vous,  Monsieur  ? 
je  vous  plains."  Major  Vassall  answered  :  "  Sir,  I  disdain  your  pity  and 
am  ready  to  share  the  fate  of  my  general."  He  returned  to  England  and 
shortly  after  purchased  the  commission  of  lieutenant-colonel  in  the  38th 
Regiment  (now  the  1st  Battalion  of  the  Staffordshire  (South)  Regt.)  and 
embarked  almost  immediately  for  Ireland,  and  in  the  four  and  a  half  years 
that  that  regiment  was  quartered  there  his  merits  were  justly  appreciated 
by  persons  of  the  highest  rank.  From  Ireland  he  embarked  for  the  Cape 
of  Good  Hope  and  assisted  in  the  capture  of  that  colony,  and  there  his  wife 
joined  him  with  their  family.     At  his  earnest  request  he  embarked  with  the 

John  Vassall  and  his  Descendants  27 

regiment  in  the  second  detachment  for  the  coast  of  Spanish  America,  and 
captured  the  town  of  Moldonado,  and  it  was  at  the  capture  of  Monte  Video 
that  he  was  killed.  The  following  honourable  augmentation  of  Arms  was 
granted  in  1808  to  Colonel  Vassall's  widow  and  descendants  : — 

On  a  fess  or  the  breached  bastion  of  a  fortress  and  above  the  words  "  Monte  Video"  on  a 
canton  arg.  the  number  "38th"  within  a  branch  of  cypress,  and  another  of  laurel,  the  stems 
united  in  saltire.  Second  Crest. — On  a  wreath  of  the  colours  upon  a  mount  vert  a  breached 
fortress,  thereon  hoisted  a  flag  gules  with  the  inscription  "  Monte  Video  "  in  letters  of  gold. 

Second  motto  :  "  Every  bullet  has  its  billet." 

His  remains  were  interred  in  the  grand  church  at  Monte  Video  with  all 
military  honours,  but  afterwards  exhumed  and  taken  to  England,  where  they 
were  deposited  in  the  family  vault  in  the  church  of  St.  Paul's,  Bristol,  where 
his  wife  consecrated  to  his  memory  a  beautiful  piece  of  sculpture,  designed 
by  Flaxman  and  executed  by  Rossi,  with  an  epitaph  inscribed  on  the  tablet. 
The  Duke  of  York  took  an  early  opportunity  after  the  decease  of  Col  Vassall 
to  express  the  high  sense  he  entertained  of  his  meritorious  services,  and  besides 
the  ordinary  pension  given  to  the  widow  of  a  lieutenant-colonel,  the  value 
of  a  major's  commission,  for  the  use  of  his  widow,  and  recommended  her 
peculiar  case  to  the  attention  of  His  Majesty's  ministers  and  obtained  for 
her,  from  his  Royal  Highness  the  Prince  Regent,  an  additional  pension. 
Children  were  :  68  Spencer  Lambert  Hunter  ;  Frances  Vassall,  born  1803, 
d.  July  9,   1803  ;    69  Rawdon  John  Popham  ;    70  Honor  a  Mary  Georgiana  ; 

71  Catherine  Alicia  Beresford.  Will  dated  July  5,  1805;  proved  July  4, 
1807  (P.P.C.,  629  Lushington) . 

(38)  63  THOMAS  OLIVER  VASSALL,  born  at  Cambridge,  Mass.,  April  12, 
1766,  d.  unmarried  at  Wrexham,  England  (Denbigh),  Oct.  8,  1807.  Will 
dated  Oct.  2,  1807,  proved  April  7,  1808  (P.P.C.,  349  Ely). 

(38)  64  ROBERT  OLIVER  VASSALL  was  born  at  Cambridge  Mass., 
May  28,  1769,  m.  March  26,  1794,  Christian  Barrett  Tomlinson,  of  Jamaica, 
and  d.  at  Abingdon,  in  the  parish  of  Hanover,  Jamaica,  March  23,  1827.  He 
was  a  member  of  the  Legislative  Council,  Custos  of  Hanover,  etc.     Children  ; 

72  Elizabeth  Oliver  ;  73  John,  born  in  England  ;  and  74  Alary,  born  in 
Jamaica.  His  wife,  Christian  Barrett  Tomlinson,  was  the  dau.  of  John 
Tomlinson,  and  Christian,  his  wife,  the  dau.  of  Jacob  Johnson,  and  his  first 
wife,  Christian  Barrett,  the  dau.  of  Samuel  Barrett  and  Elizabeth,  his  wife, 
the  dau.  of  Henry  and  Mary  Wisdom,  of  St.  James's,  Jamaica.  Samuel 
Barrett  was  born  Sept.  24,  1689,  d.  March  7,  1760,  m.  July  31,  1721,  his  wife 
was  born  May  6,  1707,  and  d.  Nov.  17,  1757,  their  sixth  child,  Christian,  was 
born  Jan.  6,  1730,  and  m.  June  30,  1746,  Jacob  Johnson,  and  d.  June  16, 
1759,  and  their  dau.,  Christian  Johnson,  m.  John  Tomlinson,  and  they  were 
the  parents  of  Christian  Barrett  Tomlinson,  the  wife  of  Robert  Oliver  Vassall. 
Samuel  Barrett  was  the  son  of  Samuel  Barrett,  of  Withy  Wood,  afterwards 
Vere  (now  Clarendon),  and  Margery,  dau.  of  Edward  Green,  an  officer  of 
the  Army  of  Occupation,  and  were  m.  in  1686,  he  was  the  son  of  Hearcey 
Barrett,  who  was  an  officer  of  the  Army  of  Occupation  in  1655,  and  was 
granted  land  at  Mile  Gull}7,  now  in  Manchester,  and  also  in  Vere,  now  part 
of  the  parish  of  Clarendon,  and  from  whom  also  are  descended  the  Moulton- 
Barretts,  of  St.  Ann,  Jamaica,  and  Elizabeth  Barrett,  the  poetess,  who  m. 
Robert  Browning.  Jacob  Johnson  was  the  only  surviving  son  of 
Thomas  Johnson,  a  lieutenant  in  the  Royal  Navy,  who  m.  Rachael 
Ricketts,  whose  brother,  William  Henry  Ricketts,  m.  April  19,  1757, 
Mary  Jervis,  sister  of  the  Admiral  who  was  created  Earl  St.  Vincent. 
Rachael  Ricketts  was  the  dau.  of  William  Ricards,  a  captain  in  the  army 
of  conquest  of  Jamaica,  and  subsequently  commanded  at  Bluefields 
Fort  in  that  island,  his  Commission  having  been  made  out  in  the  name  of 
Ricketts  he  and  his  descendants  retained  that  designation.  He  married 
circa  1672  Mary,  dau.  of  Robert  Goodwin,  a  younger  son  of  Sir  Francis 
Goodwin,  of  Bucks,  England,  by  his  wife  Elizabeth  Grey,  only  dau.  of  Arthur, 
14th  Lord  Grey  de  Wilton  by  his  wife,  Dorothy  Touche.  Mary  Ricketts 
d.  April  17,  1750,  aged  96  years.     Jacob  Johnson  m.  secondly  Susanna  Mary 

28  John  V assail  and  his  Descendants 

Poole  Lawrence,  the  dau.  of  John  Lawrence  and  Mary,  the  dau.  of  Samuel 
and  Sabina  Poole  and  Relict  of  Thomas  Woollery.  He  was  the  great-grand- 
son of  Henry  Lawrence,  the  president  of  Oliver  Cromwell's  Council,  and  his 
wife,  Amy  Peyton. 

(38)  65  ELIZABETH  VASSALL,  born  May  5,  1771,  m.  March  6,  1794, 
at  Bath,  England,  John  Gustavus  Lemaistre,  only  son  of  the  Hon.  C.  T. 
Lemaistre,  and  d.  at  Cheltenham,  England,  July  27,  1856,  sine  prole. 

(38)  67  MARY  VASSALL,  born  in  London,  March  26,  1777,  m.  June  16, 
1800,  at  Bath,  England,  John  Gittins,  Archer  of  Barbadoes,  and  d.  at  Clifton, 
England,  Dec.  27,  1806.  Her  only  child,  John  V assail,  d.  at  Clifton, 
Oct.  26,  1806. 

(24)  41  SARAH  VASSALL,  born  in  Boston,  June  17,  1739,  bapt.  Nov.  1, 
1743,  m.  Joseph  Syme,  on  London  and  Bristol,  England,  Dec.  29,  1763, 
d.  a  widow  in  1827.  They  resided  for  some  time  in  Boston,  but  removed  to 
London,  where  he  was  for  many  years  settled  as  a  merchant.  The  bapt. 
of  one  child  is  recorded  in  the  Records  of  Trinity  Church,  Boston  :  Sally 
(Sarah),  born  Nov.  25,  1764. 

(24)  43  LUCRETIA  FRANCES  VASSALL,  born  Sept.  24,  1751,  bapt. 
Sept.  28,  1 75 1,  m.  Richard  Smith,  of  Boston,  April  22,  1772.  They  resided 
for  a  time  at  least  in  Boston,  but  it  is  probable  that  the  Revolution  drove 
them  abroad,  as  July  27,  1782,  William  Frobisher,  soap-boiler,  of  Boston, 
was  admitted  agent  of  his  estate,  as  an  absentee.  Trinity  Church  records 
contain  the  following:    Anna  Eyre,  bapt.  June  6,  1773. 

(24)  43a  FRANCES  VASSALL,  twin  with  Lucretia,"  born  Sept.  24,  1751. 
She  is  mentioned  in  her  father's  will  of  May  2,  1794.  She  probably  d.  young, 
nothing  having  been  found  concerning  her. 

(24)  44  WILLIAM  VASSALL,  born  Jan.  31,  1753,  H.C.  1771,  m.  Anne 
Bent  in  1792.  They  left  New  England  in  1772,  and  he  was  asterized  in 
H.C.  Cat.  of  1827  as  dead,  but  he  lived  to  the  extreme  age  of  90  years,  one  of 
the  oldest  survivors  of  his  class.  He  d.  at  Berry,  Pomeroy,  England,  sine 
prole,  Dec.  2,  1843,  and  she  d.  Oct.  8,  1846. 

(24)  45  HENRY  VASSALL,  born  at  Boston,  Jan.  23,  1755,  bapt.  April  1, 
1755,  m.  Margaret  Harvie  Grceme,  dau.  of  George  Grceme,  of  Barbadoes. 
She  d.  March  2,  1822,  and  was  bur.  at  Stapleton,  co.  Gloucester.  Issue  of  the 
marriage,  one  son,  75  William. 

(24)  47  CATHERINE  VASSALL,  born  Aug.  4  and  bapt.  Aug.  12,  1757, 
d.  unmarried  in  England. 

(24)  51  LEONARD  VASSALL,  of  Brook  House,  Old  Sodbury, 
co.  Gloucester,  born  at  Boston,  March  28,  1764,  bapt.  June  20,  1766. 
Matriculated  at  Oriel  College,  Oxford,  July  8,  1782,  B.A.  1786,  called  to  the 
Bar  at  Lincoln's  Inn  1793.  Married  Sarah  Fitch,  sister  of  Col.  Fitch,  R.A. 
She  d.  at  Brook  House  May  20,  1851,  aged  88  years  ;  he  d.  at  Brook  House 
Nov.  19,  i860.  Issue  of  marriage  :  Leonard  Samuel,  d.  in  infancy  ;  76  Laura 
Anne  Matilda,  m.  July  5,  1830,  Robert  Kerr  D'Esterre,  of  Ireland,  and  d., 
Oct.  19,  1834,  sine  prole  ;  77  Elizabeth  Margaret,  born  in  1804  and  d.  unmarried 
Oct.  4,  1824. 

(24)  52  NATHANIEL  VASSALL,  born  at  Boston,  June  18,  1768,  bapt. 
June  20  ;  entered  the  Royal  Navy  and  became  a  lieutenant,  on  Nov.  4,  1790, 
and  commander  on  June  15,  1814  ;    d.  Sept.  8,  1832: 

(27)  53  ELIZABETH  VASSALL,  born  about  1742,  bapt.  at  Cambridge, 
Mass.,  Dec.  17,  1742,  m.  Charles  Russell,  of  Lincoln,  Mass.,  born  at  Charles- 
town,  Mass.     The  following  is  a  footnote  by  Harris  : — 

He  was  the  son  of  James  and  Catherine  Russell,  born  in  Chales-town,  Mass.,  Dec.  27,  1738, 
H.  C.  1757,  studied  medicine  with  Dr.  Ezekiel  Hersey,  of  High  Hingham,  and  afterwards  in 
England  with  Drs.  Colin  Mackenzie  and  William  Hunter  of  St.  Thomas'  Hospital,  took  a  degree 
of  M.D.  at  Aberdeen,  1765,  returned  to  New  England  and  settled  in  Lincoln,  Mass.,  where  he 
inherited  an  estate  from  his  uncle  Judge  Chambers  Russell. 

Feb.  15,  1768,  he  was  exiled  by  Act  of  Congress,  in  1778,  and  d.  at  Antigua 
May  17,  1780;  she  d.  at  Plymouth,  Mass.,  Feb.  23,  1802.  He  sailed  for 
Martinique  in  April,  1775,  and  his  wife,  if  she  did  not  accompany  him,  soon 

John  V assail  and  his  Descendants  29 

followed  with  her  mother,  a  widow.  Dr.  Russell's  property  was  confiscated. 
Of  their  ten  children  the  births  of  but  four  are  recorded  in  Mass.  Some  of 
the  others  were,  perhaps,  born  in  the  West  Indies.  Six  were  still-born  or 
d.  in  infancy.  Children  were  :  Penelope,  born  in  Lincoln,,  March  16,  1769, 
bapt.  April  9,  1769,  m.  Nov.  7,  1808,  Hon.  Theodore  Sedgwick,  of  Stock- 
bridge,  Mass.,  and  d.  without  issue  in  Boston,  May  18,  1827;  she  was  bur. 
in  William  Vassall's  tomb  under  King's  Chapel.  Judge  Sedgwick  was  born 
in  Connecticut,  was  thrice  m.,  and  d.  in  Boston  Jan.  24,  181 3,  aged  67  years. 
Elizabeth,  (?)born  and  d.#  Jan.  27,  1770  ;  Elizabeth  V assail,  born  Jan.  10, 
1771,  m.  June  12,  1797,  Charles  Furlong  Degen,  and  d.  in  Marion,  co.  Miss., 
Aug.  28,  1824  ;  he  was  an  English  merchant  of  Leghorn,  where  several  of 
their  children  were  born.  The  eldest,  Charles  Russell,  was  afterwards  of 
New  York,  was  bapt.  in  Boston,  July  11,  1798  ;  Rebecca,  born  in  Lincoln, 
Feb.  20,  1773,  was  twice  married,  first  to  David  Pearce,  of  Gloucester, 
Mass.,  Nov.  6  or  8,  1793  ;  secondly  to  Joseph  Ruggles,  of  Roxburn,  in  181 3  ; 
she  d.  Dec.  15,  1825,  in  Philadelphia,  and  was  bur.  in  that  city.  By  David 
Pearce  she  had  issue  :  Charles  Russell,  and  others  (see  Hist,  and  Geog.  Reg., 
vi,  278)..  Catharine  Graves,  born  Jan.  9,  1772,  d.  unmarried  at  Roxbury, 
Sept.  5,  1847,  and  was  bur.  beneath  Christ  Church,  Cambridge. 

(57)  60  ELIZABETH  VASSALL,  born  March  25,  1770,  m.  in  1786  to 
Sir  Godfrey  Webster,  Bart.,  who  was  born  in  1748,  and  was  thus  more  than 
twenty  years  older  than  the  child  he  m.  ;  he  took  by  Royal  Licence  the 
surname  of  Vassall  from  Aug.  21,  1795,  till  1797.  Battle  Abbey  was  at 
the  time  of  his  marriage  tenanted  by  his  aunt,  the  widow  of  Sir  Whistler 
Webster,  and  the  Websters  were  therefore  obliged  to  take  up  residence  in 
a  small  house  near  by.  The  old  lady  did  nothing  to  keep  the  place  in  order, 
and  everything  was  therefore  falling  into  a  state  of  ruin.  Sir  Godfrey, 
though  a  Member  of  Parliament,  had  no  desire  for  a  political  life,  nor  did  he 
care  for  society,  so  the  feelings  of  a  young  and  pretty  woman  blessed  with 
buoyant  spirits,  of  an  age  to  enjoy  the  pleasures  of  life  to  the  full,  may  be 
imagined  ;  the  quiet  country  life,  to  one  accustomed  to  live  in  London,  must 
have  become  very  irksome.  She  longed  to  "  leave  Battle,  that  detestable 
spot,  where  I  have  languished  in  solitude  and  discontent  the  best  years  of 
my  life"  ;  Sir  Godfrey  preferred  the  quiet  life  in  England  to  the  racket 
of  the  Continent.  He  did  not  care  for  pictures  and  the  works  of  art  in  Italy, 
but  in  compliance  with  the  wishes  and  entreaties  of  his  wife  he  went  abroad 
with  her  in  the  spring  of  1792  and  there  they  went  about.  He  was  sometimes 
with  his  wife  abroad  and  sometimes  in  England;  their  relationship  was 
becoming  more  and  more  strained,  and  they  finally  separated  in  the  spring 
of  1795.  In  the  course  of  their  travels  they  had  met  Lord  Holland  at 
Florence,  in  1794,  and  the  friendship  then  made  rapidly  ripened  into  mutual 
attachment,  and  both  before  and  after  Sir  Godfrey's  departure  for  England 
in  1795  much  of  Lord  Holland's  time  was  spent  with  Lady  Webster.  In 
April,  1796,  she  started  for  England,  and  Lord  Holland  accompanied  her. 
They  reached  England  in  June,  and  she  met  Sir  Godfrey  at  his  house,  but 
shortly  after  left  him  and  took  rooms.  In  Nov.  of  the  same  year  a  son, 
Lord  Holland's,  was  born  of  her,  which  was  christened  Charles  Richard 
Fox.  In  July,  1796,  Sir  Godfrey  considered  the  question  of  divorce,  and 
proceedings  were  commenced  in  Jan.  1797,  which  came  before  Lord  Kenyon 
in  Feb. ;  a  condition  attached  was  that  she  should  give  up  her  income  to  him, 
retaining  only  ^800  a  year.  A  claim  was  made  on  Lord  Holland  for  ^10,000, 
which  the  jury  reduced  to  ^6,000.  Lord  Kenyon,  who  presided  at  the  trial 
of  the  cause,  stigmatized  the  proceedings  as  iniquitous.  On  July  3,  1797, 
by  Act  of  Parliament,  the  marriage  was  dissolved,  and  Lord  Holland  and 
Lady  Webster  were  m.  at  Rickmansworth,  in  Hertfordshire,  on  July  9  ; 
her  stepfather,  Sir  Gilbert  Affleck,  gave  her  away.  Lord  Holland  was  born 
Nov.  21,  1773,  and  succeeded  his  father  as  third  Baron  Oct.  26,  1774, 
educated  at  Eton  and  Christ  Church,  Oxford,  M.A.  Oct.  29,  1792,  took  the 
additional  surname  of  Vassall  by  Royal  Licence  June  18,  1800,  Privy 
Councillor,  Lord  Privy  Seal,  Chancellor  of  the  Duchy  of  Lancaster,  F.R.S., 

30  John  Vassall  and  his  Descendants 

F.S.A.  Lady  Holland  was  a  woman  of  remarkable  talents,  brilliant,  witty, 
and  endowed  with  charming  personal  graces.  The  immense  fortune  left  by 
her  grandfather,  54  Florentius  Vassall,  came  into  her  possession.  In  her 
will  she  left  about  ^1,500  per  annum  to  Lord  John  Russell,  and  {100  to 
Macaulay,  the  historian.  In  return  for  many  acts  of  kindness  which  she 
had  bestowed  upon  him,  Bonaparte  left  to  her  a  gold  snuff-box  which  had 
been  presented  to  him  by  Pope  Pius  VI,  at  the  peace  of  Tolentino  in  1797. 
It  contained  a  card  on  which  was  written  the  words  :  "  L'Empereur  Napoleon 
to  Lady  Holland,  temoigne  de  satisfaction  et- d'estime."  Children  by 
Sir  Godfrey  Webster :  78  Godfrey  Vassall  Webster,  born  1789 ;  79  Henry  Vassall 
Webster,  born  1783  ;  80  Harriet  Frances,  born  June  12,  1794  ;  by  Lord 
Holland  before  marriage  she  had  Charles  Richard  Fox,  born  Nov.  1796, 
entered  the  Navy  in  1809,  but  was  later  transferred  to  the  Army,  in  which 
service  he  rose  to  be  general,  and  was  aide-de-camp  to  the  Queen  ;  he  m.  in 
1824  Lady  Mary  FitzClarence,  second  dau.  of  William  IV  and  Mrs.  Jordan, 
and  secondly,  in  1865,  Katherine,  dau.  of  John  Moberly,  esq.  He  sat  in 
Parliament  for  some  years,  and  held  several  minor  posts  in  the  Ordinance 
Department.  He  died  in  his  house  in  Addison  Road,  London,  after  a  short 
illness,  in  1873.  By  Lord  Holland,  in  wedlock,  she  had  :  80  Stephen,  born 
Jan.  18,  1799,  d.  Nov.  22,  1800  ;  a  son  born  March  17,  1801,  died 
young;  82  Henry  Edmund,  born  March  7,  1802  ;  83  Mary  Elizabeth,  born 
Feb.  19,  1806;  84  Georgiana  Anne,  born  Nov.  7,  1809,  d.  Oct.  31,  1819  ; 
a  daughter  born  and  d.  June,  181 2.  Lady  Holland  died  a  widow  in  London, 
Nov.  17,  1845,  and  was  bur.  at  Millbrook  in  Bedfordshire.  Lord  Holland 
predeceased  her,  having  d.  Oct.  22,  1840.1 

(60)  78  GODFREY  VASSALL  WEBSTER  (Sir),  5th  Bart.,  born  Oct.  6, 
1789,  M.P.  Sussex,  1812-20,  m.  Aug.  22,  1814,  Charlotte,  dau.  of  Robertson, 
of  Westmeath,  and  by  her  (who  d.  Jan.  30,  1867)  had  issue  :  Godfrey  Vassall  ; 
Augustus  Frederick  George]  Frederick,  born  1821,  m.  July  29,  1870,  Julia 
Helena,  dau.  of  the  Rev.  William  Margesson,  of  Wooldringfold,  co.  Sussex, 
and  had  a  son,  Godfrey  Frederick,  born  May  7,  1873,  d.  July  1,  1880.  Henry 
Arthur,  born  in  1822,  d.  unmarried  May  5,  1868  ;  Guy,  born  in  1831,  d.  un- 
married at  Ostend,  April  14,  1868.  Sir  Godfrey  Vassall  Webster  d.  July  17, 
1836,  and  was  succeeded  bv  his  eldest  son, 

SIR  GODFREY  VASSALL  WEBSTER,  6th  Bart.,  born  July  3,  1815, 
entered  the  Royal  Navy  Nov.  8,  1828,  Lieut.  Jan.  20,  1840,  Comm.  Dec.  23, 
1850,  took  part  in  the  bombardment  of  St.  Jean  d'Acre  Dec.  19,  1846.  He 
was  born  July  3,  1815,  m.  July  10,  1851,  Sarah  Joanna  (who  d.  Dec.  19, 
1889),  dau.  of  William  Murray  and  widow  of  Hon.  Charles  Ashburnham. 
She  was  born  in  St.  James,  Jamaica,  Sir  Godfrey  d.  sine  prole,  May  4,  1853, 
and  was  succeeded  by  his  brother, 

Comm.  R.N.,  J. P.  and  D.L.  Sussex,  born  April  19,  1819,  m.  May  31,  1862, 
Amelia  Sophia,  second  dau.  of  Charles  F.  A.  Prosser,  and  by  her  (who  d. 
April  30, 1871)  had  issue:  Augustus  Frederick  Wal  pole  Edward',  Godfrey  Vassall 
Frederick  Charles  Webster,  Capt.  Bethune's  Mounted  Infantry,  born  July  30, 
1872,  d.  unmarried  in  South  Africa  Feb.  1,  1901  ;  and  Amelia  Sophia  Rous, 
born  Feb.  6,  1877.  Sir  Augustus  d.  March  27,  1886.  He  had  succeeded 
his  brother  May  4,  1853.  He  entered  the  Navy  March  14,  1834,  Lieut. 
Aug.  28,  1843,  and  Comm.  July  1,  1864.  In  1857  ne  s°ld  the  Battle  Abbey 
estates  and  lived  at  Hildon  House,  Hants,  where  he  died.  He  was  succeeded 
by  his  son. 

born  Feb.  10,  1864,  educated  at  Eton,  Lieut.  Grenadier  Guards  Aug.  23,  1884, 
Capt.  Aug.  25,  1896,  retired  Oct.  28,  1896,  succeeded  his  father  March  27, 
1886  ;  repurchased  the  Battle  Abbey  estates  in  1901,  m.  Nov.  12,  1895, 
Mabel,  only  dau.  of  Henry  Crosslen,  of  Aldborough  Hall,  Yorks,  who  d.  leaving 
the  following  :   Godfrey  Vassall  George  Augustus,  born  Sept.  2,  1897,  2nd  Lieut. 

1  The  compiler  is  indebted  to  the  Journal  of  Lady  Holland,  1761-1811,  edited  by  the  Earl  of 
Uchester  in  1908  for  a  great  deal  of  information  of  Lady  Holland's  life. 

John  V assail  and  his  Descendants  31 

Grenadier  Guards,  killed  in  action  July  31,  1917  ;  Lucy,  born  Sept.  2,  1900  ; 
and  Evelyn,  born  Sept.  30,  1904. 

(60)  79  HENRY  VASSALL  WEBSTER  (Sir),  Colonel  in  the  Army, 
Knt.K.J.S.,  m.  Oct.  23,  1824,  Grace,  dau.  and  heiress  of  Samuel  Boddington, 
M.P.  for  Tralee  ;  she  d.  March  27,  1866,  he  d.  April  19,  1847,  leaving  issue  : 
Henry  Boddington,  born  July  9,  1825,  m-  nrst  March  19,  1850,  Emilie  Marie 
Louise  Wilhelmina,  widow  of  Major  Arthur  Fitzroy  Somerset,  and  dau.  ot 
Baron  Haumbagh  of  Hesse  ;  and  secondly,  Feb.  10,  1863,  Eleanor  Georgiana, 
dau.  and  co-heiress  of  Hamilton  Gorges,  of  Kilbrew,  and  had  issue  :  Corisande 
Eleanor,  m.  Feb.  28,  1886,  Ferdinando  Stratford  Collins,  of  Lincoln  Hill, 
Ross,  co.  Hereford  ;  Kathleen  Gertrude.  (2)  Charles  Fox  Webster,  born  Jan.  16, 
1828  m.  Nov.  11,  1865,  Louisa,  dau.  of  Sir  Henry  Calder,  Bart.,  and  d.  Sept.  8, 
1866,  having  by  her  (who  m.  secondly  April  22,  1867,  John  Coupland,  and 
d.  Nov.  29,  1874)  had  issue  :  Godfrey  Seymour  William,  born  Oct.  15,  1864, 
m.  1887,  Ada  Mary,  dau.  of  Francis  Henry  Paget,  of  Birstall,  co.  Leicester, 
and  d.  1887  leaving  a  dau.,  Dorothy  Muriel,  b.  posthumous,  1888  ;  (2)  Henry 
Charles  Claude,  d.  Oct.  1871 ;  (1)  Alice  Eve  Grace,  m.  May  29,  1879,  Frederick 
William-  Rodney  Ricketts,  late  Scots  Guards,  a  descendant  of  the  Ricketts, 
of  Westmoreland,  Jamaica ;  (2)  Evelyn  Maude,  m.  Dec.  5,  1878,  Hon. 
Conygham  A.  Denison,  a  retired  Comm.  R.N.,  a  descendant  of  the  Earl  of 
Londesborough  ;  (3)  Muriel  Lilly,  m.  July  30,  1879,  Edward  Henry  Pares,  of 
Hopwell  Hall,  co.  Derby,  and  had  issue  :  (1)  Beatrice  Frances  May,  m.  July  23, 
1887,  Capt.  Lionel  Edward  Barry,  late  of  the  1st  Life  Guards. 

(60)  80  HARRIET  FRANCES  WEBSTER,  born  June  12,  1794,  m.  June  5, 
1 816,  Rear- Admiral  Hon.  Sir  Fleetwood  Broughton  Reynolds  Pellew,  C.B., 
K.C.H.,  second  son  of  Edward  Viscount  Exmouth,  and  d.  Aug.  7,  1849.  He 
d.  July  28,  1861,  having  had  issue  :  Harriet  Betting  Frances,  who  d.  at  her 
villa  near  Florence,  Nov.  8,  1886,  having  m.  at  St.  George's,  Hanover  Square, 
Nov.  11,  1841,  Horatio  William,  4th  Earl  of  Oxford,  who  was  born  in  Bottom 
Row,  Piccadilly,  April  18,  181 3,  and  succeeded  his  father  Dec.  29,  1858,  d. 
Dec.  7,  1894.  They  had  issue:  Dorothy  Elizabeth  Mary,  m.  at  Florence,  Feb.  25, 
1868,  Don  Ernesto  Due  del  Bazo  (created  Feb.  1868),  5th  Due  of  Capri gliano 
(Neapolitan),  Marquess  della  Sonora  fin  succession  to  his  mother),  Count  of 
Galvez,  etc. ;  they*  live  in  Florence  and  have  no  issue.  Maude  Mary,  m. 
Nov.  11,  1871,  Count  Salvatore  Grifeo  and  Gravana  Prince  Patagonia, 
Grandee  of  Spain  of  the  first  class.     She  d.  June  2,  1884. 

(62)  68  SPENCER  LAMBERT  HUNTER  VASSALL,  of  Milford,  co. 
Hants,  born  May  17,  1799,  entered  the  Royal  Navy  in  May,  181 2,  engaged 
on  active  service  on  the  north  of  Spain,  181 2-1 3,  midshipman  1814,  Lieutenant 
July  3,  1819,  in  command  of  the  Harrier  1831-5,  successfully  employed  in 
suppressing  piracy  in  the  Straits  of  Malacca,  Captain  Jan.  10,  1837,  K.H. 
Jan.  22,  1837,  knighted  at  St.  James's  Palace  Feb.  21, 1838.  m.  at  Paddington, 
co*.  Middlesex,  May  9,  1844,  Letitia  Sarah,  dau.  of  Edward  Berkley  Napier, 
of  Pennard  House,  co.  Somerset  (she  had  m.  first  the  Rev.  Charles  Henry 
Pulsford,  Canon  of  Wells).  He  d.  at  29  Hyde  Park  Gardens,  London,  May  29, 
1843  ;   she  d.  1878. 

(62)  69  RAWDON  JOHN  POPHAM  VASSALL,  entered  the  Army  as 
ensign  in  the  78th  Highlanders  June  6,  i!822,  Lieutenant  1825,  Captain  1826, 
Major  1841,  Lieutenant-Colonel  1851,  Colonel  1854,  Major-General  Oct.  1, 
1865,  Lieutenant-General  1874,  and  General  Oct.  1,  1877.  He  m.  1865 
Margaret  Emily,  dau.  of  Sir  Alexander  Boswell,  of  Auchinlegk,  co.  Ayr, 
bart.,  on  Nov.  30,  1879,  and  d.  sine  prole  at  Weshborne  Street,  Hyde  Park, 
London,  June  15,  1884,  and  was  bur.  at  Brompton,  co.  Middlesex. 

(62)  70  HONORA  MARY  GEORGIANA  VASSALL,  m.  Oct.  1,  1829, 
at  Milford,  co.  Wilts,  Edward  Pering  Henslowe,  Vicar  of  Huish-cum-Langport, 
and  d.  sine  prole  in  1834  »    ne  d.  Sept.  16,  1882,  aged  84. 

m.  firstly  on  Oct.  1,  1829,  at  Milford,  Wilts,  Thomas  le  Marchant  Saumerez, 
second  son  of  Admiral  Sir  James  Saumerez,  Bart.,  G.C.B.,  1st  Baron 
dc  Saumcrex,  born  Oct.  30,  1803,  Lieut.  5th  Foot  Oct.  26,  1826,  and  d.  sine 

32  John  V assail  and  his  Descendants 

prole  July  4,  1834.  She  m.  secondly  at  Hordle,  co.  Hants,  England,  Eardley 
Wilmot  Michell,  of  Walmer,  of  Queen's  College,  Cambridge,  L.L.B.  1840, 
Vicar  of  Shirley,  co.  Derby,  1847-72,  on  Feb.  8,  1841.  He  d.  aged  72,  Nov.  13, 
1885  ;    she  d.  at  Walmer,  co.  Kent,  Feb.  28,  1877. 

(45)  75  WILLIAM  VASSALL,  born  April  14,  1780,  of  Winterbourne 
Court,  co.  Gloucester,  England,  M.D.  Staff-surgeon  in  the  Peninsular  War, 
d.  March  13,  1845,  bur.  at  Stapleton,  co.  Gloucester.  Administration  was 
granted  on  his  estate  on  June  5,  1845,  to  Anne  Vassall,  his  widow  (P.C.C.,  136). 
He  m.  Anne  Oliver,  dau.  of  Colonel  Samuel  Oliver,  of  Great  Wigston,  co. 
Leicester,  who  d.  aged  78  at  Thornhayes,  Downside,  co.  Somerset,  March  20, 
1875,  and  was  bur.  at  Lansdowne,  Bath,  co.  Somerset.  Will  with  two 
codicils  dated  respectively  April  21,  1866,  and  June  25,  1874,  and  proved  at 
Bristol,  April  26,  1875,  by  the  Executors,  William  and  Robert  Lowe  Grant, 
her  sons.  Children  were  :  William,  born  at  Edinburgh,  Feb.  9,  1819,  d.  at 
Dieppe,  France,  April  19,  1823  ;  85  Elizabeth  Margaret  ;  86  William  ;  87  Mary 
Oliver  ;  and  88  Robert  Lowe  Grant. 

(64)  72  ELIZABETH  OLIVER  VASSALL,  born  in  Jamaica  July  20,  1796, 
m.  March  23,  181 8,  George  Robert  Johnson,  M.D.,  her  cousin,  the  son  of  George 
Robert  Johnson,  and  Elizabeth,  the  dau.  of  Alexander  Campbell,  who  was 
the  son  of  Jacob  Johnson  and  Susanna  Mary  Poole  Lawrence,  his  second  wife 
(vide  64  Robert  Oliver  Vassall).  The  issue  of  the  marriage  :  89  Elizabeth 
Campbell ;  90  George  Vassall;  91  William  Clarke,  born  June  21,  1824,  d. 
unmarried  Nov.  8,  1854  '>  92  Georgiana  Elmina  ;  93  John  Vassall  Campbell, 
born  May  19,  1828,  d.  Oct.  28,  1851,  unmarried.  All  born  in  Jamaica. 
George  Robert  Johnson  d.  Oct.  28,  1831,  and  was  bur.  at  Brownberry, 
St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica  ;  his  widow  d.  Sept.  27,  1880,  and  was  bur.  in  the  grave- 
yard attached  to  St.  Alban's  Church,  St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica. 

(73)  89  ELIZABETH  CAMPBELL  JOHNSON,  born  at  Spring-hill, 
St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica,  March  18,  1819,  m.  at  Spring-hill,  Sept.  26,  1837, 
Francis  Severn  Maxwell,  who  was  born  at  Plymouth,  England,  Feb.  8,  181 5, 
the  eldest  son  of  Francis  Severn  Maxwell,  Comm,  R.N.,  of  Stamford,  co. 
Hertford,  England.  She  d.  and  was  bur.  in  the  St.  Alban's  graveyard, 
St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica,  Aug.  27,  1900  ;  her  husband  predeceased  her,  having 
d.  and  was  bur.  on  Feb.  8,  1872,  in  the  graveyard  attached  to  Mount  Hermon, 
St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica.  Issue  of  marriage  :  94  Francis  Salmon,  95  George 
Robert  Johnson,  96  Mary  Elizabeth,  97  Sarah  Elmina  Vassall,  98  Henry 
Phillips  Campbell,  99  Elizabeth  Marian,  100  William  Wildey. 

(73)  90  GEORGE  VASSALL  JOHNSON,  born  Sept.  21,  1822,  at  Abingdon, 
Hanover,  Jamaica,  m.  Aug.  3,  1853,  at  Longhill,  St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica, 
Emma  Evans  Page,  who  was  born  Jan.  26,  1824,  and  d.  Sept.  8,  1908,  and 
was  bur.  in  the  graveyard  attached  to  Mount  Hermon  Church,  St.  Elizabeth, 
Jamaica,  having  survived  her  husband,  who  d.  March  3,  1868,  and  was 
bur.  in  the  same  graveyard.  Children  were:  George  Robert,  born  Feb.  13 
and  d.  March  21,  1856  ;  100a  Elizabeth  Christian  ;  101  Georgiana  Frances 
Caroline  ;    102  Anna  Maria  ;    and  103  Emma  Elmina  Marion. 

(73)  91  WILLIAM  CLARKE  JOHNSON,  born  June  21,  1824,  in  St. 
Elizabeth,  Jamaica,  and  d.  unmarried  Nov.  8,  1854,  in  Jamaica. 

(73)  92  GEORGIANA  ELMINA  JOHNSON,  born  Jan.  28,  1827,  m. 
Jan.  8,  1842,  in  White-hall  House,  St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica,  John  Calder, 
who  was  born  in  Edinburgh,  Scotland,  Oct.  20,  181 1,  and  d.  at  Stanmore, 
St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica,  and  was  bur.  in  the  graveyard  attached  to  St.  Alban's 
Church  on  Oct.  31,  1871  ;  she  d.  and  was  bur.  in  the  same  graveyard  on 
Dec.  23,  19 1 6,  in  her  90th  year.  Children  were  :  104  John  Vassall,  105  Mary 
Elmina,  106  Georgiana  Roberta,  107  Henrietta  Emma,  108  Margaret  Isabclle, 
109  William  Johnson,  110  Charles  Maclear,  111  James  Arthur  Lawrence, 
112  Elizabeth  Catherine,  born  Dec.  14,  1865,  d.  Dec.  20,  bur.  in  the 
St.  Alban's  graveyard. 

(73)  93  JOHN  VASSALL  CAMPBELL  JOHNSON,  born  May  19,  1828, 
d.  Oct.  28,   1851,  unmarried,  in  Jamaica. 

(64)  73  JOHN  VASSALL,  born  in  England  May  19,  1799,  d.  unmarried 
in  Jamaica,  Oct.  15,  1833, 

John  Vassall  and  his  Descendants  33 

(64)  74  MARY  VASSALL,  born  in  Jamaica  Oct.  15,  1800,  d.  unmarried 
in  Jamaica  Sept.  3,  1842. 

(89)  94  FRANCIS  SALMON  MAXWELL,  born  Nov.  17,  1838,  d.  in 
St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica,  Aug.  28,  1919,  bur.  in  the  graveyard  of  St.  Alban's 
Church,  was  twice  m.,  by  his  first  wife  he  had  a  son  and  a  dau.  He  m. 
secondly  Annie,  Constance  Rerrie  on  Feb.  17,  1864,  and  had  issue:  James 
Per  civ  at,  born  July,  1868,  d.  Dec.  13,  1874  ;  Charles  Farham,  born  June,  1870, 
d.  Nov.  28,  1873  ;  113  Henry  Severn,  born  July  16,  1873  ;  114  George  Jacob 
Johnson,  born  Sept.  20,  1874  ;  Richard  Anthony,  born  May  4,  1877,  d.  1895  '> 
115  Helen  Eliza,  born  Feb.  4,  1879  ;  116  Roland  Spencer,  born  1883  ;  117 
Edward  Norman.     His  widow  alive  in  Jamaica  in  1920. 

(89)  95  GEORGE  ROBERT  JOHNSON  MAXWELL,  born  Aug.  19,  1849, 
m.  March  21,  1879,  in  St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica,  100a  Elizabeth  Christian 
Johnson ;  he  d.  Nov.  25,  1905,  at  Richmond,  Westmoreland,  Jamaica. 
Children  :  118  Elizabeth  Severn  ;  119  Francis  Vassall,  born  May  9,  1891, 
d.  191 8  ;  120  George  Colville  ;  121  Constance  ;  122  Gertrude,  born  March  30, 
1896,  d.  March,  1913,  unmarried  in  Jamaica. 

(89)  96  MARY  ELIZABETH  MAXWELL,  born  April  1,  1844,  m.  Jan.  21, 
1862,  to  John  Adam  Thompson,  the  eldest  son  of  John  Thompson,  Rector 
of  Hemley,  co.  Suffolk,  England,  who  had  been  a  chaplain  in  the  army,  and 
whose  wife  was  a  sister  of  the  Bishop  of  Llandarf  in  Wales.  John  Adam 
Thompson  came  to  Jamaica  about  the  year  1859,  and  d.  and  was  bur.  in  the 
graveyard  of  the  parish  church  of  St.  Mary,  at  Port  Maria,  of  which  he  was 
the  rector  at  the  time  of  his  death,  April,  1881.  His  widow  survived  him 
some  years,  dying  on  April  14,  1907.  Children  :  123  John  Maxwell  Vassall ; 
124  Charles  Francis  Petgrave,  born  in  1864  ;  125  Mary  Georgiana  ;  126  Francis 
Elizabeth  Severn  ;  127  Henry  Harold  Oliver,  born  in  1876,  d.  in  1895  »  128 
Herbert  Walter  Sydney. 

(89)  97  SARAH  ELMINA  VASSALL  MAXWELL,  born  Aug.  19,  1851, 
alive  and  unmarried  in  Jamaica  in  1920. 

(89)   98  HENRY  PHILLIPS  CAMPBELL  MAXWELL,  born  July  25, 
1853,  m.  July  25,  1883,  102  Anna  Maria,  third  dau.  of  George  Vassall  and 
Emma  Evans  Johnson.     Children:   129  Anna  Ethel)    130  Henry  Campbe 
Johnson)  131  Walter  Wildev)  132  Eva  Stafford.     All  alive  in  Jamaica  in  1920. 

(89)  99  ELIZABETH  MARIAN  MAXWELL,  born  March  21,  1858,  m.  in 
1880  and  had  issue  one  son  and  three  daughters.  She  m.  secondly  at  Spanish 
Town,  Jamaica,  in  1890,  William  Maxwell  Douet,  by  whom  she  had  one  son, 
Ernest,  who  d.  young.     Both  alive  in  London  in  1920. 

(89)  100  WILLIAM  WltDEY  MAXWELL,  born  in  Nov.  1,  1862,  m. 
Nov.  1893,  101  Georgiana  Frances  Caroline,  dau.  of  George  Vassall  and 
Emma  Evans  Johnson,  and  d.  in  1896,  leaving  one  dau.,  133  Cecily 
Frances,  who  was  born  Mar.  16,  1895,  and  with  her  mother  is  alive  in 
Jamaica  in  1920. 

(90)  103  EMMA  ELMINA  MARIAN  JOHNSON,  born  March  12,  1865, 
m.  at  Mount  Hermon,  St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica,  Henry  Walcott,  of  St.  Elizabeth, 
Nov.  23,  1893.  Issue:  Henry  Johnson  Braine,  born  Aug.  20,  1894;  Ida 
Elizabeth  Braine,  born  July  31,  1897  »  George  Horatio  Braine,  born  Sept.  10, 
1899  ;  and  William  Richard  Braine,  born  May  27,  1905.  All  alive  in  Jamaica 
in   1920. 

(94)  113  HENRY  SEVERN  MAXWELL,  born  July  16,  1873,  m.  and  is 
alive  in  the  U.S.A.  in  1920. 

(94)  114  GEORGE  JACOB  JOHNSON  MAXWELL,  born  Sept.  20,  1874, 
alive  and  unmarried  in  Jamaica  in  1920. 

(94)  115  HELEN  ELIZA  MAXWELL,  born  Feb.  4,  1879,  alive  and 
unmarried  in  Jamaica  in  1920. 

(94)  116  ROLAND  SPENCER  MAXWELL,  born  1882,  and  went  to 
Panama,  where  he  continued  up  to  1920. 

(94)  117  EDWARD  NORMAN  MAXWELL,  born  Nov.  18,  1884,  m. 
May  4,  1919,  to  Irene,  only  dau.  of  Ernest  Husband,  of  the  Vere  District 
of  the  parish  of  Clarendon,  Jamaica. 

34  John  Vassall  and  his  Descendants 

(95)  118  ELIZABETH  SEVERN  MAXWELL,  born  Aug.  19,  1880,  alive 
in  Jamaica  in  1920. 

(95)  119  FRANCIS  VASSALL  MAXWELL,  born  May  9,  1891,  d.  in  1918. 
(95)  120  GEORGE  COLVILLE  MAXWELL,  born  ,  alive  1920. 

(95)  1^1  CONSTANCE  MAXWELL,  born  Sept.  21,  1898,  alive  and 
unmarried  in  Jamaica  in  1920. 

(96)  123  JOHN  MAXWELL  VASSALL  THOMPSON,  born  April  14, 
1863,  m.  June  21,  1894,  141  Mary  Georgiana,  dau.  of  John  William  and 
105  Mary  Elmina  Earle,  who  d.  and  was  bur.  in  the  May  Penn  Cemetery, 
Kingston,  Jamaica,  May  2,  1899,  leaving  issue  one  son  and  two  daughters. 
Lie  m.  secondly  Jan.  21,  1903,  Emily  Maude,  the  dau.  of  David  and  Emily 
Blanche  Lillie  ;  she  was  born  at  the  Bridge  of  Allan  in  Scotland.  The 
children  of  the  first  wife  are  :  210  Mary  C aider,  born  Dec.  3,  1895,  d.  May  16, 
1896  «  211  Violet,  born  and  d.  Jan.  12,  1896  ;  212  John  Arthur  Vassall,  born 
Jan.  24,  1898  ;  213  Dorothy  Maude  Earle  and  214  Doris  Minna  Earle  (twins), 
born  April  17,  1899.  And  of  the  second  wife,  215  Trevor  Vassall,  born 
Dec.  6,  1904. 

(96)  124  CHARLES  FRANCIS  PETGRAVE  THOMPSON,  born  Oct.  27, 
1868,  m.  at  the  Kingston  Parish  Church,  Hannah  Louise,  dau.  of  Frederick 
and  Margaret  Hattersley,  on  Sept.  14,  1898.  Issue  :  216  Phillis  Aris  and 
Royden  Oliver.     The  latter  was  born  on  Oct.  14,  1905,  and  d.  July  19,  1919. 

(96)  125  MARY  GEORGIANA  ELMINA  THOMPSON,  born  1872,  m. 
April  3,  1907,  at  St.  Mary's  Church,  St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica,  Thomas  Southby, 
an  English  solicitor.  Issue  :  217  Henry  Griffiths,  born  Dec.  15,  1909  ;  218 
Maxwell,  born  at  Weymouth,  England,  Feb.  7,  19 10  ;  and  219  Herbert,  born 
April  7,  191 1,  atBraemar,  St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica.  Living  in  Jamaica  in  1920. 
*  (96)  126  FRANCES  ELIZABETH  SEVERN  THOMPSON,  born  at 
Prosper,  in  the  Santa  Cruz  Mountains,  St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica,  Dec.  18,  1874. 
Alive  and  unmarried  in  Jamaica  in  1920. 

(96)  128  HERBERT  WALTER  SYDNEY  THOMPSON,  born  Aug.  8, 
1880,  at  Port  Maria,  Jamaica,  unmarried  and  resident  in  Cuba  in  1920. 

(98)  129  ANNA  ETHEL  MAXWELL,  born  May  7,  1881,  m.  George 
Knowles,  Major  R.G.A.,  of  Liverpool,  England,  Nov.  5,  1916,  who  served  in 
France  in  the  Great  War,  bo,th  alive  in  1020. 

(98)  130  HENRY  CAMPBELL  JOHNSON  MAXWELL,  born  April  2,  1883, 
joined  the  Army  and  was  in  Egypt  in  the  Great  War,  on  demobilization  returned  to 
Jamaica  where  he  was  unmarried  in  1820. 

(98)  131' WALTER  WILDLEY  MAXWELL,  born  Oct.  3,  1885,  alive  and 
unmarried  in  Jamaica  in  1920. 

(98)  132  EVA  STAFFORD  MAXWELL,  born  Jan.  12,  1888,  alive  and 
ummarried  in  Jamaica  in  1920, 

(92)  104  JOHN  VASSALL  CALDER,  born  at  White-hill,  St.  Elizabeth, 
Jamaica,  April  12,  1844  ;  was,  for  many  years,  a  Member  of  the  Privy  and 
Legislative  Councils  of  Jamaica,  d.  March  21,  1920,  and  was  bur.  in  the 
graveyard  attached  to  St.  Alban's  Church.  He  m.  29  Nov.  1883,  Emily,  born 
July  25,  1857,  in  Leeds,  the  dau.  of  William  Simms,  who  was  born  at 
Sanbach,  co.  Cheshire,  England,  Oct.  28,  1800,  and  who  m.,  in  London, 
1844,  Harriet  Elizabeth  Travers,  who  was  born  at  Swanage,  co.  Dorset, 
England,  March  7,  1816.  The  children  of  John  Vassall  and  Emily  Calder 
were  :  134  John  Travers,  135  Elsie  Vassall,  136  Oliver  Vassall,  137  Noel 
Travers,  138  Kenneth  William,  139  Colin  Campbell,  and  140  Mary. 

(92)  105  MARY  ELMINA  CALDER,  born  at  White-hall,  St.  Elizabeth, 
Jamaica,  Jan.  n,  1846,  m.  in  St.  Alban's  Church,  St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica, 
Nov.  28,  1866,  John  William  Earle,  the  son  of  John  and  Ann  Katherine 
Earle,  of  St.  Elizabeth,  J  amaica.  He  was  born  at  Mount  Olivet,  St.  Elizabeth, 
Dec.  17,  1837,  and  d.  at  Ashton,  St.  Elizabeth,  on  March  19,  1912  ;  she  d. 
at  Ashton  Aug.  3,  1914,  and  they  were  both  bur.  at  Ashton.  Children  : 
141  Mary  Georgiana,  142  Charles  Edward,  143  Frances  Charlotte,  144  Isabelle 
Campbell,  145  ^William  James,  146  John  Calder,  147  Violet  Maude,  148  Ann 
Katherine  ;    149  Helen  Ffarmer. 

John  Vassall  and  his  Descendants  35 

(92)  106  GEORGIANA  ROBERTA  CALDER,  born  at  Spring -hill, 
St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica,  June  14,  1849,  d.  unmarried  at  Hodges,  St.  Elizabeth, 
Feb.  8,  1884,  and  was  bur.  at  St.  Alban's  graveyard. 

(92)  107  HENRIETTA  EMMA  CALDER,  born  Stanmore,  St.  Elizabeth, 
Jamaica,  Nov.  18,  1851,  m.  Nov.  14,  1877,  George  Grattan  Cooke,  F.R.C.S., 
Ireland,  formerly  a  Surgeon  in  the  Royal  Navy,  afterwards  Medical  Officer  in 
Manchester,  Jamaica.  She  d.  in  Mandeville,  Jamaica,  Nov.  15,  1906,  and 
he  also  d.  in  Mandeville,  Jan.  7,  191 7.  They  were  both  bur.  in  the  graveyard 
attached  to  the  Parish  Church  in  Mandeville.  Issue  :  George  Francis 
Nicholson,  born  Oct.  4,  1878,  d.  Feb.  1879,  and  bur.  in  Mandeville,  Jamaica  ; 
150  Francis  Hamilton,  151  Edith  Mary,  152  George  Grattan,  153  Kathleen 
Isabelle,  154  Gladys  Barbara,  and  155  Evelyn  Annie. 

(92)  108  MARGARET  ISABELLE  CALDER,  born  at  Stanmore,  St. 
Elizabeth,  Jamaica,  April  24,  1853.  Alive  and  unmarried  in  1920  in 
Edinburgh,  Scotland. 

(92)  109  WILLIAM  JOHNSON  CALDER,  born  at  Stanmore,  St.  Elizabeth, 
Jamaica,  June  18,  1855,  M.D.,  CM.  Edinburgh,  m.  at  St.  Thomas'  Church, 
Westmoreland,  Jamaica,  Aug.  15,  1888,  to  Mary  Isabelle,  dau.  of  Daniel 
and  Helen  Sinclair,  of  Westmoreland,  Jamaica,  and  sister  of  Frederick 
Archibald  Sinclair,  M.B.,  CM.  Edinburgh.  He  went  to  South  Africa,  and 
was  a  surgeon  in  the  Army  in  the  Boer  War,  and  joined  the  R.A.M.C  of  the 
South  African  Army  in  the  Great  War,  and  on  demobilization  practised  in 
Scotland  in  1920.  Issue  of  the  marriage  :  156  William  Eardley,  157  Kelvin 
Sinclair,  158  John  Comyn,  159  Gertrude  Margaret,  160  Edith  Emily,  161 
Adeline  Victoria,  162  Archibald  Lister,  163  Donald  Alister  Luard. 

(92)  110  CHARLES  MACLEAR  CALDER,  born  May  2, 1857,  at  Stanmore, 
St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica,  solicitor,  for  many  years  Judge  of  the  Resident 
Magistrates'  Court  for  the  Parishes  of  Westmoreland  and  Hanover,  Jamaica, 
m.  Blanche  Adelaide,  the  elder  dau.  of  Frederick  and  Grace  Adelaide  Lindo, 
of  Kingston,  Jamaica,  on  Nov.  4,  1889.     Issue  :  164  Claire  Vassall. 

(92)  111  JAMES  ARTHUR  LAWRENCE  CALDER,  born  at  Stanmore, 
St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica,  April  5,  1859,  M.B.,  CM.  Edin.,  m.  in  St.  Alban's 
Church,  St.  Elizabeth,  Marion,  second  dau.  of  Rev.  Thomas  Smith,  of  Ewes, 
Dumfriesshire,  Scotland,  on  Nov.  16,  1887.  Issue  :  Arthur  Thomas,  born 
Mar.  14,  1892,  d.  Oct.  21,  1895  ;  165  Clarence  Alexander,  166  James  Norman, 
167  Lilian  Jean,  168  Constance  Margaret,  169  Marion  Vassall. 

(104)  134  JOHN  TRAVERS  CALDER,  born  at  Stanmore,  St.  Elizabeth, 
Jamaica,  Oct.  5,  1885,  joined  the  Derbyshire  Yeomanry  for  service  in  the 
Great  War,  and  served  in  Macedonia  until  Aug.  191 8,  when  he  was  transferred 
to  the  Indian  Army  Reserve  of  Officers  and  posted  to  the  22nd  Cavalry, 
Frontier  Force,  demobilized  in  1920  and  is  in  India. 

(104)  135  ELSIE  VASSALL  CALDER,  born  at  Shaws  in  St.  Elizabeth, 
Jamaica,  June  21,  1887,  alive  and  unmarried  in  Jamaica  in  1920. 

(104)  136  OLIVER  VASSALL  CALDER,  born  at  Stanmore,  St.  Elizabeth, 
Jamaica,  March  6,  1889,  was  awarded  the  Rhodes  Scholarship  in  1907,  and 
went  to  Corpus  Christi,  Oxford,  in  Oct.  1907,  took  1st  Class  Honours  in  Mods. 
in  1909  and  graduated  with  2nd  Class  Honours  in  191 1,  entered  the  Indian 
Civil  Service  and  passed  out  21st  on  the  list  of  candidates  and  went  to  India 
in  1913  ;  he  is  also  a  Member  of  the  Inner  Temple.  In  1917  obtained 
permission  to  join  the  Army,  and  in  the  Great  War  was  attached  to  the 
1  /50th  Kumaon  Rifles,  with  whom  he  served  in  Egypt  until  demobilization 
in   1920. 

(103)  137  NOEL  TRAVERS  CALDER,  born  at  Stanmore,  St.  Elizabeth, 
Jamaica,  Dec.  28,  1891,  studied  engineering  at  King's  College,  1910-13,  and 
was  appointed  to  the  Indian  Public  Works  Department,  and  entered  on  his 
office  in  1914,  immediately  after  the  outbreak  of  the  Great  War.  He  returned 
to  England  in  July,  T915,  and  was  gazetted  to  the  R.F.A.  and  served  in 
France  ;  he  was  seriously  wounded  at  the  battle  of  Arras  in  April,  T917.  On 
March  30,  1918,  he  m.  in  St.  James's  Parish  Church,  Louth,  Lincolnshire, 
Madeline  Idonea,  the  youngest  dau.  of  Frederick  John  Ingolby,  solicitor,  of 

36  John  Vassall  and  his  Descendants 

Louth,  and  Madeline  Anne,  nee  Kerr,  his  wife  ;  born  Dec.  25,  1894.  Issue  : 
Kenneth  Vassall,  born  at  Westgate  House,  Louth,  Dec.  27,  1919. 

(104)  138  KENNETH  WILLIAM  CALDER,  born  at  Stanmore, 
St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica,  Nov.  13,  1892  he  was  awarded  the  Rhodes  Scholar- 
ship in  19 1 2,  and  entered  at  Corpus  Christi,  Oxford,  in  Oct.  of  the  same  year, 
where  he  took  2nd  Class  Honours  in  Math.  Mods,  in  191 3  ;  he  joined  King 
Edward's  Horse  as  a  trooper  in  his  first  term,  and  was  promoted  lance-corporal. 
He  was  in  Jamaica  when  War  was  declared,  for  the  summer  vacation,  and 
returned  to  England  immediately,  but  on  arrival  there  found  that  he  had 
been  given  his  discharge  owing  to  his  being  abroad  when  War  was  declared 
and  the  force  mobilized  ;  he,  however,  trained  for  a  time  with  the  University 
and  Public  Schools'  Corps  at  Epsom  ;  he  joined  the  H.A.C.  early  in  Oct. 
19 1 4,  and  on  Nov.  15  was  transferred  back  to  King  Edward's  Horse,  and 
gazetted  2nd  Lieut.  R.F.A.,  Dec.  4,  1914.  Went  to  Egypt  in  June,  1915  ; 
served  with  the  Mediterranean  Expeditionary  Force  at  Gallipoli  from  July, 
and  d.  at  Cape  Helles  Dec.  21  from  wounds  received  in  action  on  the  19th  while 
acting  as  F.O.O.  in  the  front  trenches,  and  was  bur.  in  the  Lancashire  Landing 

(104)  139  COLIN  CAMPBELL  CALDER,  born  at  Stanmore,  St.  Elizabeth, 
Jamaica,  Jan.  18,  1894,  unmarried  in  Jamaica  in  1920. 

(104)  140  MARY  CALDER,  born  at  Stirling,  St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica, 
Sept.  7,  1895,  was  alive  and  unmarried  in  Jamaica  in  1920. 

(105)  141  MARY  GEORGIANA  EARLE,  born  at  Ashton,  St.  Elizabeth, 
Jamaica,  Feb.  18,  1868,  m.  June  12,  1894,  at  Black  River,  Jamaica,  John 
Maxwell  Vassall  Thompson  (vide  123) . 

(105)  142  CHARLES  EDWARD  EARLE,  born  at  Ashton,  July  22,  1870, 
alive  and  unmarried  in  Jamaica  in  1920. 

(105)  143  FRANCES  CHARLOTTE  EARLE,  born  at  Ashton,  Feb.  13, 
1872,  m.  March  24,  1917,  in  New  York  to  Philip  Robert  Neave  Collin?,  and  are 
living  in  Trinidad  in  1020. 

(105)  144  ISABELLE  CAMPBELL  EARLE,  born  at  Hodges,  St.  Elizabeth, 
Jamaica,  April  28,  1878,  was  a  military  nurse  in  France  in  the  Great  War, 
alive  and  unmarried  in  1920. 

(105)  145  WILLIAM  JAMES  EARLE,  born  at  Stanmore,  St.  Elizabeth, 
Jamaica,  Nov.  19,  1879,  alive  and  unmarried  in  Jamaica  in  1920. 

(105)  146  JOHN  CALDER  EARLE,  born  at  Iver  Cottage,  St.  Elizabeth, 
Jamaica,  Nov.  29,  1881,  alive  and  unmarried  in  Jamaica  in  1920. 

(105)  147  VIOLET  MAUDE  EARLE,  born  at  Ashton,  St.  Elizabeth, 
Jamaica,  June  9,  1886,  alive  and  unmarried  in  Jamaica  in  1920. 

(105)  148  ANN  KATHERINE  EARLE,  born  at  Stanmore,  St.  Elizabeth, 
Jamaica,  Jan.  10,  1888,  was  alive  and  unmarried  in  Jamaica  in  1920. 

(105)  149  HELEN  FFARMER  EARLE,  born  at  Ashton,  Dec.  19,  1889, 
m.  on  Oct.  17,  19 1 2,  John  Tracey  Clifford  Hillocks,  who  was  born  Jan.  20, 
1878,  and  d.  Nov.  6,  191 8,  at  Lodge,  St.  James,  Jamaica.  Issue  of  marriage  : 
220  John  Farmer  Hillocks,  both  alive  in  Jamaica  in  1920. 

(107)  150  FRANCIS  HAMILTON  COOKE,  born  in  Mandeville,  Jamaica, 
Nov.  7,  1879,  L.R.C.P.  and  S.,  Ireland,  m.  Feb.  26,  1908,  in  Mandeville, 
Alice  Katherine,  dau.  of  Thomas  Flemming,  of  Dublin,  born  March  25,  1879. 
Issue  :  Marjorie  Isabelle,  born  Feb.  17,  1909,  and  George  Grattan,  born  Sept.  11, 
191 1.  He  joined  the  R.A.M.C.  and  served  in  the  Balkans  Expedition  during 
the  Great  War ;  at  the  termination  of  the  War  he  returned  to  Jamaica, 
where  he  is  a  District  Medical  Officer  (1920). 

(107)  151  EDITH  MARY  COOKE,  born  in  Mandeville,  Jamaica,  Nov.  8, 
1880,  m.  Feb.  18,  1903,  Herbert  Hood  Daniel,  who  was  born  at  Bristol, 
England.  Children  :  Edith  Margaret,  born  Jan.  11,  1904  ;  Beryl,  born  Nov.  7, 
1905  ;    and  Nevile,  born  Sept.  24,  1912.     Living  in  Jamaica  in  1920. 

( 1 07)  152  GEORGE  GRATTAN  COOKE,  born  Nov.  8, 1 883,  was  a  subaltern 
in  the  West  Indies  Regt.  in  the  Great  War,  alive  and   unmarried   in  1920. 

(107)  153  KATHLEEN  ISABELLE  COOKE,  born  in  Mandeville,  Feb.  21, 
1885,  m.  June   19,   1907,  in  the  Parish  Church  at  Mandeville,  Arthur  Guy 

John  Vassall  and  his  Descendants  37 

Robison,  son  of  John  Arthur  and  Alice  Adeline  Robison,  he  was  the  manager 
of  the  Colonial  Bank  branch  in  St.  Vincent,  she  was  the  dau.  of  James  Miller 
Farquharson  and  Margaret,  his  wife  ;  who  had  been  the  Custos  Rotulorum  of 
the  Parish  of  St.  Elizabeth,  and  was  a  descendant  of  the  same  family  as 
Margaret  Farquharson,  who  had  m.  32  Florentius  Vassall.  Issue  :  Alice 
Patricia,  born  March  17,  1908;  Pamela,  born  Feb.  26,  1911  ;  Kathleen 
Hilma,  born  Jan.  11,  1914  ;   and  Ralph  Anthony,  born  Jan.  25,  1920. 

(107)  154  GLADYS  BARBARA  COOKE,  born  in  Mandeville,  Sept.  8, 
1886,  m.  Sept.  6,  1910,  Walter  Herbert  Wilson,  who  was  the  son  of  John 
Walker  Wilson,  of  Plymouth,  England,  a  solicitor.  Children  :  Ellen  Joan, 
born  Oct.  15,  191 1,  and  Jasper  Walter,  born  Dec.  3,  1916.  Walter  Herbert 
Wilson  was  in  the  A.S.C.  in  Egypt  in  the  Great  War. 

(107)  155  EVELYN  ANNIE  COOKE,  born  in  Mandeville,  Dec.  26,  1887, 
m.  Nov.  1,  191 1,  at  Nelson,  British  Columbia,  Clement  Clarges  Taylor,  son 
of  Adrian  Henry  Taylor,  of  co.  Cork,  Ireland,  M.D.  Lond.  ;  he  served  in  the 
Great  War  as  Lieut.  R.F.A.  in  France  and  Gallipoli.  They  were  living  in 
Ireland  in  1920. 

(109)  156  WILLIAM  EARDLEY  CALDER,  born  at  Orchard,  Westmore- 
land, Jamaica,  July  19,  1889,  m.  Sept.  22,  1917,  Dorothy  Alicia,  dau.  of 
Frederick  Archibald  Sinclair,  M.B.  and  CM.  Edin.,  and  had  issue  :  Ethel 
Beatrice,  born  Feb.  14,  1919  ;    Gerald  Eardley,  born  June  2,  1920. 

(109)  157  KELVIN  SINCLAIR  CALDER,  born  at  Roseberry, 
St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica,  July  28,  1890,  m.  May  4,  1918,  Helen  Margaret, 
dau.  of  Frederick  Archibald  Sinclair,  M.B.  and  CM.  Edin.,  and  have  issue  : 
Marguerite  Helen,  born  Feb.  18,  1919.1 

(109)  15S  JOHN  COMYN  CALDER,  born  at  Benmore,  St.  Elizabeth, 
Jamaica,  Oct.  20,  1892  ;  he  went  to  the  Dominion  of  Canada  March,  1910, 
and  there  he  joined  the  Canadian  Army  in  19 16,  and  was  on  active  service 
in  the  Great  War  ;  on  demobilization  he  returned  to  Canada,  where  he  was 
in  1920  ;    m.  Elizabeth  Dewar,  in  Canada.  Oct.  2,  1920. 

(109)  159  GERTRUDE  MARGARET  CALDER,  born  at  Iver  Cottage  in 
St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica,  July  20,  1894  >'  sne  went  to  the  Dominion  of  Canada 
in  1916  ;   alive  and  unmarried  in  1920. 

(109)  160  EDITH  EMILY  CALDER,  born  at  Iver  Cottage,  St.  Elizabeth, 
Jamaica,  Dec.  28,  1895,  went  to  the  Dominion  of  Canada  and  entered 
Macdonald  College,  but  went  on  to  Scotland  and  joined  her  parents 
in  1919. 

(109)  161  ADELINE  VICTORIA  CALDER,  born  at  Benmore, 
St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica,  April  23,  1897  »  sne  was  sent  to  Geneva  in  1910, 
but  returned  to  England,  and  wa~  in  Canada  in  1920. 

(109)  163  ARCHIBALD  LISTER  CALDER,  born  at  Benmore, 
St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica,  Sept.  8,  1899,  went  to  Cuba  in  1918,  he  was  in 
Jamaica  in  1920. 

(109)  163  DONALD  ALISTER  LUARD  CALDER,  born  in  the  Union  of 
South  Africa,  Jan.  3,  1906,  alive  and  with  his  parents  in  Scotland  in  1920. 

(no)  164  CLAIRE  VASSALL  CALDER,  born  at  Falmouth,  Jamaica, 
Sept.  24,  1894,  alive  and  unmarried  in  1920. 

(in)  165  CLARENCE  ALEXANDER  CALDER,  born  at  Black  River, 
Jamaica,  Sept.  26,  1894,  matriculated  at  Edinburgh  University  (medical) 
but  joined  the  H.A.C.  in  the  Great  War  ;  he  was  sent  to  Egypt,  on  de- 
demobilization  resumed  his  studies,  and  graduated  M.B.,  B.S.  Edin.  in  1920. 

(in)  166  JAMES  NORMAN  CALDER,  born  at  Black  River,  Jamaica, 
April  3,   1896,  alive  and  unmarried  in  1920. 

(in)  167  LILIAN  JEAN  CALDER,  born  in  St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica, 
Jan.  29,  1899,  alive  and  unmarried  in  1920. 

(in)  168  CONSTANCE  MARGARET  CALDER,  born  in  St.  Elizabeth, 
Jamaica,  June  24,  1900,  alive  and  unmarried  in  1920. 

(in)  169  MARION  VASSALL  CALDER,  born  in  St.  Elizabeth,  Jamaica, 
July  2,  1902,  alive  and  unmarried  in  Jamaica  in  1920. 

1  Barbara  Edie,  born  Jan.  3,  1921. 

38  John  Vassall  and  his  Descendants 

(75)  85  ELIZABETH  MARGARET  VASSALL,  born  at  Bath,  England, 
Oct.  14,  1821,  m.  at  Walcot  Church,  Bath,  co.  Somerset,  England,  Jan.  15, 
1848,  Alfred  Cox,  of  Chipping,  Sudbury,  co.  Gloucester,  solicitor,  who  s.  on 
Oct.  4,  1886,  aged  71  years.  She  d.  at  Southbourne,  co.  Hants,  Mar.  3,  1887, 
aged  65  years,  and  was  bur.  at  Brompton,  Cemetery  London ;  Admon.  (with 
will  annexed  dated  Nov.  22,  1886)  was  granted  June  11,  1887,  to  Edward  Cox, 
attorney  for  Graeme  Vassall  Cox,  residing  in  Tasmania. 

(75)  86  WILLIAM  VASSALL  (Rev.),  born  at  Wigston,  March  22,  1824, 
bapt.  there  ;  matriculated  St.  John's  College,  Cambridge,  Michaelmas  term, 
1842,  B.A.  1843,  M.A.  1 85 1,  ordained  Dec.  21,  1851,  Rector  of  Hardington, 
Mandeville,  co.  Somerset,  1853  ;  d.  at  the  Rectory,  Hardington,  Mandeville, 
May  4,  bur.  May  9,  1883,  aged  59.  He  m.  Martha  Ann,  dau.  of  William 
Dinsley  Skelton,  of  Bramley  Grange,  co.  York,  by  Rosamond,  his  wife,  dau. 
of  Robert  Atkinson,  born  at  Carlton  Hill,  Leeds,  co.  York,  Nov.  18,  1839, 
m.  at  the  Parish  Church,  Barwick-in-Elmet,  co.  York,  on  April  15,  1857,  d.  at 
Hurst  Manor,  Matlock,  co.  Somerset,  Feb.  3,  1914.  Children  were  :  179 
William  ;  180  Margaret ;  181  Henry  ;  182  Mary  ;  183  Walter  Grceme  ; 
184  Katherine  ;  185  Ellen  ;  186  Amy  ;  187  Arthur  Mandeville  and  Ann, 
born  Sept.  21,  1872,  d.  Feb.  12,  1875,  bur.  at  Hardington,  Mandeville  ;  188 
Archer  ;    189  Gilbert  Claude  ;   190  Harvie  Spencer  ;   191  John  Godfrey  ;    and 

192  Leonard  Montrose. 

(75)  87  MARY  OLIVER  VASSALL,  born  at  Chichester,  co.  Sussex, 
Jan.  7,  1827,  m.  at  Walcot  Church,  Bath,  co.  Somerset,  July  4,  1849,  Robert 
Birkley-Forrester,  who  was  born  at  Leicester,  England,  July  4,  1823  ;  assumed 
the  additional  surname  of  Forrester  by  Royal  Licence  dated  May  12,  1849, 
d.  at  Gyllanaes,  Canterbury,  co.  Kent,,  July  5,  1906,  bur.  at  St.  Martin's, 
Canterbury ;  she  d.  at  Southbourne,  co.  Hants,  bur.  Aug.  22,  1907,  at 
St.  Martin's,  Canterbury. 

(75)  88  ROBERT  LOWE  GRANT  VASSALL,  of  Oldbury  Court,  co. 
Gloucester,  born  at  Passy,  near  Paris,  Dec.  15,  1829  ;  solicitor.  He  m. 
Matilda  Paulina,  the  second  dau.  of  William  Phillips,  of  Whitsun  Court, 
co.  Monmouth,  and  of  Salisbury  Lodge,  Clifton,  co.  Gloucester,  by  the  Rev. 
William  Vassall,  on  April  8,  1856.  She  d.  Jan.  13,  1908,  and  was  bur.  on 
Jan.  17,  at  St.  Mary's,  Fishpond,  co.  Gloucester;  he  d.  at  Oldbury  Court, 
Fishponds,  co.  Gloucester,  April  8,  and  was  bur.  19th,  19 13.     Children  were  : 

193  Oliver  Rodie,  194  Spencer  Robert  Lowe,  195  Leonard,  196  Paulina  Mary, 
197  Harry  Grceme,  198  Helen  Adela,  and  199  Phillips  Saumerez 

(86)  179  WILLIAM  VASSALL  (Rev.),  born  at  Bramley  Grange,  May  12, 
bapt.  at  Hardington,  Mandeville,  July  6,  1858;  educated  at  Cheltenham 
College  and  Gloucester  Theological  College,  Rector  of  Wear  Giff  ord,  co.  Devon, 
1886-91,  British  Chaplain  at  St.  Servan,  Ille  et  Vilaine,  France,  1891  ;  d.  at 
La  Gentillerie,  St.  Servan,  Nov.  13,  bur.  at  St.  Servan  Nov.  15,  1896.  He 
m.  Alice  Maude,  dau.  of  Henry  Holland,  of  Eppleworth  Grange,  co.  York, 
born  May  26,  1857,  m.  at  St.  Catherine's,  Gloucester,  Oct.  29,  1884.  Children 
were  :  200  William,  201  Henry  Holland,  202  Margaret  Grceme,  203  Arthur, 
204  Mary  Oliver. 

(86)  180  MARGARET  VASSALL,  born  at  Bramley  Grange,  co.  York, 
Sept.  10,  and  bapt.  at  Hardington  Mandeville,  co.  Somerset,  Nov.  6,  1859. 

(86)  181  HENRY  VASSALL,  born  at  Bramley  Grange,  Oct.  22,  bapt.  at 
Berwick-in-Elmet,  co.  York,  Nov.  18,  i860  ;  educated  at  Marlborough  College 
and  at  Hertford  College,  Oxford,  matriculated  Jan.  28,  1879,  B.A.  1884, 
M.A.  1885,  Bursar  of  Repton  School,  F.R.C.S.,  now  of  the  Priory,  Repton, 
co.   Derby. 

(86)  182  MARY  VASSALL,  born  at  St.  George's  Terrace,  Leeds,  co.  York, 
July  8,  bapt.  at  Hardington  Mandeville,  Sept.  7,  1862,  d.  at  Hurst  Manor, 
Mortlock,  July  29,   19 18. 

(86)  183  WALTER  GR^ME  VASSALL,  born  at  Leeds,  co.  York,  Aug.  5, 
bapt.  at  St.  John's,  Leeds,  Sept.  4,  1864  ;  educated  at  Sherborne  School,  now  of 
Dallas,  Polk,  co.  Gregon,  U.S.A.  ;  m.  Emma,  dau.  of  Albert  Murphy,  of  Dallas, 
Oregon,  by  Jemima  Dennis,  his  wife,  m.  atOakdale,  Polk  County,  Jan.  10, 1892. . 

John  V assail  and  his  Descendants  39 

(86)  184  KATHERINE  VASSALL,  born  at  St.  George's  Terrace,  Leeds, 
May  27,  bapt.  at  Hardington  Mandeville,  co.  Somerset,  Aug.  19,  1866. 

(86)  185  ELLEN  VASSALL,  born  at  9  St.  George's  Terrace,  Leeds, 
Dec.  1867,  bapt.  at  St.  John's,  Leeds,  Feb.  2,  1868. 

(86)  186  AMY  VASSALL,  born  at  9  St.  George's  Terrace,.  Leeds,  April  4, 
bapt.  at  Hardington  Mandeville,  co.  Somerset,  May  23,  1869. 

(86)  187  ARTHUR  MANDEVILLE  VASSALL,  born  at  St.  George's 
Terrace,  Leeds,  Aug.  20,  bapt.  at  Hardington  Mandeville,  co.  Somerset, 
Oct.  28,  1870,  now  of  Portland,  Oregon,  U.S.A.  ;  m.  Jennie,  dau.  of  George  W. 
Badger,  of  Dallas  Oregon,  U.S.A.,  who  was  born  at  Ionia,  Mich.,  U.S.A., 
Sept.  27,  1878,  at  Holy  Trinity  Church,  Portland,  Oregon,  Oct.  20,  1901. 

(86)  188  ARCHER  VASSALL,  born  at  Hardington  Mandeville,  co. 
Somerset,  July  11,  bapt.  Aug.  24,  1874  ;  educated  at  Charterhouse  (1888-92) 
and  at  Keble  College,  Oxford,  matriculated  Oct.  15,  1892,  scholar  1892, 
B.  A.  (1st  Class  Natural  Science)  1896,  M.A.  1905,  Assistant  Master  at  Harrow 
School  since  1897  ;  m.  Cecilia  Caroline,  youngest  dau.  of  the  Rev.  Kinton 
Jacques,  Rector  of  Brindle,  co.  Lancaster,  by  Caroline  Augusta,  his  wife, 
dau.  of  the  Rev.  Gardnor  Baldwin,  born  at  West  Houghton,  co.  Lancaster, 
April  11,  bapt.  there  June  11,  1874  ;  m.  at  Brindle  on  Dec.  21,  1899,  by  her 
brothers,  Rev.  Baldwin  Jacques  and  Rev.  James  Hinton  Jacques.     Issue  : 

205  Margaret  Harvie,  born  at  Harrow,  May  9,  bapt.  June  11,  1908. 

(86)  189  GILBERT  CLAUDE  VASSALL,  born  at  Hardington  Mandeville 
April  5,  bapt.  there  May  1,  1876;  educated  at  Charterhouse  (1889-94)  and 
M.A.  of  Oriel  College,  Oxford,  Bible  Clerk  of  Oriel  College  ;  m.  Rose  Mary, 
dau.  of  the  Rev.  William  Lawrence  Cotter,  Rector  of  West  Coker,  co. 
Somerset,  born  Nov.  4,  1878,  m.  at  Holy  Trinity,  Yeovil,  co.  Somerset, 
Jan.  7,  1902. 

(86)  190  SPENCER  HARVIE  VASSALL,  born  at  Hardington  Jan.  28, 
bapt.  there  April  28,  1878  ;  educated  at  Charterhouse  (1892-6)  ;  died  at 
Yeovil  aged  20,  on  Friday,  May  6,  bur.  at  Hardington  Mandeville,  May  9, 

(86)  191  JOHN  GODFREY  VASSALL,  born  at  Hardington  Mandeville 
Oct.  10,  bapt.  there  Dec.  21,  1879  ;  educated  at  Charterhouse  (1893-8)  and 
at  Keble  College,  Oxford,  B.A.  1901,  M.A.  1905,  Curate  of  Christ  Church, 
Poplar,  co.  Middlesex,  1904-8,  assistant  at  Charterhouse  Mission  Church  in 
the  parish  of  St.  Paul's,  Bermondsey,  co.  Surrey,  1908,  Missioner  191 1. 

(86)  192  LEONARD  MONTROSE  VASSALL,  of  Hurst  Manor,  Martock, 
co.  Somerset,  born  at  Hardington  Mandeville,  April  15,  bapt.  there  May  28, 
1882  ;    educated  at  Charterhouse  (1896-9),  civil  engineer. 

(88)  193  OLIVER  RODIE  VASSALL  (Rev.),  born  at  Clifton  on  Tuesday, 
March  3,  1857,  educated  at  Eton  and  Balliol  College,  Oxford,  matriculated 
April  27,  1876,  B.A.  1879,  a  Member  of  the  Congregation  of  the  Most  Holy 
Redeemer  ;  assumed  by  Royal  Licence,  dated  1901,  the  additional  surname 
of  Phillips. 

(88)  194  SPENCER  ROBERT  LOWE  VASSALL,  born  at  Clifton  April  4, 
1858,  entered  the  Royal  Artillery  as  Lieutenant  July  25,  1877  ;  died  at 
Bareilly,  India,  March  15,  1881,  aged  22,  bur.  in  India. 

(88)  195  LEONARD  VASSALL,  born  March  28,  1859,  bapt.  at  Christ 
Church,  Clifton,  entered  the  Royal  Navy  April  15,  1871,  invalided  and  resigned 
1877  ;  Counsellor-at-law  U.S.A.  1884  (Supreme  Court  of  State  of  Illinois  and 
Federal  Courts,  LL.B.,  North-Western  University,  Illinois,  1889)  ;  m. 
Florence,  dau.  of  David  Thompson,  of  Chicago,  U.S.A.,  by  Annie  Doig, 
his  wife,  born  at  Chicago,  July  4,  1880,  m.  in  U.S.A.  April  15,  1897.     Issue  : 

206  Leonard  Samuel  David,  born  at  Chicago,  July  14,  bapt.  at  St.  Mary's 
Cathedral,  San  Francisco,  U.S.A.,  in  Dec.  1899. 

(88)  196  PAULINA  MARY  VASSALL,  born  at  Frenchay  Oct.  13,  i860, 
m.  at  St.  George's,  Hanover  Square,  by  her  cousin,  Rev.  Robert  Birkley 
Forester,  Vicar  of  St.  John's,  Wolverhampton,  co.  Stafford,  on  April  5, 
1888,  to  Arthur  Tanner,  of  Frenchay,  co.  Gloucester,  younger  son  of  William 
Tanner,  of  Frenchay. 

40  John  V assail  and  his  Descendants 

(88)  197  HARRY  GR^ME  VASSALL,  born  at  Frenchay,  co.  Gloucester, 
Jan.  21,  1865,  educated  at  Marlborough  College  and  at  Trinity  College, 
Oxford,  matriculated  Jan.  25,  1883,  B.A.  Dec.  1885,  m.  Hannah  Jane,  dau. 
of  John  William  Bootyman  Anderson,  of  Cottingwood,  Morpeth,  co. 
Northumberland,  born  Nov.  17,  1868,  m.  at  Morpeth,  Oct.  22,  1894.  Issue  : 
207  Margery  Gr&me,  208  Adela  Mary,  209  Helen  Mary. 

(88)  198  HELEN  ADELA  (ELLA)  VASSALL,  born  at  Oldbury  Court, 
co.  Gloucester,  Aug.  2,  1868,  m.  at  Fishponds,  co.  Gloucester,  by  her  cousin, 
Rev.  Robert  Birkley  Forrester,  on  Sept.  6,  1889,  to  William  George  Tanner, 
elder  son  of  William  Tanner,  of  Frenchay. 

(88)  199  PHILLIPS  SAUMEREZ  VASSALL,  born  at  Oldbury  Court, 
Oct.  8,  1875,  educated  at  Charterhouse  (1889-92)  ;  entered  the  Army  from  the 
Militia  as  2nd  Lieutenant  Gloucester  Regt.  May  15,  1900,  Captain  July  25, 
1906,  served  in  South  African  War  1899-1902,  with  Mounted  Infantry, 
mentioned  in  Dispatches,  London  Gazette,  Sept.  10,  1901,  and  July  29,  1902. 
Queen's  Medal  with  three  clasps,  King's  Medal  with  two  clasps,  employed 
with  West  African  Force,  Feb.  27,  1904,  to  June  14,  1910,  served  in  the  Great 
War,  Captain  7th  (Service  Battalion)  Gloucestershire  Regt.,  killed  in  action 
at  Gallipoli  Aug.  7,  191 5. 

(179)  200  WILLIAM  VASSALL,  born  at  Wotton,  co.  Gloucester,  July  10, 
1885,  educated  at  Bedford  Grammar  School  and  at  Keble  College,  Oxford, 
matriculated  Michaelmas  term,  1904,  B.A.  June,  1909  Curate  of  St.  Barnabas, 
Bethnal  Green,  co.  Middlesex,  1910.  Served  in  the  Great  War  as  Chaplain 
with  the  forces  in  Mesopotamia. 

(179)  201  HENRY  HOLLAND  VASSALL,  born  at  the  Rectory,  Wear 
Gifford,  March  23,  bapt.  at  Wear  Gifford,  April,  1887,  educated  at  Bedford 
Grammar  School  and  at  Keble  College,  Oxford,  matriculated  Michaelmas  term 
1906;  m.  at  St.  Mary  Abbotts,  Kensington,  Oct.  11,  1910,  Gwendolen 
St.  Clair,  dau.  of  R.  Chase  Morris,  of  Wellington,  New  Zealand,  Issue  : 
210  Patricia  St.  Clair,  born  at  Qomba,  Nyassaland,  British  Central  Africa, 
May  12,  1912. 

(179)  202  MARGARET  GRAEME  VASSALL,  born  at  the  Rectory,  Wear 
Gifford,  North  Devon,  Jan.  17,  1889,  bapt.  at  Wear  Gifford. 

(179)  203  ARTHUR  VASSALL,  born  at  the  Rectory,  Wear  Gifford, 
North  Devon,  on  July  18,  d.  there  Aug.  2,  1890. 

(179)  204  MARY  OLIVER  VASSALL,  born  at  La  Gentillerie,  St.  Servan, 
France,  June  4,  1892,  m.  at  St.  Mary's,  Harrow-on-the-Hill,  July  6,  1918, 
to  Reginald  Trelawney  Wickham,  Royal  Air  Force,  second  son  of  Rev.  Preb. 
Archdale  Palmer  Wickham,  of  East  Brent,  co.  Somerset.  Issue  :  a  son, 
Anthony,  born  1919. 

(188)  205  MARGARET  HARVIE  VASSALL,  born  at  Harrow  May  9, 
1908,  bapt.  there  June  11. 

(195)  206  LEONARD  SAMUEL  DAVID  VASSALL,  born  at  Chicago, 
July  14,  bapt.  at  St.  Mary's  Cathedral,  San  Francisco,  U.S.A.,  Dec.  1899. 

(197)  207  MARGERY  GRAEME  VASSALL,  born  at  Morpeth,  Nov.  10, 
1895,  bapt.  there,  m.  at  St.  Mary's,  Fishpond,  co.  Gloucester,  Dec.  28,  1916, 
to  Denys  Francis  Parr  Coles,  East  Yorks  Regt.,  third  son  of  Hugh  T.  Coles, 
of  Elm  Croft. 

(197)  208  ADELA  MARY  VASSALL,  born  May  12,  1897,  bapt.  at  Morpeth. 

(197)  209  HELEN  MARY  VASSALL,  born  July  3,  1898,  bapt.  at  Morpeth. 

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